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  1. No, and it's an intersting story, NX Express. The SAS actually was going to run to The Bronx. In 1974, the plan was to reactivate the old NYW & B ROW south of East 180th Street (and stations) for the SAS. A connector was going to be built at Whitlock Avenue. A branch was going to be built from the Dyre Avenue Line to Co-Op City. If this had been built as planned, the (5) would've run to Co-Op City, the (6) would've terminated at Whitlock Avenue, the (N) would've run to Dyre Avenue via 63d Street and Second Avenue and the (V) would've run Whitehall to Pelham Bay Park via Second Avenue. The 70(8) would've been given a new ROW alongside Park Avenue in The Bronx. Sadly, the Fiscal Crises began hitting in 1975 and the M.T.A. had a bad 1976. Only four sections of Second Avenue were completed - all in Manhattan.

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