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  1. Guessing from your nametag you're a mechanic that fishes. Same here. My name is Joe and I work for College Point Depot as a body mechanic. I'm in my 32yr of service and have 3yrs to go for retirement. I'm a avid surf fisherman on Long Island beaches.

  2. If you ever play GTA IV, the Liberty City Subway cars are clearly close models of R38s. Picture:
  3. ,, and connect to the Airtrain just as much as the does. It's also the same amount of time from Howard Beach to the terminals as from Jamaica to the terminals.
  4. Google maps shows the locations of all current subway stations and MTA bus stops in NYC. You could work off of that.
  5. I believe they took the big old PDF the puts up on their site, and used a program to take out the labels and such.

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