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  1. Hey Dan


    I've got a few pictures of some of the trucks I have driven in England. Give me a little while and I'll get them online.

  2. whats up deaks, I see you used to be a truck driver, I am one and I would like to see some pics of the big trucks out there in England, thanks.

  3. Well here's my effort. Not to best I have ever taken but it is one of my favourites anyway: A Siemens Combino trundles over a bridge in Basel, Switzerland.
  4. Hey Fred


    I replied to the visitor message you sent but I don't know how it works so I'll reply here too.


    Thanks anyhow.

  5. Hey Fred. Thanks, I only joined last night when I got home from work. Trevor pointed me in this direction. I like it so far....:)

  6. Hey Deaks, I didn't know you posted here, but glad you do.

  7. Hello, thanks for the welcome


    I'm the same Deaks from Subchat but that's the only transit site I've used recently. I posted a couple of times on the Transitspot forum way back in the day as well.

  8. Hey welcome.Are you the same deaks from this other site i use to be on?I think it was the other side of the tracks or something.

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