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  1. Yeah yeah, MAYBE you are right and i was too superficial in this case, sorry man.
  2. Thanks, i don't know why people here think that i attack them personally by saying the truth. But i see nothing is more painful than the truth. And you think that we have never modernized our infrastructure since the 50's ??? You invest to less money on it, that is all and we spend a huge shitload of money. That is the reason why even the smallest town here replaces every ~10 years all of its buses, the money you spend on tax cuts for billionaires.
  3. I've been waiting for it. I just say what i see and it is obviously that you are years behind us in public transportation. Experts say that too. Why shall i lie to be polite so that you feel good? That is nothing personal, learn that people! It's not the end of the world, that NA infrastructure sucks, your task is be good in all that computer stuff. But can you tell me, why shall i write that stoplines in buses are modern and LCD screens old?
  4. That you use so many old buses doesn't mean automatically that just your buses run so long, that just means that you have too less new buses. Our buses from the 70's are still so modern and reliable, that they are still used in a first world desert heat country like Australia. The evidence: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f5/MBO305-307-Transperth.JPG If Daimler would be an american company, the buses from the 90's would be still in service. That is what you have now, buses from the 90's. Notice that we use stop buttons since the 80's and low-floor buses since the 90's. In my city not a single non-low-floor bus is still in service for more than 5 years. Trust me, you are at least 10 years behind us in public transport.
  5. You are right, free trade is a attack on worker's rights and increases unemployment in countries which lack in product competitiveness like the US.
  6. Even if you compare your second photo with my second link you can see how far behind the times you are. Our buses run until the dead too, in AFRICA and Cuba! When it comes to the age of the buses, 80% of these buses wouldn't run here for 10 years. That is a bus from the 70's: http://www.nrw-bus.de/Bilder/RBO305GName.jpg 80's: http://www.manfredgrabowski.de/OR%20252%20II.jpg 90's: http://www.wisoveg.de/bve/sichtungen/2004/originalfotos/kzy240o405ng.jpg present: http://www.benzinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/mercedes-benz-citaro-g-bluetec-hybrid.jpg And look, that is the interior of your current buses. That is a O 405 GN from the 90's http://files.homepagemodules.de/b202338/f6t657p3247n7.jpg You can see that you are at least 10 years behind us.
  7. That is NA: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h2/jcl_7/OC_Transpo/OrionV_1997-98/interior_2006_06_03/1997_OrionV-interior_back.jpg?1297971552 That is the 21th century: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1e/Mercedes-Benz_Citaro_demonstrator_BN09_FWS_interior.JPG How much buses you've sold around the world? 0! Daimler has sold 30.000 buses in 13 years around the world. These buses are the most reliable buses ever. I know it, i ride with these buses for more than 10 years, nearly every day. I've never seen a broken citaro, just a few old MAN buses and some with defects had burned in London and Berlin. If you don't like the orion buses from Daimler why you buy so much from it, if a city has enough money for it like NY? Half of the technology Orion uses in its new buses is from the citaro. You would have not a single modern bus in NA without Daimler, not a single low-floor or hybrid bus that is fact. Trust me your buses are shit. Ikarus? What the hell is Ikarus? It's total unknown in Europe, because it is a former communist company in Hungary. Hungary was a third world country before it has entered the Union. Ikarus is not what we stand for here. Hungary is for us like Mexico for you. MAN, Mercedes, Van Hool, Irisbus and SETRA is what is commonly used here. It's like comparing a BMW with a old Beetle, it's not necessary to test the Beetle to show that it is old. I know it, i see it in the videos and photos from in- and outside and i know the engine, it's old, we have LCD screens onboard here. You have these ancient stop lines and plastic seats. The only thing you have which is more advanced is the use of LED backlights. That is all. It's obviously that you are 30 years behind, even the chinese build more modern buses. Our buses are driving everywhere, in Singapore, in Tokio, in London, in Paris, in South America, in Australia, in Russia, in Dubai, everywhere.
  8. My video game system is my computer. I hate controllers.
  9. Sorry people but american companies and hedge-funds have bought foreign companies around the world. You have called this globalization and you are proud that even the last african knows what coca cola is and now things are changing and things invert, chinese sell more and more to the US and a german stock exchange buys a american one and now you hate globalization, because you don't profit from it no longer.
  10. The NYSE is part of the NYSE Euronext. That was a fusion between the european stock exchanges and the NYSE. Now the NYSE is part of the company NYSE Euronext. If the germans buy 50% of the NYSE Euronext, they buy 60% of the european stock exchanges AND 60% of the NYSE, because it is one share certificate.
  11. I don't love or hate any country, i love facts and i hate right wingers.
  12. The only thing i like on north american buses is the more heavily use of LED backlights, but the rest is (except the new orion) sorry, very shitty. And even Orion would be a crappy company without the support of Daimler. Sorry, you north americans know how build big skyscrapers, but you can not build a modern bus. But hey we wouldn't have an iphone without North America, why you don't import some of our buses? That is what Adam Smith said about free trade, where each side will profit from. I would like to see some citaros in Canada, but that is just what i think. I like my iphone too Here that are some fancy citaros: or a MAN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dBXjUQsV4s&hd=1
  13. http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2011/02/09/nyse-euronext-and-deutsche-borse-in-merger-talks/
  14. Ottawa is a very beautiful city, but your buses are ugly and old. Time for Canada to use that free trade EFTA (http://www.international.gc.ca/trade-agreements-accords-commerciaux/agr-acc/efta-aele.aspx) contract to import something new and to cancel NAFTA.
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