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  1. i dont know why they still have the Dyre ave line as off, they have been working for over 7 months now. all the stations on that line is working fine,
  2. Yes I am happy they got rid of them RTS buses only problem is they had to many of them runing and now they only added 54 C40s, they also took some of the 9000s orions so now we are running less buses. And they only have 29 artics novas and the low floors only a few
  3. WF need more than 9 buses alot of the lines are running less buses now BC they have less buses that are running, no RTS buses and they are also no orions really they have way less than they had bf they got the C40s, maybe not 40 bus maybe like 20 to 30 buses. We run alot of bus lines we need more for the amount of lines we have here
  4. They maybe giving them to WF they need them more than CP they will need them because they got rid of all the RTSs and some of the orions they are running less now buses now so they should give them more
  5. i would say that this needs an update being that the dyre ave line is on and whitlock is on. the only stations left now is the fulton ave complex
  6. they left it in the dark thats sad i see it everyday now lol its all alone, also there is alot of them off now im not sure why but wall st on the is off chambers st is off park is off Burnside is off i must find out why
  7. only 6? its two cab rooms per car isnt it and that room is if im rite 4.5 feet by 4 feet thats alot of space with a ten car conses
  8. 4-5 more people per car is alot in the middle of rush hours
  9. the R142s are alot bigger when you add it all up, thats why they got them. way more standing room more sitting room, and lets not start on the almost dead PAs on most of them R62a and no more automated next stops or anything, thats not rite for us in the areas where we had nothing like the Bronx now we come back with new stations new cars and now they say lets give queens them and give the bronx and manhatten the old cars, and if they are good for another 10 years at the most because it is 2012 now and by time they come back it will be 2016 2017 so that gives use only 6 years of operating time
  10. i think that maybe the thing they do i hope thats what they do. i ask ppl all over about trains and i hear they love the new cars and most ask why do that and not ask anyone how they feel i love the MTA but sometimes they amaze me on how they do things, the is one of the most used lines in the city and giving them old cars that are way smaller the doors are not as wide that cab room is a big problem
  11. i already know they arent taking any of the R142s from the or i just know its going to suck seeing them on the and those R62a are in bad shape i ride them every summer and its sick. they have bad PAs they are leaky alot of them have very bad AC and heating and with the rooms they have on all the cars take up alot space that the and dont need,. they have alot of over crowding problems as it is on the lex i dont know why they would do that. and just to point out yea they dont have the money but the trains are going on 25 years now
  12. i really hope they have some idea of what they are doing, if they are taking almost every R142a from the 6, they had it wrong the 5 doesnt run them at all, but the R62a are run down and in need of repair or being kicked out by time they have them R142a all ready for CBTC in another 4 years or so. the R 62a are going to be over 25 years old given them back to any line isnt smart at all, why give a line new cars just to take them back from them 10 15 years later and give you back cars that you just took away, the people that ride the IRT lines other than the 7 love the new style and its a real smack in the face to just give us old run down cars that need so much work just to keep in service/
  13. it would had been like sunday if im rite
  14. i meant i dont see that alot in the bronx im shocked that they got to that bus i saw it the other day on the Bx 32 and it was slean so i wouldnt say WF is doing bad at all they are keeping it all clean so far
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