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  1. My fleet now has 21 buses! I received 5 new cutouts this morning from RTC Québec. :cool:
  2. Hmm... Looks like I forgot to update my fleet here! Here are some new shots starting with GRT Nova Bus LFSes! New buses Brampton Transit! :cool: Enjoy!
  3. Oh, sorry for the really late reply!!! Thanks for building it, I'll now do some corrections to it!
  4. Since I want things to go fast, is there any person who is pretty good at building paperbuses here? If yes, here's something I want you to test! I must know if the fold up works properly with my new version (prototype) paperbus, thanks in advance!!! Remember, if the model doesn't folds up properly, please tell me here!
  5. Here are my new buses! http://transitfan.com/gallery/abd/Transit-Bus-Models Enjoy! :cool:
  6. Alexander Ly, most people call me Alex.
  7. Nice, but what's the point of removing the original credits?... Just curious.
  8. You're right. Every (16) TC60102N Classic built had a full rear window. But this is a Custom Paperbuses thread, no?

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