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  1. Yes. I waited 30 minutes for the train at Atlantic Ave-Barclays tonight. It was four deep on the platform.
  2. As I understand it, you won't be charged if the card is soon expiring. Just go to a station clerk to get the swap.
  3. Hi Everyone, Since the weather is getting warmer I wanted to explore Connecticut via MNR (i.e. Greenwich, Stamford), but is there anything of interest within walking distance of the stations? Or do you need a car from the stations to get around those towns? Thanks!
  4. If the old SF loop station continued to exist above the new SF station, how did the old station not be as damaged as the new station?
  5. Does anyone know what was going on this morning on the ??? The MTA website had a status of "Good Service" but when I got to DeKalb (Manhattan bound side), one showed up on the express track then the next ran on the line. The platform was about 2 deep and the trains were really crowded.
  6. Can the MTA please fix whatever signal problem there is at DeKalb that has made everyone late for work on the B/Q in the mornings? This has been a recurring issue this month.
  7. I ride the F train and I just got home!!! It took me 1.5 hours to get from W 4th St to Neptune. There were so many people on the train I didnt get a seat throughout the ride. It also made the channel 7 news: http://www.subchat.com/read.asp?Id=1172422
  8. Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center You got the first part correct!
  9. Actually your answer is correct, but the question was worded wrong. Sorry about that! Here's what I should've asked: I'm a station that was named Van Siclen, but I'm nowhere near Van Siclen. What is my name now and why did I originally have the former name.
  10. This is fun.... here's one: Van Siclen on the C train wasn't the only station of its name. Where was the other?
  11. I was on the B/Q last night and there was a smoke condition at Church Avenue. It took me 2 hours to get home last night; my B train was held at Prospect Park for over an hour. Any one have details?? Sorry, I meant Tuesday, 4/10/12. Can I edit the topic? Fixed that for you. Lance.
  12. Well there is service down here in "Zone A". I just saw a Q train and an F train both pulling into West 8th St. Does anyone know how frequent service will be today?
  13. Its another bad day on the Q train :cry: There's a track fire between the Ocean Pkwy and West 8th Street stations. I can see the smoke and flame from my window. Lots of fire apparatus down here. Q trains ending at Brighton Beach and I haven't seen an F train pull into West 8th either. The B68 is PACKED. Share any developments if you have any....
  14. Was it closed and boarded up before, or is this something new? In the past, some exits & staircases were closed by the MTA because of safety reasons - either the exit wasn't repairable or that exit was a hotbed for crime.
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