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  1. What is this, "third rail jumper cable video"? Can someone see it on youtube?
  2. I said yes to some questions on the med questionaire. I told the truth. I'm not sure if you say no and then they find out you have something will you get fired? From earlier posts I heard this can happen. I don't want to get too personal, but I was put on medical hold. I'm not sure if I can be a TO anymore. Good luck to you all. My assumption is that they are past 300 on final processing. I guess it's easy for people not to pass medical.
  3. I'll give you guys the 401 on final processing. There are about 50 or so people there, but most are not for TO final processing. I think a lot of them are already transit workers getting testing. I think some of them are for conductor testing. Some are going for the drug test. They call your name and you have to go to another waiting area behind the blue wall. Then they call your name, you go take a computer questionaire. After the computer questionaire , the nurses call you and you go to another sitting area. You wait for nurses to call your name. You have to do a hearing test, Blood pressure, weight measurement, Eye test, ekg test and urine test. I think the urine test is for diabetes? They will call you four times for different things, 1.hearing 2. vision, wt , blood pressure 3. urine 4 ekg. Afterwords you go back to the second waiting area and wait for a doctor to call you. The doctor will call you, he'll go over your tests and what your put on the computer questionaire. If you put something down that's a flag, he'll ask you more questions on it. If you pass everything, then I guess you go on to the next step filling out paperwork and getting sworn in. If not, then you're put on medical hold
  4. You need your high school diploma. They make a copy of that. If you have more than 8 employers since high school, grab extra sheets for employment on the wall for the 21 page booklet. Good luck.
  5. Can someone die from third rail jumping? I guess I have to see someone do it to visualize it. Thanks.
  6. I would estimate that 35% would be taken out of your checks for fed, city, state taxes. That's approx what I have taken out now at my reg job. 80* $30 (to pay) =2400. I You might get 1,560 a check, but that probably doesn't include medical deductions and etc.
  7. What is third rail jumping? What are they making you do?
  8. How long does someone have to be extra extra after 6 months of training? Is being extra extra only for 6 months after training? In 1 year someone can pick their own routes? Also, is it easy to get vacation time the first year? I guess vacation time can't be taken during school car training.
  9. Am I correct, 2 classes have happened already for the open competitive exam. From the way they are going through the list it's taking them 100 people from the open list to fill a class of 40 students? Is it, because of no shows? or mostly people failing medical?
  10. What happens in a storm and they shut the system down and you have to report from Brooklyn to the Bronx? Is it my problem to try to get to work? Do they fire people for not going to work? I heard that some mta workers didn't get pay during the storm.
  11. If one switches from the A line to B line, is there some sort of retraining involved? I mean they can't just put you there. Otherwise there'll be no differences in the training classes.
  12. On the 21 page booklet, it says if you need more than 8 pages of employment pages you can fill out extra pages. Where do I get these extra pages? Should I just photocopy one and add it on?
  13. Yes, I got the call. I don't want to give specifics as to when I'm suppose to go or when I got the call. I'm filling out the booklet now. Sorry I don't want people to know who I am in real life. If someone at 180 livingston reads this, I don't want them to know who I am.
  14. I'll answer my own question. It's yes
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