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  1. How could I get a signature avatar? (the rectangular box at the bottom of a persons post) I wanna get an R142A destination sign. I heard someone does them, but who & how do I get in contact with this person? Also this is probably stupid of me asking this, but what does NTT stand for?
  2. During the weekend the running to Brooklyn, maybe, cause trains do get crowded, but I think the passengers on that train are coming from the west side. But not during late nights. the serving Livonia Ave & the serving Nostrand Ave is doing just fine. I dont think it would be necessary to have this service implemented.
  3. Thanks! I'm just very curious to know about a lot of timers. but whats the deal with the timers south of Nevins St?
  4. I think I'll stick with the more accurate & more detailed google transit they suggested.
  5. I one time hopped on a at Kingston Ave, took it to Franklin Ave to transfer to a (this was years ago by the way so no service during the day) I guess cause of the snowfall we had that day a came on the local track & I said to myself "ok, what the heck" & the ran non-stop till Atlantic Ave. Another awesome battery run I had, when I got onto a at Sterling St we proceeded until President St then sat there for a good 7 minutes or so. then we left President St & after the curve a was on the express track & I froze for a second and thought "what the hell is going on?" we ended up running express on the local track until Atlantic Ave. The worst for me, is when there is a delay on the Eastern Pkwy line & a & approach Franklin Ave Simultaneously & the train I'm on runs till President St & then it skips Sterling & Winthrop St. Sterling & Winthrop Have much Higher ridership than President St, if anything, it should either, stop at one of those two stations (Sterling or Winthrop & skip President) or skip all 3.
  6. Also, another few areas that piss me off for having timers, are, southbound , , & trains leavings Nevins St, they always crawl out of that station heading for Atlantic Ave, why? & trains between Brooklyn Museum & Franklin Ave, both directions, why? & northbound & trains between Franklin & Atlantic Aves. Please dont say because of the curve onto Flatbush Ave, cause even after the curve they still have timers, why? and by the way, southbound & train heading to Franklin Ave from Atlantic Ave swing by that curve at full speed, so how could the timers be there on the northbound track for the curve?
  7. There's a plus side to living near an el, one, your mortgages/rent would be a lot cheaper & two, someone once wrote a comment on youtube on a J train video,(he lives near an el) that he stayed by someone & he couldnt sleep due to the lack of an el train line.
  8. I'm also looking to be a T/O in the future. If you really want a curve similar to the S-curve between E 180th & tremont ave, take the especially northbound of whitlock ave, that's a hell of a ride. To me, it always feels like the train is about to fall of the el when curving onto westchester ave. :cool:
  9. is this the story when the girl tried bringing the dog on the bus and the bus operator did her job by telling that girl she couldnt bring the dog on the bus? any case someone who assaults, should be put away. This case, I hope they lock this girl away in Rikers Island & the women there would treat her like shit!:mad:
  10. Yes I agree with you, there are places were they are needed. Like after August 1991 they put timers north of 14 st union sq (lex) on the southbound tracks. this makes sense...now but some areas just seem not to make any sense why they are there. Like, when & (northbound) leave intervale ave to simpson st there are timers, why? or when a southbound or approach canal & franklin sts they slow down, but northbound trains run at regular speeds. why? Soundbound & trains at 86 st, why? Is it suppose to be some kind of punishment because of previous motormen? It's like the MTA trusted their motormen to go 25 at point A, but if they went higher, they have to put a timer that allows no higher than 15 MPH.
  11. What does "wrap it" mean & could you explain to me about the radar gun system?
  12. So now after the incident at Astoria-Ditmars I assume they are going to put up timers there too. Also a side note. I realized at BC-Flatbush Ave only northbound trains on the northbound track can leave/enter the station at normal speed.
  13. LOL! That I know already, but I want to know why the MTA wants to makes us miserable after taking more money out of our pockets. Ok, when I say "zoom" I dont mean it's going the speed a train would be through a tunnel. But the sometimes does go pretty damn fast when leaving President St to Franklin Ave Yeah this is weird, is it me or does the continue straight to crossover & the (2)/(3) & track curve a little to the left? what do I mean by this? usually when a train goes from one track to another it makes a slight curve, but when the goes from the express to the local track it doesnt feel like it curves at all. So why couldnt they have done this at Park Pl, Nevins St, etc. Well that's weird cause when I ride the through Canal Street & the 60 Street tunnel it feels like an amusement park. I pretty sure when I'm usually on a it goes faster than 20. the first time I rode a over the manhattan bridge to canal st, I wasnt ready for the curve & the train zoomed out of the station & I got thrown against the door. I was always wondering why train went so slowly over there. Why do they need one there it's a straight track?
  14. Hi everybody, What exactly do the timers do? I know they slow the train down or something like that, but why do you need that? just post a speed limit & if the motorman doesnt obey it, the executives will have his/her head. Now, I dont know if these areas have timers, but they always run slowly through these areas or even stop at times & they are pretty annoying. (, , , & between Atlantic Ave & DeKalb Ave. , , & between Franklin Ave & Nostrand Ave/President Street. Which doesnt make any sense to me, because northbound leaving President St, zoom till it reaches Franklin Ave. (southbound) Now, the ones that truly piss me off are, southbound & leaving Chambers St going to Park Place. & Southbound , , & between Hoyt St & Nevins St. Another reason I dont get the point of timers is, they have them at the weirdest places. there are places in the system that have much tighter turns than Nevins St. Look at Canal St, when trains leave that station they speed out & that is hell of a bend over there, yet there are no timers. or the & between Grand Ave & Woodhaven Blvd, they dont slow down for anything when turning from Broadway to Queens Blvd. Why is a train able to zoom out of a station in one direction, but when it comes in the other it has to slow down? One last question I have, Why is it when a train approaches a timer it slows down for the first couple of cars or so, but the rest of the cars get pulled in at normal speed?
  15. Wow, I didnt think I would cause this much disturbance. but I have a question, why wouldnt the pelham line need 7 ave access? isnt that one of the biggest complaints of that line that there is no west side access? Another question. I have never been to the bronx during rush hour, but during the day, I've seen the differences between Dyre Ave & WPR regarding ridership. By the time the reaches E 180 St, there are some seats still available. Now the , I usually catch at Pelham Pkwy when I get on, there are no seats left & there are plenty of standees. Now I know south of E 180 St, there is a bigger demand for service than , (the opposite problem Brooklyn has) which is why I said Simpson st would be an express station, because it's the busiest staion between E 180 & 3 ave. But north of E 180 it takes forever to get from any of those stations to midtown. I agree with you all, having the running express & all that mumbo jumbo I said before probably isnt a great idea, but if the ran express both directions, stopping at Simpson St & still had the four tracks when it reached 149 St, while avoiding conflict with the , dont you think it would save a hell of a lot of time for people on WPR north of E 180 St?
  16. Longer commute?! are you kidding me? dyre only has five stations, while WPR has over eight stations! This is my vision of the & line from 96 St & north. & the birth of two way express service in The Bronx. When the line hits Central Park West, the tracks will spread apart and create two express tracks which the would use, skipping 110 & 116, stopping at 125, skipping 135 then stopping again at 145. The would run local till 135 & then would run to the Pelham line running to Parkchester as a local, with the running express. at 135, the express tracks would dip down to give room for the local tracks for a quick turn under 138 St & because I love when tracks dip in a station after the stops at 145 it goes straight to 149 St-GC this station being a four track two island platform station, with on the local tracks & the of course, on the express tracks. The express track would dip down & the local track would raise a little at the south end, so the could turn ASAP. the would stop at 3 ave, then Simpson St (manhattan bound tracks would be on top of the dyre/wakfield, because it's not wide enough to have four tracks spread out like that on street level), Then E 180 Street, then running regular service on WPR. Please dont start giving me this "people south of 180 st need the (2)" crap! This is the reason for making simpson street an express station. also in Brooklyn on the Eastern Pkwy line, people demand more for Lex service even at local stations, but what do they do? they transfer at Utica Ave, Franklin Ave, Nevins Street & Borough Hall.
  17. At night?! it was more dangerous to roam the streets of NYC during the daytime then, than it is to roam the streets at nighttime now. Today you could walk through East New York during nighttime & you wont have as much trouble as you would walking through ENY during the daytime in the 70's.
  18. Whoever designed the sea beach line should be shot. because of that person/those people, there are no express stations on the sea beach line, thus not being able to have express service.
  19. This is because, the actual street is very long. the avenues have long stretches. so this cant be helped, i personally think this is a bad reason to hate a station. yes Times Sq is the busiest station in the system, so that cant be helped either. for the heat, yes you can blame the MTA, we're living in 2011 in America, not in the early 1900's in some 3rd world country. I have this same problem at union sq (lex) but not at Grand Central, they have great fans there! Now these are legitimate reasons to hate stations. As for me, the station I hate, is the Atlantic Ave (Eastern Pkwy line). When I'm transferring from a train to get the or I hate having to run downstairs to get the the oncoming train as oppose to just walking across the platform. Why couldn't they have just made Nevins Street with the 3 platforms & make Atlantic with the 2 platforms?! :mad: And I dont even know why the Park Place station is even in existence? you have a transfer to the eighth ave express & local at fulton st & can catch the at 42 Street. not to mention the fact that Chambers Street is literary around the corner. my opinion, eliminate park place & make a transfer between chambers st 7 ave & chambers st 8 ave, (which are a short block away from each other) so the & can all get a transfer to each other.
  20. the reason for this is because, the MTA know people in this neighborhood arent going to be dumb enough to try to jump over the gate to get a free ride. that gate is only there to prevent people from falling onto the tracks Unfortunately, in places like the south bronx they would need more than a little gate. On Empire blvd & Flatbush ave, you can see the franklin ave about 15 feet below. & there is a gate that bends backwards with barb wire on top of it. shows how crazy people can get to avoid a lowzy $2.25.
  21. when are we going to get those goddamn walls on these platforms?!
  22. I disagree with you on this. Having people from NJ pay for something from NY will automatically bring money into the city, which bloombucks loves, cause he's a money hungry ***, I'm jewish myself so dont bother me! B) Another thing, if people from jersey have problems with us New Yorkers then let them take NJT for all I care. people from jersey need to get to the city & I think they will be more than happy to have a subway other than PATH to get them to the city rather than using a commuter railroad, which cost more & takes longer.
  23. For me, it's a BIG competition between the Brighton-(;)/(Q) & the Culver . Fugetabout the West End- or Sea Beach-, I'm sorry but those lines put me to sleep, except when the reaches 9 ave until 36 st. I love the Brighton's express, other than that, the is pretty boring, not as boring as West End or Sea Beach, but still boring. The Culver may not have actual express service, but I love the view of the elevated, both, south of church ave & culver viaduct, even underground I love the route. And yes I too love watching the run by when I would be on 18 ave I may love the brighton's express, but I have to say my pick is culver. When I went to school on ocean pkwy, I usually chose the over the (B)/(Q).
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