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  1. holy garbage i didnt recognize CISA at first i didnt know what station this was. wow this station changed for the better!:tup:
  2. The Nassau st line, Flushing line & 14 st line dont have 4 tracks for express service.
  3. not only do i not approve of THIS stations name change i also dont approve the change of Jay St - Borough Hall to Jay St Metrotech. i wonder how long it will be before the MTA changes these names back?
  4. i dont mean to put this the wrong way or anything, but the MTA could have & should have made the transfer with the borough hall & station oh well
  5. dont forget one thing. the complaments service & the only train to do something like that. if the ran via concourse in the bronx & used more up-to-date cars maybe would have better sevice.
  6. everyone always say "put your wallet in your front pocket so muggers wont be able to take it" well even if you do keep it in your front pocket, the muggers (the MTA) will still get ahold of your money.
  7. bad idea. first of all that why we have the Q44 & the QBx1 or whatever the MTA did to that line. also it would be nice to go straight from queens to the bronx on one train but for rush hour that would bad, because most people comming into manhattan go to ethier midtown or downtown. if a train coming from queens straight to the bronx it would bypass the important parts of midtown & downtown.
  8. do you work for the MTA by any chance? cause you seem to know alot.
  9. You are talking about west of Myrtle ave, thats express service. the question is about skip-stop service, east of myrtle ave. which the (J)/(Z) use the side local tracks east of myrtle ave but every other station is bypassed depending on the train.
  10. My absolute favorite stations are; E 180 St Parkchester(6) 149 St-Grand Concourse 34 St-Penn Station Chambers St(1) Astoria-Ditmars Blvd <--- by the way thats the way it should be. sorry Kew Gardens Union Turnpike Bowling Green Atlantic Avenue 2/3/4/5/B/D/N/Q/R Broadway Junction Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue D/F/N/Q
  11. i feel you bro. the Times sq station & union sq station, make hell feel cold!
  12. Hi, im 17 years old & i want to become an MTA motorman in the near future. i read to become an MTA motorman you will need; a high school diploma or GED, 5 year work experience or collage and not to mention passing all the tests the MTA gives you. now my question is, if i want to work for 5 years could i work as an MTA conductor for 5 years then move on to a motorman or do i have to get a job thats not MTA related?
  13. ok this is my first ever post. im going to make my version of what the should be. ok here it goes. i will start off with the runing from sheepshead by - Avenue U, Kings Hwy & Avenue J then Flatbush Avenue to manhattan. At Borough Hall the north and south platform will dive down under Remsen Street then going into manhattan not stopping in Brooklyn Heights. When it gets to manhattan it stops at south ferry instead of wall st. the will instead run to fulton & wall streets to staten island. park place station will be discontinued. then rector st. cortlandt st will be two island platforms with a transfer to the (running to staten island) across it. chambers st will have a transfer to the , , & . then after 14 st the 18 st station will be discontinued 14 st will have its platforms moved a block north, 23 st platforms will be moved to the south one block so the station from 14 st to 34 st dont have to be crammed together. by 72 a new PATH terminal will open, providing more people from NJ with more & newer PATH train lines. renaming the station "72 st - PATH terminal". after 96 st the will run express to 149 st stopping only at 125 st, as 110, 116 & 135 streets are local stations. in the bronx the will run express in both direction all but nights between E 180 st to 3 ave providing a new express stop simpson st. the will always run local. the will run on boston rd to provide access to 7 ave for the nearby stops the bypasses. then the will finnaly finnish at Wakefield - 241 st. and that my version of how the train should be.
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