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  1. I got it up & working! Thank you very much, buddy!

  2. LOL! I hope we dont have another problem like the did last year. I feel so sorry for those people that were aboard that train :cry: I wonder if they even got their $2.25 back?
  3. Well, I dont constantly pull it out my phone, but if I need to, being I too have a Thunderbolt/Verizon, I can text at Hoyt St, Nevins St & Atlantic Ave. but generally I dont pull out my phone. The only reason thieves would take a gadget over money is, a guy could be carrying 5 bucks, but they swipe an iPad, they sell it for at least $600.
  4. Ok, Thanks! also do you have anything to say about this? vvvv
  5. Hi, I have a couple of questions I was hoping could be answered regarding the NYC bus system. 1) how is somebody suppose to know where a bus stops? I have never seen, where they show the stops of a bus, how would someone know where he needs to get off? (E.G. if I'm at Empire Blvd & Brooklyn Ave & I want to get to Flushing & Broadway), how do I know when I'm suppose to push the tape/button? What if I push it too early or too late? One time, I had to go to Francis Lewis Blvd & 225 St, so I had to take the (Q84) to 120 Ave & 226 St. I had to keep looking out the front window to see if I could see the closest stop to it, without missing it. If there's an easier way to do this I would appreciate it! 2) Whats the difference between New York City buses & buses? I mean, I know buses were bought out by private companies, but why are they different from NYCT buses? Why was every bus bought out & how were these buses, before the were bought out by the ? Thanks in advance! :cool:
  6. this is awesome, truly beautiful! :) but I cant seem to set it as my signature :( I go to option 1 & paste the URL of the destination sign & it fails.

  7. Now if we can only get two way express service in the Bronx...
  8. Someone got a video (on Youtube) of an R142A rolling through 145 St (Concourse)
  9. Yes, from 95 St, till 59 St are mostly Italians. from 59 St till Union St are mostly Muslims, with hipsters.
  10. Cool! :cool: I'm gonna go ahead & assume this is your home station Ok. I'm not a big fan of the long escalators, but yes, the transfer is beautiful! :cool:
  11. Yeah, I know. At fulton/Nostrand the B44 empties out & at Flushing it's empty. I guess for me to get to the Plaza, I would have to walk to Rogers & catch the B44 SBS I need the extra walking anyways
  12. Oh so she lives near Broadway on the upper west side, am I right?
  13. I think the stopped taking up parking spaces for SBS. Now they take away a lane from traffic. Yes, but what about the (M42)? remember when the guy on the bike "raced" the (M42) across 42 St & won?
  14. LOL, I know he or she, wasnt being raped, it just looked like it. This picture looks cute
  15. By Williamsburg, I meant by the Marcy Ave (, & ) station. Only the (B44) limited goes there & after the (B44) becomes SBS it wont operate on New York Ave anymore which wont give people along New York Ave service to the Bridge or the , or .
  16. Didnt they already start this? The has been doing for a month already on the line between, Nevins St & Chambers St. That part of the line was shut down for month long of nights. was this the pilot? if not, why does it say it will start in 2012?
  17. 2


    Wakefield-241 St, 7 Ave Exp, White Plains Exp


    R142A style, if possible, Thanks!

  18. No big deal? dude if you were in my shoes then, you wouldn't have said that Also why isnt it sad?
  19. I'm not sure where it's holding now, but when I was on the to Brooklyn, it curved onto the local track just north of Chambers St. The conductor said something to the fact, that there was a broken track or some sort of rail condition in the Clark St tunnel. Bottom line, I had to take the to Brooklyn, but at Fulton St (which thank god I was there & not Wall St) the train was being held for 10 minutes, as soon as the conductor said that, I ran off the train & had to run to the . Dont you think it's sad, that we just had a months worth of construction in that tunnel & already there's a problem?
  20. Here's a quote from Wikipedia for "The Taking Of Pelham 123" I'm pretty sure the "fourth" borough wasnt Staten Island
  21. LOL Are you sure your not getting confused with another station? cause there's no 91 St station, only the abandoned one on the 7 ave line, unless, your girlfriend is a ghost
  22. Why did you change your picture? your other pic looked cute, this one looks like it's being raped. :eek:
  23. I like how you have the , & run to the Bronx! How do they run there? via a tunnel or via the Whitestone & Triborough Bridges?
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