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  1. Ok, I understand guys. Thanks! I just really wish the would extend the (B44) to Williamsburg
  2. You know dude, I've seen YOU get shot down also of you ideas by people on these forums & just because you feel crappy about it, doesnt mean you have to do it to others. If it's a bad idea, fine I understand, but dont go telling people off because you think they dont know the subway. The reason people ask, is for people with better knowledge to answer them, so they themselves can get better at it. How do you think people get so smart? by asking. if nobody asked, nobody would no anything. In this case, if somebody asks about the subway, whether it's a train re-route, eliminating stations or lines, or whatever stuff they have to ask, they want to see if people would agree, disagree, slightly change somethings they said to make it sound better, or just plain straight out, tell them how it will or wont work. Now, I couldn't care any less with what you say about me. I know the subway pretty damn well, I may not show it on these forums, but I do. But there are people out there that would get deeply offended for asking a question & then get shot down miserably, by people like you. So please stop acting like that & respect peoples opinions.
  3. Thank you & yes I know the & going to concourse isn't proper.
  4. In addition to the Limited/SBS's, do you think it would make sense to make the local buses ((Bx12), (M15) & (B44)) SBS also? not that they would skip any stops. but have fare boxes at bus stops, maybe even "bus only" lanes & maybe even extend the (B44) local to Williamsburg bridge, so people near New York Ave have SBS & service to the Willi-B. Let me hear your thoughts.
  5. Ok let's see if this works. The little white markings are "express stops" Let the bashing begin, drumroll please....
  6. Hold on, the map didnt come up. how do I get the map up? it's saved in "my pictures"
  7. Here you go! the little white markings in the train lines mean "express station"
  8. Now for my best subway routes, The , , & . These route rarely give me problems, plus the , & have awesome views on their elevated portions! :tup: The worst for me is, the , , & , very often on these lines there are delays & trains run slow at parts of the Eastern Parkway line.
  9. I agree with you on this, unfortunately, the has to be local. Reason? In Brooklyn, Bay Ridge & 4 ave people want access to downtown Brooklyn & lower Manhattan. In Manhattan, I guess Broadway isnt able to have two express trains & one local. In Queens, it's the only line to serve Broadway & the & have to be the express, so putting the , & on the express track & having the by itself as local, will not be good at all. Yeah, I'm sorry, but you do have bad luck with the B) Whenever I take the down Queens Blvd It's usually pretty damn smooth.:tup: Yes! thank you for someone finally agreeing with me! whenever I'm waiting for a , two or three trains come then a finally comes. I remember one time & (4)'s were coming into Atlantic Ave every 3 or 4 minutes (before the ran to Brooklyn during the day) finally after a few & (4)'s came by, a rolled in & yes, this is a common occurrence. Now that the runs to Brooklyn during the day, I dont really have this problem anymore.
  10. I cant ride the Holiday train this year, cause it's on Saturday. :cry:
  11. Like if a woman drops here purse that has nothing in it, or a guy dropped a $5 bill, you know stupid things like that. I dont find it to be torture, just gets a little redundant at times.
  12. Awesome! :tup: Yes nice station, but for some strange reason I feel a little creeped out by the station, I dont why. XD LMAO!
  13. I like Bowling Green also, it has an interesting design, nice & brick red. I hope you dont mind me asking why you like these stations.
  14. Ok. I like how the rolls into 21 St smoothly & that station also looks nice. Roosevelt Island, just looks plain unique! Why do you like these stations?
  15. Exactly! I dont think most people that would take the from Queens/Brooklyn would go to the upper east side or The Bronx. They are probably going to 8 Ave or somewhere within that area. Just like the coming from Brooklyn empties out at Times Sq & the coming from Brooklyn Empties out, around Rockefeller Center. I'm not interested in getting into this.
  16. The one thing I know was going to happen to me when I was going to step into this forum, or any forum as the matter of fact, I was going to be bashed with criticism & I dont let it bother me. And I know I let my imagination get the best of me, but look at everybody else, they get pretty pissed when I have an opinion or just say something to do with fantasy. I dont get mad when people tell me it's a bad idea, I get upset with people when they get angry at me like I said something about their mother. I hope you understand.
  17. The first stations to ever be built were, from city hall Lex Ave to grand central (42 St tracks) then times sq shuttle track & up the broadway 7 ave tracks all the way till 145 St, were the first stations ever built, October 4, 1904. Basically, on October, 1904, local & express trains ran from city hall made a left on 42 St then a right onto broadway, at 96 st, local trains terminated & express trains continued up to 145 St. The times sq (, & 7 ave) & Grand Central (, , & Lex Ave) were added later. So the stations of Grand Central & 125 St & in between, were built later on. I guess there was no express service on the lex line north of Grand Central at the time, when it was built, they had to be put below the local tracks. Now at 103 & 110 Sts, I dont know why they were made like that, but they had enough room for express tracks.
  18. Is this your home station also, or you just love the station for the reason you said?
  19. Let's not forget, there are over a thousand R142's & only a little over 600 R142A's, so borrowing from the & shouldn't be a problem. Just sayin
  20. The (, , , , & make big "U" shapes & you dont here anybody complaining about that. (at least I havent heard any complaints) So during the peak hours some (Z)'s would go to Broad St. & Dont you think that most people would want to go to midtown, especially on weekends. And once again why do you along with everybody else, have to make it as if people are scared of transferring? You really think the MTA cant rehabilitate that station? Yes, 2 Ave could probably use 3 services & if you look at my map, when I'm done with it you will see I would have the , , & run via concourse ( & via express & & via local) & have the moved to University Ave to give residents in the West Bronx better subway access & people near Concourse express service, but of course you & everybody else are going to shoot down my idea or bash me for it, because everybody knows better. I'm not saying I know better, I probably dont, but that doesnt mean subway service is hunky-dory with the way it is now. Why do they need the same terminal? I know the point of Skip-Stop is for a line that is identical, but if it wont work, at least have 2 way express service between Myrtle & Marcy Aves, so people have something to move out of the way to get to the city faster. Really?
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