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  1. On page 116 of the newly revised 2015-19 MTA Capital Program, item 03 says: * Purchase 275 Hybrid-Electric Standard Buses, with $265.4 million listed under 2017 Perhaps they're planning on ordering 75 Hybrids, with future options? See: http://web.mta.info/capital/pdf/WEB2015-2019Program_reduced.pdf
  2. tlcohen

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    I'm surprised that (so far) none of the XD40 or LFS options are going to Manhattan. Other than XE40 testing on the M42, are there any specifics on new or transferred 40' buses for Manhattan depots?
  3. tlcohen

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    That information is on page 16 of the document.
  4. tlcohen

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Why are some folks asking about the XD40 delivery schedule? Look at the first page of this thread: Delivery for the next options are scheduled as follows: 60 buses scheduled to begin delivery/production April-June (XD40) 120 buses between July-September (XD40) 220 buses between October-December (XD40 and LFS) 20 buses between January and February 2017 (LFS) Obviously the schedule has changed since this info was posted. According to the MTA 2015-19 Capital Plan Document (page 182), $397.5 million is supposed to go to "purchase 628 standard diesel buses" in 2016. So, we'll have to wait and see when the purchase is finalized.
  5. tlcohen

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Dante, Please keep up the great posting. It's the only place we can get the latest, on NYC bus orders. Thanks for all of your work, and info.
  6. tlcohen

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Shouldn't the Nova LFS numbers be 8090-8503, which would equal 414 buses ENY's pictures of 7090 are awesome!
  7. tlcohen

    Millennium Transit Services News & Current Events

    Glad you're back at Forums. Thanks for your efforts regarding the RTS, and for telling us the full story.
  8. tlcohen

    MTA buses in movies

    In Bronx Tale, DeNiro drives a GM old-look at the beginning of the movie. Later on he drives a Fishbowl.
  9. tlcohen

    New Bus Qualification Program Overview

    Happy New Year! Is there any new info (official or unofficial) on which bus is performing better - the XD40 or LFS? It's a shame Orion has left the industry. I think the 3G is a great bus to ride.
  10. tlcohen

    LFSA #5858 on Lex Ave

    Glad to see the LFSAs on Lexington Ave. Great shots!
  11. I love NYC and NYC buses. These pix combine the best of both. Great stuff!
  12. tlcohen

    When you get that feeling...

    Makes me want to head down to NYC today from here in Boston! As always, thanks for the great pictures & videos.
  13. tlcohen

    Pure Inundation....Handle It!

    Amazing - and all on one page! Thanks!
  14. tlcohen

    The Millennium RTS Discussion

    Thanks to everyone at MTS, and those getting this info to us. If MTA buys these buses, no doubt other operators will do the same.B)
  15. tlcohen

    New Flyer XD60 Discussion

    New Flyer can deliver the DE60LFR, a quality bus, in a reasonable amount of time, and the MTA needs new artics. I don't see a problem if this model is discontinued in the next couple of years or so. Parts, etc. will still be available. The only part that's a bit weird is this order is part of the test fleet evaluation. So, the MTA, will be testing a model that may not be available once the evaluation is completed. :confused:


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