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  1. In wake of the current pandemic, it seems Prevost and New Flyer has suspended production of buses and deliveries at this time. Hopefully this doesn't affect the MTA in the long run but knowing the situation they are in right now I doubt they are good. Hopefully the delivery of the remaining 4900's and 1300 is able to come in within the next few months. But I rather these companies play safe until further notice.
  2. Bet you want to shut down the subway for no reason just like a certain person here does....
  3. This plus the MTA wants them out of MTA bus by the next MTA artic order (which isn't due for another few yrs)
  4. Not even worth this back and forth. We already have restrictions in place and is beyond obvious and everyone on the forum knows the MTA is in a situation worse than a budget crunch. Nothing else to discuss. Time to clock out. This makes me question tho: anyone think we're gonna have at least a form of holiday schedule for subways in effect? Iirc SEPTA started to do this recently and the MNRR Hudson Line was put in weekend service until further notice.
  5. MTA still runs. Italy still has service. PATH and NJT are still operating despite some areas like Hoboken having an official curfew. Not to even mention that PATH is losing billions yearly as well yet they're still here. What's the "point" you're tryna make?
  6. Not to even mention that the is still (somewhat) busy
  7. Do not spread any rumors. If you seen the news already Cuomo is in charge of ordering a shutdown and expressed there will not be a lockdown and especially not a subway shutdown.
  8. are unlikely, they have R160s, not R46s. Yet we still have people assuming the R211s are gonna be assigned to Jamaica when there are no definite assignments for them. Point being, they can be assigned wherever the MTA wants.
  9. Actually you are correct. Error on my end. That's because 6752-54 were already at MQ and TTMG formated the update differently. So yes, 6748-6751 MV to MQ
  10. I heard the renumbering is due to 5299 killing the bus driver on scene and making other b/os uncomfortable with driving "5299" as a result of the death.
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