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  1. The problem is there are more cuts than additional services. You have a handful of stops being discontinued for no reason (QT5), headways cut for no reason (QT44), express service getting cut once again, certain routes getting merged and rerouted for no particular reason except for "connectivity purposes" (meaning serving a section of Queens just to look like service is being retained and /or added, again QT5 comes to mind, also the QT41 is another great example of this), etc.
  2. To your knowledge is the artic revision planned to be complete by Summer 2020?
  3. Looking at the remix website, only the route resembling the QM4 has 7 days a week, with some 6 days (162-168 I believe)
  4. Remember when co-op city had only one local bus serving major sections of the neighborhood? Then soon after the MTA winded up adding an additional local route instead of taking anything away. Although I think they still gonna go through with the Q50 cut full time to Pelham Bay.
  5. I was not able to track or find the bus ever since it was announced that it returned. Also TTMG didn't have it on the list in the December update but that doesn't mean it wasn't/isn't in service.
  6. I kinda have to partially counter that argument a bit because in Jamaica TOO MANY ROUTES duplicate each other. Not saying the entire network needed an overhaul but there are some routes that could operate as non-stop along certain sections. I'm just curious as to how they gonna cut the already not Sunday operated BM routes and the X27/28/37/38 because we all already know that's gonna be cut in some shape or form given the wonderful results with the SIMs and QMs.
  7. The map was released today, just a bit later than expected: https://platform.remix.com/map/4ee65d6/line/ee43226?dir=1
  8. They did something on Jewel Avenue. One thing for sure is that the Q64 corridor will be greatly "expanded".
  9. At the very least the Q17 is not going to be serving Flushing (ending at 164 St/Harding exp)
  10. The section on 130th St is actually the lightest of the whole line so that I can care less about. 130th is gonna be replaced by a revamped Q9 if I understand the map correctly.
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