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  1. With the implementation of screens on older buses, I decided to compile a list of buses that have seen upgrades with the new screens and announcements. Note that this list is a bit incomplete as many buses are either missing, taken off or had their screens replaced with a different version. As of August 20th, 2016: Ver. 1: 2014-2015 New Flyer XD40: 7304-7351 Ver. 2: 2010 NovaBus LFSA: 1234-1279, 1284-1285 2011-13 NovaBus LFSA: 5799, 5822-5823, 5896, 5901-5935, 5967-5968 2011-13 New Flyer C40LF: 324 2011 NovaBus LFS: 8001 2015-2016 NovaBus LFS: 8439, 8459, 8474, 8481-8483, 8495 2017-2018 New Flyer XN60: 1000-1109 2018-2019 New Flyer XD40: 7484-7849 2018 New Flyer XDE40: 9500-9509 Ver. 3: 2009 Orion VII NG: 4019, 4070-4095, 4245-4278 2018-2019 New Flyer XD60: 6126 Ver. 4: 2011-13 New Flyer C40LF: 570-658 Note that only version 2 and 4 are active (with the exception of 6126). I am keeping the other two here for inclusivity. Any updates on the screens would be appreciated. Also if anyone can remind me which vendors made these versions that would be good too.
  2. MysteriousBtrain

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Yeah but that's not the point. How would you feel if you were someone with a lot of private info (correct or not) and the info keeps spilling and your name keeps on being mentioned? I agree that this is old though.
  3. MysteriousBtrain

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Lmao stop mentioning him as your sources. I'm pretty sure he's just as tired as us when you mention his name.
  4. MysteriousBtrain

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    What needs to happen is a split of the B15. Should be somewhere around the Sutter Av .
  5. MysteriousBtrain

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    It's not MTA unless you get a coding error.
  6. MysteriousBtrain

    S40/S90 to Matrix Park (Amazon / Ikea Facilities)

    Looks like bus stops are available on Google maps (no schedule), and looking at the routing it only has new stops at the terminal. If that's the case then it should be a more straightforward route instead of running a loop around Bloomfield. Edit: looked at the area the S40/90 terminate currently, and the road needed, 6 Av is actually kind of narrow. If it was widened, it could work, but now the loop kind of makes sense.
  7. MysteriousBtrain

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Well here's another new format to look forward to.
  8. MysteriousBtrain

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Actually no. It was always planned to go to Woodside. There was a proposal to extend the Q33 to Woodside as part of the merge to MTA bus, but never went through.
  9. MysteriousBtrain

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Yes. Also Q70 not only connects to LIRR for coverage purposes it has nowhere to terminate in the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av terminal. You also realize the subway has a lot more ridership than a railroad line correct? Not every inch of every route needs maximum riders crammed into a route so don't push others to use something when you don't know the full story.
  10. One roundtrip. AM trips do Broadway junction->Jamaica->Broad Street->Broadway Junction and PM is the same except trains from the junction to Broad Street bound for Jamaica afterwards.
  11. MysteriousBtrain

    staten island local bus study?

    It was already noted that the entire bus network would be finished by 2021. It is most definite the Bronx redesign will start next year, with SI local routes being possibly done by early 2019.
  12. MysteriousBtrain

    West Farms Moves and Possible Moves

    WF currently has about 75 artics for local service, with 16 for SBS and some already running the Bx36. After the order is complete, there will be about 140 artics total, 125 for local service. That's more than enough for the Bx36 and Bx6 conversion. Also remember displaced LFSA from SBS are due to displace some XN60s to Brooklyn. The XN60s retired some D60s at the moment and it wasn't even supposed to.
  13. MysteriousBtrain

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Don't know how the BxM2 slipped my mind 😅😅. But I was more thinking of areas south of 57th Street and was thinking of a bypass of the upper west/east side, but I guess the BxM2 is good by itself then.
  14. MysteriousBtrain

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I had 232 in mind since that's where the last entrance to the parkway is to/from Manhattan. Again not to familiar with express routes like that but I wonder if there can be a market for Riverdale riders to get to west midtown.
  15. MysteriousBtrain

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Not too familiar with express bus ridership but I have two routes in mind from Riverdale: 1. BxM13: via Henry Hudson from W 232 St to 57th St, then down 8/9 Avs to PABT and Penn Station weekdays. 2. BxM14: Rush hour route via Henry Hudson as well but via Dyckman and via BxM1 to Midtown.


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