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  1. I think that was supposed to be 3416 I was putting down.
  2. As of a month ago no announcements play at all, just screen display. Unsure if it's the same now.
  3. Looking this over for the last hour or so. Had to point out something. 68+92+25+25 is 210. Seeing there is no 9410-9499 I feel there might be a mistake. What I noticed is to get 210 we have to take in account that we have a 110 base order and an 84 option, totaling 194. So one more look, we get 194 in total. So 9400-9415 make up the missing 16 to make 210. Would it be that another 16 buses are added to the option order or is there a possible error on assignment count?
  4. I'll repost this on the Depots thread to make sure unnecessary space isn't taken up
  5. The thing I believe is wrong with the X25 is the fact it was managed poorly and advertised incorrectly. If it was advertised as a Grand Central-South Ferry "local route" (perhaps M25) that you would pay $2 for and not $6 it might of survived (but that would still be unlikely)
  6. I'm surprised the MTA didn't exercise the Prevost option order by now. Guess they're waiting for more funds to come in or trying to figure out if the money is worth it.
  7. Same thing with 5930. Only the front most screen is around. The other two by the rear doors are missing.
  8. It's mostly on the Novabus units where the one seat behind the driver is chained off to what I seen.
  9. Bus-Random thoughts thread can have any, well, "Random bus thoughts" here.
  10. It's their job to check the bus at the last stop before layup/returning to the lot. I had a friend a couple years ago that was sleeping on the bus so he couldn't even do that. Long story short he ended up waking up at Castleton Depot.
  11. Just a reminder that not all buses are delivered in numerical order.
  12. Not to even mention the MTA added a stop for the Q113/114 at York College so it would also serve the vaccine site.
  13. I think post 9/11 (around the mid 2000's) the M103 started operating on its own ROW through the financial district.

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