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  1. For reference in the future, do not put down a unit as scrapped unless it is confirmed. 7403 has a dent in the back from an accident. Will be oos for a few weeks/months.
  2. I saw 5997 in sbs wrapping on the M14A this morning so no these did not leave SBS duty.
  3. Some S48 buses start at Forest Avenue and South Avenue in the morning iirc.
  4. Suburban Orion V s and RTS. Changed when 45 ft cruisers began to be offered I believe.
  5. Speaking of fare evasion that's one of the things the Bx15 split may somewhat fix. So many people love to go through the back and get on for free in both directions at 149. Definitely not gonna fix it, Just get rid of the back door riding.
  6. That was more coverage ideas. Not really needed since you could just do Q44<->Q50.
  7. It's kind of funny how 1225, 4799, and 5477 all recently got damaged in some way recently and all are from GH. Not even including 1205 from years ago. Smh.
  8. This might be a pilot program to see if there would be a need for Bronx-Hudson Yards service. Not a bad concept but I feel there should of been a pilot Riverdale-Hudson Yards route (BxM12; not BxM18) before a reroute took place.
  9. OMNY on the SIM23/24 is arriving at a later date, probably when MTA acquires them (codes already exists for the SIM23/24)
  10. Its funny because..... https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-williamsburg-link-bus-l-train-project-free-shuttle-change-20190602-dfcgezwbbnaizjvmnvujffiqi4-story.html See above link. The new route would be called B91A and basically be a Marcy Avenue/Bedford Avenue shuttle with added stops on Grand Street.
  11. A Co-op City-Downtown route could work a lot better than you realize. It's just other co-op city routes that don't work. So no this is not "inexperienced" work. They did a better job than the overhaul of the SIMs, but far from perfect.
  12. From I understand the Bx15 LTD would basically be the Bx55 to Fordham Plaza. E 166 St is also being altered; the stop is eliminated for LTD service.

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