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  1. ↓↓↓ Good job ignoring the important parts and only reading what you want.
  2. Such said market needs to be from NJT not MTA. If academy was to operate a service too it shouldn't be marketed as an MTA service.
  3. Not to even mention that at least two photos surfaced online where foamers were in the restricted zone hogging up the RFW when they had plenty of time to get their shots back in January on the R42s.
  4. 25% of all of the subway system's stations are fully accessible to people who are over 65 years old and/or with disabilities. Would you rather walk 30 minutes minimum to get an accessible station or a couple alternative stations that are close to you?
  5. Yes because it's 1. Very easy to get to the fare box and 2. you definitely should be paying $6.75 for an express bus that is replacing the cheaper subway lines and already charges $2.75 on free weekend shuttle bus routes too.
  6. RIP to everyone that was gonna hop the rope/chain just to get a RFW they had plenty of time to catch.
  7. Not only is the BxM1/2 overnight service discontinued, the Bx7 has no service either. I guess Riverdale-Manhattan riders don't really need bus service after all.
  8. There should be 3 buses on the B99 rn but because this is the MTA only one bus, 4605, is viewable on bus time. 4605 left Midtown at 1:15AM when the schedule lists it leaving at 1:00AM. Either that or it left 5 min early.
  9. Some of you forget mileage is more important than consistent numbers.
  10. You missed the part where it was said the R160s are on rotations systemwide.
  11. That would work. (Except they decided to discontinue free rides on Staten Island buses aka SIM1C service)
  12. @Via Garibaldi 8 any thoughts about the express changes (I definitely am curious about your thoughts on the BxM1/2 change)
  13. Beginning June 28: Because ridership has been low we’ll be discontinuing 1-5 a.m. service on the BM3 (yes they finally made it "official"), BxM1, BxM2, BxM11, QM6, X28, X68. During that time you can use other bus service or book a for-hire ride with the Essential Connector program. These bus routes will, however, continue to operate during normal weekday hours. The X68 will begin operating at 4 a.m. For each route, we've listed other routes you can use overnight: BM3: B68, BM2 BxM1: Bx10 BxM2: Bx10 BxM11: Bx39 QM6: Q46, Q60 X28: B1, B6, B36, B82 X68 Manhattan bound (not operating from 1-4 a.m.): Q1, Q2, Q3, Q17, Q36, Q43, and Q60 X68 Queens bound (not operating 1-5 a.m.): Q1, Q2, Q3, Q17, Q36, Q43, and Q60
  14. With the Q70 pending artics and taking 13 of the 53 artic buses from the last order I guess it would make sense but still stupid nonetheless.
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