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  1. MysteriousBtrain

    MTA 2.0

    I mean, it's pretty obvious these buses are not meant for local service, especially with the fabric seats, which are only on express routes hence one pays attention to the seats. Even the two remaining ex-express RTS 9302 and 9348 had their seats revamped for local service. Charleston will have it and mainly run the X17J.
  2. MysteriousBtrain

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    Yep, just like there is no documents showing the delayed date for the B82 SBS.
  3. MysteriousBtrain

    dennis the menace (& friends)

    So is the 500 part of a 3-year pilot program like the electric units?
  4. MysteriousBtrain

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Would be difficult unless you expand on the bellmouths there to include a diamond crossover and layups. Even so probably would be a waste of money just for that.
  5. MysteriousBtrain

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

  6. MysteriousBtrain

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    So you rather have a sidewalk closed for 3+ months instead of finishing the necessary pieces. The SBS machines can be postponed, but everything else i believe should be finished. And quite honestly the MTA never officially told the actual public (not just the representatives) that construction wouldn't stop. We don't even truly know if the MTA is even going to postpone the start date. It's just undetermined ATM.
  7. MysteriousBtrain

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    And/or maybe because the SBS is going to start up soon. Whether if it'll be in July or later this year.
  8. MysteriousBtrain

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    For the weekend of May 5-6,The only available yards (not including Moshulu and Unionport/239 for the in the Bronx) are Westchester,137 St, and Lenox yards, the former being the only major yard available. That'll definitely be a weekend of many moves.
  9. MysteriousBtrain

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Now the former LFSA from SBS are with the update. This is going by fast.
  10. MysteriousBtrain

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    300-319 are getting the luminator update now.
  11. MysteriousBtrain

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    Was this recently started? Are they still doing construction?
  12. MysteriousBtrain

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    May 5-6 can possibly be an interesting weekend. R142As on the and maybe R62As on the and . We'll see.
  13. I ride the route often. Plus I never said I agree with the cut. I said what I said because most if not all uptown-downtown routes are unreliable as hell. The affected riders are (somewhat) minimal. South of 110 St has the M1-3 and a bit of a walk. North you can take the nearby and . I saw that too. It's amazing how much the ta is willing to cut. And Manhattan seemed to get the bulk of the cuts these last few years.
  14. While I can accept the M4 cut, was rerouting the M4 to the original Q32 terminal ever considered? Also confused as to if this is planned to be permanent.
  15. MysteriousBtrain

    R179 Discussion Thread



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