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  1. Not sure if this was mentioned but it looks like during nights and weekends every other will terminate at Lorimer Street to keep consistency with Brooklyn service. There's probably a more reliable source out there but I trust the info SecondAvenueSagas gave out. http://secondavenuesagas.com/2019/02/19/reduced-l-train-mitigation-plan-without-a-busway-comes-into-view-as-station-metering-concerns-linger/ Planned service changes are listed below:
  2. MysteriousBtrain

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Yep I have a video of the XD60s on their debut day and uploaded immediately afterwards. That should be the date. Remember watching Captain America Civil War and catching the "new" Xcelsiors that day. Good times.
  3. MysteriousBtrain

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

  4. MysteriousBtrain

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    I mean in a way you aren't wrong, but to be fair NJT specializes a lot of their fleet and usually has buses not offered elsewhere. Either way that one type of bus model I did somehow miss. But it still doesn't change the fact that it wasn't offered on other models from 2000-2010.
  5. MysteriousBtrain

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    I would also like to point out that if you "knew" what you claim you would realize that there were no CNG artics in the US in general until earlier this decade, when we 1. already ordered a set of diesel artics and 2. testing out Xcelsiors in the system, which is necessary for EVERY bus or any transit company to make sure a unit isn't faulty or made to be a lemon. There was also no way to fully convert WF to CNG during 2005 even with a fleet of 100% CNG standards if you don't have something that doesn't exist. Do you also realize that we have diesel coaches at SC and CP? And we didn't have CNG coaches in the country until around the same time the XN60 was introduced? So because a company that delivers to MTA does not work on a certain powertrain or fuel at the time it's the MTA's fault for being inconsistent? If you're going to fight a public agency, you should attack the manufacturers too. Again, check your data and do your research before you assume things.
  6. MysteriousBtrain

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Because CB members know exactly how to run a system of millions better than MTA. Even if MTA has perfect service you are never going to please everyone. Are you trying to pin fault on MTA for something out of their control? Because a lot of the time that's not how it works. Take the subway for example. Everyone loves to pin the MTA at fault when a subway is delayed. But what happens when get a random drunk person that does this: By the way this happens a lot more often than you think. A few days ago one of my friends caught a video of someone in broad daylight on the tracks while catching the R179 . An average bus lives to be around 15. CNGs built at the time could only last a maximum of 15 years. You're telling me that you would rather retire something that has more life or rebuild a unit rather than "wait the last possible moment". This already shows you don't know how even the smallest bus system works. It costs money to convert CNGs to other fuels no matter where you go. Until you prove you know how a simple bus works, all the points you are trying to make are moot. It just apples to oranges. You have your "opinion" and there's no changing it. But don't you dare say anything about knowing kow every bus system works because operating Bee-line or any other system is not the same as operating MTA.
  7. MysteriousBtrain

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    All models in NJT, which includes MCIs Neoplans and NABIs use the Lincoln tunnel. I doubt there would be any issues in the queens-midtown.
  8. MysteriousBtrain

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Because A. ridership does not warrant this service pattern and B. You cannot have the operate a "full route" while in this pattern because of constant G.O.s that forces lines to share tracks and cut headways, specifically on CPW.
  9. MysteriousBtrain

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    I'm going to put my two cents here and say some of you expect assignments are concrete and are supposed to do certain things when they really aren't. These buses were meant to replace 135 CNG standards, not convert WF to CNG. If there was a need for more CNG buses (meaning more buses needed to be replaced immediately at WF), it would of been included in the plans. Maybe a handful were originally to help convert WF to CNG but the standards needed to be replaced first. Back at that time of planning for CNGs, there were not much routes planned for artic conversion. And during planning lot of routes needed conversion like the B35, Bx6/SBS, B46 SBS, Q52/53, B15, B82, etc. It takes years to realize which routes need priority over others. Starting in 1995 the Bronx was first given it is the only borough other than Manhattan that sees overloads on nearly all routes for a majority of their rides (not to say other routes experience this as well). After the Bronx the obvious choice was Manhattan followed by Queens. When MTA/NF cancelled the option order of 65 D60s no new artics came in until 2010, which led to FB and CS being the next depots for artics as they were planned for SBS. The Bx6 SBS was originally supposed to use C40s (300-319 had their signs altered for such occasion) until it was decided to wait for the XN40s to arrive and make the route the first to be 100% new and fancy to make SBS more attractive. And it was later converted to XN60s because artics manages the nasty crowds better. And also realize that in 2016 there was 436 artics to be delivered and used system wide (not including the MTA bus order that was also coming in at the time), with the XN60 being less than 1/4 of the total. 260 D60 buses were to be replaced between between then and sometime this year. And the 110 XN60 are replacing CNGs before being considered to be used to replace D60s and/or displace any other diesels. That makes about 66-100 extra buses for elsewhere. And again, nobody can say for certain which buses need top priority because nearly every route in the city suffers from overcrowding. How can you easily find a route to put artics on with a system of around 250 routes? Regarding the XD40s at WF, we already know they were delivered there to work the shuttle. And obviously you need a few buses at a depot for training and maintenance. When Cuomo cancelled all the original bus plans for the in early January there was no way to move around 20 buses to Brooklyn and elsewhere without cutting into the WF fleet. At the very least the XD40s need to stay there until displaced artics from elsewhere comes in. The point is that no matter what you cannot know about something you do not expect. You can't earn $600 per paycheck and expect to be ok when the next paycheck is $100 short. You can't have a perfect life at home when you suddenly get a random flood. You can't have a set fleet of buses for routes x and y when z suddenly boosts in ridership during delivery of the buses and in result has to use buses from x and y. Things are always going to suddenly change no matter how "prepared" you think you are. And if you find something better to use before implementing a plan, best believe you will be using the new method to your advantage.
  10. MysteriousBtrain

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    Basically another word for a swing bus.
  11. MysteriousBtrain

    Select Bus Service Planning

    It already has. Went from the original plan to a temporary M14 SBS and now we have this. And just because @East New York didn't mention it dosen't mean the MTA did not come up with this plan. @Union Tpke is another member who knows how to get to the behind the scenes with the MTA so he is definitely reliable.
  12. MysteriousBtrain

    Select Bus Service Planning

    So the m14 routes will be fully converted instead of being a separate route. Don't really get why this wasn't the first plan. Probably because of the but it's good to hear the oddball Quill artic routes will be fully converted.
  13. https://amp.gothamist.com/amp/articles/create?article_id=5c66e65e6933a90001c36d81 Isn't this the third incident with the after Cuomo changed plans? Seems like a sign.......
  14. MysteriousBtrain

    R262 (R62/R62A Replacement) - Information & Discussion

    I did the math already. For service on the Shuttle you need 2 6 car sets at the very least. Right now I believe 24 train are assigned, which are basically 4 3 car sets and 3 4 car sets. You can't have even 5 car sets without the 8 going away. With 18 being very tight for service, the next best number would be 48. That leaves 1130 R262s for service elsewhere. That should be more than enough to replace all R62/A cars (315+825*=1150) The only way the 48 could really make sense is if all 3 tracks remain open (using 18 trains at a time) or the MTA decided to revive the abandoned southbound express track after rehabilitation. That would add another 6 car set during peak times and with this plan half of all 6 use sets would be in service. *Including the wrecked car from 1995.
  15. MysteriousBtrain

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I already saw the article. And I never said the expansion for the was still on the table. I also said COULD, not WILL move the R46s to displace the 8 car sets to make it full length. I'm saying that in the distant future I believe some R32s should stay around for lengthening the at the very least. And this is plans for the shutdown effective the end of April. Nothing said about the end of the year or rather by fall 2019, when all R179s should be on property. Again, let's see what happens.


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