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  1. Not to even mention how FB has no chargers available for battery electric buses for any model at all.
  2. Can we 1. Keep away from speculation and depots "returning" specific units and 2. Keep this threads to moves only please?
  3. I hope you know West Farms and Gleason are not the exact same thing, especially when it comes to fueling the buses.
  4. Depends on how it would be marketed. At the very least I think some people would use it to have a relaxing ride home. If the bus shows up on time.
  5. You're being annoying* Then again the forum is shut down so idk how I'm able to post at this moment.
  6. Did you ride these bronx bus routes before you gave out your opinions? Otherwise most of your opinions are moot.
  7. This sounds like a great idea. Except limited routes are being phased out by SBS.
  8. Hmm. What bronx route has business in using the Throgs Neck bridge just for connectivity purposes?
  9. Just need confirmation: is there any plans to convert the Q6/64 into artics by the spring pick?
  10. I see. Now I'm convinced to email Andy Byford to get him to recombine the N20G/H, give Fordham and Boston road summer season access to Rye Playland called the W90 and add a new SIJ1 and SIJ2 service operated by NJT between Eltingville and Hoboken/Newark respectively.
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