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  1. The R160 I rode today were sets borrowed from the :tup:
  2. Why does the legality of riding the loop change after 9pm on weekends?
  3. No. Most of those sites are infected with malware. Not worth the risk to get a discount on a $2.50 fare
  4. Last year we went on a school trip to some museum in the middle of no where (we crossed all of New Jersey) on coach bus. We were dropped off at the school but because our student passes are invalid past 8:30pm or something, we were stranded in Midtown. We showed our School IDs to the station agent and we were allowed in. Thanks god the agent was a nice lady. :confused:
  5. Not like anything is going to happen to him BTW, City Hall is legit but the South Ferry loop could get you into trouble.
  6. Due to a train with mechanical problems at the 57th Street Station, please expect delays in service on the uptown , and trains at this time. Oh god what is it now? Door malfunction?
  7. Most have sucked being on that train. Having to walk those dark and unforgiving tunnels to canal
  8. Did they find cans of spray paint on him?
  9. Another 12-9? Are you freaking kidding me?
  10. Oh man, hope the best for the family.
  11. We're being a little too harsh on the kid. Sure it's his fault for running on the platform and now the T/O has to pee in a cup...But who hasn't run to catch the train if he/she is running late? I'll admit, a lot of times I've had to do a little sprint to catch the because of the 10 minute-ish headways. But and trains fly in and out of 14th Street all the time and running was unnecessary. Everyone makes mistakes big or small and we should just drop it.
  12. Meh...whatever happens happens. As a daily rider, I could say the ride is great. The R32's seats are significantly more comfortable than the R160 seats. Besides, the R32s provide a more nostalgic feel with the screeching and the graffiti Riders are going to have their ears clean of wax when they hear an R32 screeching down the tracks after they've had all R46s. Not that the R46s sound all that better.
  13. What is used to clean graffiti on trains and on the platforms? Why is there always a chalky residue on the FIND signs on R142, R142As, R160s?
  14. How quick are people like you to generalize people as how you did. Some people actually need that help. No, I'm not talking about people in the projects with BMWs in the parking lot, I'm talking about people that are really struggling out there.
  15. Who said I wanted him dead? By the way, I doubt that someone who acts like this contributes anything to society.
  16. The should have pulled a 12-9 on this "Bloody Loco" fella instead of the other dude that was depressed over his ex.
  17. http://www.mta.info/status/serviceStatus.html Due to the Presidential Visit, uptown and trains are bypassing the 125th Street Station at this time. Please allow additional travel time. Can someone please elaborate?
  18. Don't T/Os give nicknames to lines? For example, "1402 Delta" would stand for the ?
  19. I'm sorry, but what is standard procedure for a 12-9? I ask because out of all the 12-9 threads i have never seen, there was never talk about evacuation on to the roadbed or cutting off power to the area. Nor was service cut from almost the entire borough in which the line runs...There has to be more to this than just a 12-9
  20. Armed Passenger. It's the only thing i could think of that could result in an evacuation, a bomb threat maybe?....
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