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  1. *I'll be using modern route names for this *Since you never specified where the uptown local/uptown bronx is, ill disregard it, and only focus on queensboro. Trains Are cut back to 57-7th Trains Are running in 2 sections, between Coney Island, and 57-7th, and Queensboro Plaza, and Astoria Trains Run as Scheduled. Trains skip Queensboro plaza southbound Trains skip Queensboto plaza Trains will stop at Queenboro plaza
  2. Intervale Ave, Pass Source: http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/show?3136
  3. 1) Woodside, only one in Queens 2) 3 Av Only one thats not elevated
  4. One: Steinway Tunnel Two: Court Square Turn The Former can only handle 60' car just barely, and if they drive at the speed of a crawl. The latter can not take anything over 57'ish.
  5. Phase One (While the lower level of the 63 St tunnel is being finished, there are 2 levels 1 build to subway, 1 for LIRR) Local between 59th-Columbus and High Street, Only 207-Broad Channel, For Ozone Park, take the , for Rockaway Park take the Shuttle train No Service, Take Extended to Ozone Park Local in Bronx, 8th Ave Exp, 4th Ave Lcl, West End Lcl, Rerouted to 6th Ave, Jamaica-Hoyt Schormhorn via Fulton Bklyn, 6th Ave Local Manhatan Express in Manhattan, Skips East Broadway, Delancy Downtown, Skips 63-Lex and 57th St Uptown Extended to Forest Hills Full Time Some Trains Short-Turn at Lorimer St Runs Brighton Beach-Broad St-Metropolitan Ave Express in Manhattan Runs to Queens Terminates at 179-Jamaica Runs full service 24/7 Far Rockaway- Runs Mott Ave-Broad-67 63 St- Created, Connects 57-7th ave and 72st-2nd ave 53 St- Created, Connects 59th Columbus, 7th Ave , 5th Ave-53, and Lex-53 Queens Blvd Connects Court Sq-Queens Plaza-Roosevelt-Forest Hills-Jamaica-179 -Reinstated Phase 2: All changes Removed B, E Run 6th Ave EXP M, F Run 6th Ave Local G Runs to Forest Hills D Runs via 8th Ave LcL F Runs Express Rush Hours B No Service Rush Hours S 53 St, Connects 59th Columbus, 7th Ave , 5th Ave-53, and Lex-53 S Queens Blvd Connects Court Sq-Queens Plaza-Roosevelt-Forest Hills-Jamaica-179 E (M Run Via 63 St R Runs Full Time Scenario: West 4th Street Is impassible on the Lower Level, and Because of a road collaspe, the region south 100ft of West 4th St, A, C, E trains can not pass between W4, and Spring Street. And, Queensboro Plaza has collasped, and Because of the Staten Island Boats Crashing a pier, so that there is only one track for use at South Ferry, South Ferry -Whitehall, AND St George Ferry Term, and Due to structual collaspe, 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, J, Z trains can not pass Broadway-Nassau-Fulton Station. The Terminal has not been completed yet, and there are no Capital investment projects in progress.
  6. Clue #2: In Manhattan Clue #3: An occasional A/C/B/D train may stop here due to signal problems
  7. Church Avenue Brighton. My Pic if im right: http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/8607/peaceavenue.jpg edited for privacy reason and to make it harder.
  8. This is 238th Street Transfer is available to the 1 train. The next and last stop is 242 Street Van Cortlandt Park. *THIS IS THE ORIGINAL IMAGE FOR ABOVE*http://subwaynut.com/irt/238n1/238n119.jpg PASS

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