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  1. Thanks 4 the info jay reason i ask bout the other class was because i heard something bout a class started on monday for exam 2901 i think or 2801 idk one of those ....but i jus figured that all the classes is by exams , but guess i was wrong seems like the mix classes up with different exams.....thanks anyway...best of luck @ gun hill
  2. Dont Worry bro u'll be fine...Those 37 that qualified were they all fom 8006 or do they split u guys up from different exams...& also the class that started monday thats not from 8006 is it??
  3. Hey Big Congrats To u jaydubs i see u change your logo to the depot sign, brought some excitement to me seein that i could imagine how u feel bro thats wats up Congrats once again ....good 2 hear sum1 hired from the same list im on...how many people was in your class @ zerega do u remember??

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