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  1. How many sets are on the 7 line now? I saw 7811-7821 going to Times Square from ssyd but then shortly after that I've seen another set but I couldn't make out the numbers going towards Main Street.
  2. how do these taggers get into the yard to do this? Or how do they catch a train laid up in the tunnel? I kinda question the security or surveillance. In Sunnyside yard there are many cameras and a watchful eye on whats going on in the yard.
  3. Metro North doesn't use the North and South tubes that goes under the Hudson.
  4. I don't know if this topic was brought up before but did anyone notice the large route numbers on these bus?
  5. How much more c40's is JG getting because someone mention JG received 661?
  6. I wouldnt go as far as to say they dont montior the drivers. I know in certain commuter rail agencies they have camera on the operating end of any locomotive or cab car and may monitor the engineers performance via laptop. These cameras are set up to help you and some cases hurt you.
  7. The xd60 are one of the best artics that ive been on?
  8. You're right the 1997 RTS interior light setup was good as well, also the same kinda setup on the Orion V 6000 series.
  9. I just created this thread to see what you guys thought. I'm into lighting, I think lighting can really bring out a bus for ex: the led headlights on the xd40& 60. For the interior lighting which light would you guys prefer, the bright lights they have now, the LED lighting they had on one of the old clf40's or the dim lighting they had on the 8600's tmc buses? I would prefer the dim lighting on the old 8600's what's your thoughts?
  10. The xd60 are the best looking bus I've seen in a while.
  11. I would love to ride a M98 xd40 on the harlem river drive with no traffic.
  12. This is where high speed rail can be beneficial.
  13. Kamen Rider Mr Koch made a big difference in the city so he should be honored. Yes he does have a bridge named after him so why can't he have a station as well? Lets take a look at Martin Luther King, he has streets buildings and etc. lets also take a look at the late former president Kennedy, he has airports, streets and etc named after him. So why do you think Mr Koch should be restricted to just one landmark?
  14. I like the paint job on the 4392. I wish they would keep the front ad's off the front of the bus. Also that bus would look really nice with some LED headlights, just my opinion.
  15. These buses are nice to look at night with the nice LED lights. Excuse the grammar, I was typing to fast.
  16. I must say vintage you are really on these roster updates and I really appreciate the knowledge.
  17. Is this a rule that is in the rule book or is this something that the president wants the T/O to do? The reason why I say that because if its a rule the operator is not protected incase of a suicide or accident. First of all there are no cameras on the lead end of any subway car, can the cameras on the platform get a good shot on how fast the train entered the station? What if the operator enters the station doing a little over 10mph and hits someone, the lawyers will have a field day on him. If this is not a written rule then it benifits the operator. I see the logic of this 10mph thing, if a passenger becomes sick and falls on the tracks the operator has time to react. This was probably put in for a person who becomes ill and fall on the tracks but if someone decides to throw themselves in front of the train then thats nothing the MTA can do about that.
  18. Are they going Into service soon?
  19. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="dmouse" data-cid="630703" data-time="1357801727"><p> Jamaica got a bunch of RTSs from LGA so they're sending theirs away to different depots</p></blockquote> I guess they in line for so new buses. Im always hearing that the depot are short on buses.
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