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Apple Bus Lines

Robert Bosco

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I need some help. My father, who died years ago, used to be a bus driver for a few companies, including (NYCT). There was one company, however, that he mentioned, but I can't remember the name. All I remember is that it had the word "Apple" in it's name. And I think it was similar to COMMAND, a few bus routes operating from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Any ideas as to what I am talking about, cause I would sure as hell like to know. Thanks

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That was METRO Apple. The routes were BM10, 11 and 15, which covered, basically the areas between MTA's X27/28 and X29. Unlike Command and the others, it was not subsidized; so was totally private, and only bought hand-me-downs from other companies. (Did not get the new RTS's and Classics like the other privates).

Folded in the '90's, (had just started buying old MTA RTS's) and supposedly picked up by van operators, but even that was gone eventually.


I wonder whatever happened to that more recent plan to revive the BM10 out of Ulmer. I guess with all the increases shelved in favor of threatened cuts, that fell by the wayside.


There was also a semi-related "RED Apple" between Manhattan and New Jersey.

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