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  1. Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    How about, if they ever did go through with the idea to close Rikers, build a bridge from the Bronx, and that would be a shortcut straight to LGA.
  2. R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    What LED lights? (Internal, headlights, tail lights, guard lights, end sign?)
  3. Since the (F)s are running Bway-West End this weekend, then the ones running to 96th are like a combination of the original 🅣 and the future phase 3 and 4 . (I always wished they kept is as West End).
  4. Love the "new content" border; some threads move so fast, it's heard to remember what I last read, and will especially be good when the first unread post is the first one on the new page; don't have to go back and check the previous page.

    1. Harry


      Glad you like it!

  5. New Subway Pilot: Standing-Room-Only cars

    "Toy" colors; reminds me of the R110A.
  6. This would be great; as I've always thought the customers need to be hit with electronic information from all angles, as they miss the little signs and notices we have at only certain places now (And the notices being easily removed by vandals, and needing tho be changed and updated).
  7. (W) train question

    The and are skip-stop, which is one like with alternating train making alternating stops, yet having the same terminals, mostly (except for a few putins/dropouts at ENY yard). The is just a particular interval a job might do one way on one of its trips. The and is a full line express with a short line local (that does branch off of the primary line, from Canal to Whitehall). These are basically two separate lines, with totally separate jobs the last time the ran. Though this time, they did write the W jobs as "N" jobs, and there might be a few that will do trips on both lines, but they are still mostly separate lines.
  8. Once a person's in, they can not have a license; just like all those who got in without one, before they became required.
  9. MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Like a mashup of an ADB front (RTS) with an early old look (rounded back).
  10. Planned Subway Service Changes

  11. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Yeah; earlier, when someone criticized your idea, I alluded to it apparently not being as far out as people think. But I still don't see how it would work, in practice, with the on the same track.
  12. Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Wait; I must have missed something. (Gets so hard to tell the difference between actual plans and people ideas of where they think things should go, as it's all mixed together). There's an actual plan to run an up 2nd Ave.? What is the purpose of this? Because of the increase for the ? (I would think they would instead send some (M)'s up there instead; especially since all the displaced riders will be depending on it, and Queens Blvd is already where the service gets hung up the most. I had actually heard of a wild idea to run the and at the same time, with one going to 96th, though I don't know how they would manage that on 6th ave).
  13. R179 Discussion Thread

    I thought that power problem was fixed. I would say, since they apparently insist on having those few oddball 179's in Pitkin, that they should be exclusively for the Rock Park shuttle.
  14. The point was, if cutting Eliot out of the QM24 (and 25, and 34) would eliminate too many riders, then you can replace them by extending it somewhere, and I suggested part of the Yellowstone end of the QM12 (and 42), because that is the closest to there the QM24 ends now. (If it could be extended anywhere else, then just as well). The biggest change I see that is needed is eliminating the far out of the way routing (And which would also potentially bring service to Maspeth); what else other change would it need?
  15. I at this point wasn't comparing Middle Village to Glendale, because Yellowstone (which is where I was talking about extending to) isn't Glendale. It seems to be the border between Rego Park and Forest Hills (though it is obviously closer to the subway, don't know if that would make the area have less riders).


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