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  1. Yes, you can see where the passageway will come out on the 6th Ave side next to the exit with the elevator, and the TSQ side will lead into the new middle platform.
  2. Prince St.-Bway-Lafayete would make sense, because they're close, and Bway-Laf already has a western mezzanine directly under Bway, with stairs to the platform that is currently used for something else. The Bryant Park passage was promised to the tenants of 1 Bryant Park (the new Bank of America tower whose sidewalk vault the passage is in), so they would have connections to both Times Sq. and the 6th Ave. line.
  3. I just came off of the 58 awhile ago, and it was nearly packed (even on Sun. night), and most of the people were already on before Grand Ave. (I got on at Queens Blvd. where Grand Ave begins), and nearly all went into Ridgewood. So I was thinking all the more, if those people were coming from Flushing, an Eliot Routing would be better for them, and it would divide those people from the ones going to and from Grand. (Also, a LOT of people then got on around 69th. If they were coming from the 18, that definitely needs to be extended (QT4 & 78))
  4. OK, great; cool! (Since the last thing I heard made the passageway sound not completely certain). Thanks!
  5. OK I wasn't thinking about that; I basically was thinking the IRT "mainline". Besides, if they were willing to build that much, then I would phase in a conversion of the Flushing line. First, extend the and capture the line in Manhattan to Grand Central. Cut it off there, and completely rebuild the tunnel from scratch (remove the tubes and install new ones if necessary). So the would run Grand Central to Canarsie, the Flushing then converted and the temporarily covering it, and a shuttle from QBP to Vernon-Jackson, )or this might have to be the local from Flushing rush hours). Then, when it's all finished, it would be a pink (sort of a cross between the gray L and magenta &) from Flushing to Canarsie. (the rush hour "diamond" service would run to Myrtle-Bway like the extra service now). The duplicate line (forgot to mention) would be good for the additional capacity needed on the line (in addition to the new line being the larger B Div. construction). The new line, coming from Clark St. would just run right in through Atlantic, and pick up the outer lines. I guess I never fully worked that part of it out. But that part of the line is veering toward the Cranberry St. tube, so maybe that's how that portion could be be captured by the B Div. Ii would still bring Brooklyn (and ferry) riders to the main part of Midtown. It could perhaps be the "K" to Lefferts, then.
  6. I just took notice of the QT 86 and 87 (the former picking up the 54's swing by Atlas Mall, allowing the 54 to go straight again, and the latter basically replacing the Q23), and they still end short of Myrtle Ave. They should go the few blocks to Myrtle, improving access from to the Forest Hills area. These routes stopping just short of major avenues with connection are a holdover from the old network that need to be fixed, and don;t know why these two were missed.
  7. There was also a brief period a few years ago where the QM16 was extended to that side of the bridge plaza.
  8. Or an idea of connecting the Dual Contracts portions of the IRT with a new line built under the lower Lexington, from where the Dual Contracts Clark St. line turns from William St. onto Beekman; it wold instead continue straight, to under the City Hall station, then under the Lexington line to Grand Central, where it would pick up the Dual Contracts uppe (true) Lexington line, and with it, the Jerome and Pelham lines. The original 1904 line would be restored, crossing over at 42nd, and continuing uptown to the Broadway, Lenox and WPR lines. (And probably just be cut off at Nevins or Atlantic Ave, where the converted line would pick up the rest of Brooklyn. So in Manhattan, we'd have a nice, through east-west side route). The Dual Contracts 7th Ave. line would probably just be cut off at Times Sq. So the only "A Div" left would be the single 1904 line, 242-Atlantic, with the Lenox and WPR/Dyre branches (and if they were to do all of that, they could also pick up the upper WPR and Dyre with a SAS extension).
  9. I like a lot of what I see. They finally extend the 55 the rest of the way to Jamaica, the 58 and QT6, all the way to Roosevelt Ave., having the Glendale express route use 69th St. instead of goign all the way over to Woodhaven, using 59Pl./60 St. between Metropolitan and Flushing, instead of Fresh Pond (which I never thought they would do), and straightening out the route to LIC. But I believe this new QT6 should use Eliot Avenue instead of Grand, which is torturous during the daytime. The 58 will remain for Grand Ave. and the QT6 would be good for direct service to Queens Mall and Flushing. Also, I think the QT77 [replacing the Q39] should come into Ridgewood, taking the same route as the QT80, and both should perhaps take Gates Ave. to Forest instead of Myrtle.
  10. It's not capacity's sake, it's because it's a steep hill, and would be easy to reach dangerous speeds and lose control, so they enforce a maximum speed (the same with river tubes).
  11. Pitkin isn't generally for scrapping; it's often used for long term storage (like 110A's were there for a long time).
  12. So is that really the map of proposals? Looks like they've even straightening the Q39, including taking it off of Fresh Pond and cutting across the little streets between Metropolitan and Flushing, which I had suggested, but didn't think they would ever do! (so now something else picks up the 58 St. route, which is part of what made the line unbearably long). Someone also said the new Eliot route would come into Ridgewood, and the the Q58 would have a more direct alternate route tot he main one? (Is that the Eliot route, as I've also suggested?) Hope they also extend the Q58 closer to Roosevelt/Main, and the Q55 at least to Jamaica-Van Wyck! Is there a written out list of what's on this map?
  13. Yes, that was well known, from the mockup. (And the sign is most likely LED, which by now have gotten small enough as pixels to reproduce a rollsign text graphic).
  14. What happens when and need to be rerouted to the express, like to run around a problem?
  15. But the IRT did have a tapered car 100 years ago as well, the first subway cars, the Composites. Don't know why they they never used a tapered design again; the modern designs (especially the R62) were made to have curved sides, and don't look right with straight sides.
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