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  1. Eric B

    R262 Discussion Thread

    "Someone" involved with the actual design of cars, or just some fan imagining what it might be like?
  2. Eric B

    R262 Discussion Thread

    I wonder if it's even really the same number series. The full number is actually R34xxx, and it didn't start out that way. It looks like this was a whole new series (including many other things besides rolling stock, which is what the original series was; hence so many consecutive numbers), and they just fixed it so that it appeared to pick up with the old R series, but it's really the "34000" series..
  3. Eric B

    R262 Discussion Thread

    Me too! Just saw it on a Facebook group and at first didn't think it could be real!
  4. Eric B

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Wow, they've been doing a lot of renumbering in recent years. They only used to do it in major fleet remans, such as Blitz and the RTS 7000's. I guess it's since they acquired the PBL's, with hundreds of additional buses, that it became harder to work around the existing fleet numbers when new buses are added? (Glad they didn't take the easy route and go with a five digit system, which they once tried briefly with the first Orion V's).
  5. Eric B

    R179 Discussion Thread

    There was one back in service on the today.
  6. Eric B

    Subway history question - B Division

    I don't think any of the TT's looped back like that; that was the 4th Ave. specials (and the Brighton was the reverse of that). A few TT's continued north and laid up at ENY, and then returned in the PM. (these were the only trains through routed from the BMT South to the East, before Chrystie St). The Culver before '59 looped as well, and 4th Ave. had their specials m return via Culver until then, and then the West End afterwards, so that's most likely what you were thinking of, and they wouldn't be TT's; they would use "S" or even "M" if using 27-32's.
  7. Eric B

    R211 Discussion Thread

    It also isn't tall enough to be a route sign. It's not square; it's a flat rectangle, for text.
  8. Eric B

    R211 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, that has to be a 211. The sign is not added to the window until much later; when the electrical stuff is done. This is just the bare shell now, and so the window without the sign will look like a window, but the fact that it's a window, and not a blank wall like previous NTT's, is proof that the space is reserved for the sign (and the sign on top, as stated, is for destination text).
  9. Eric B

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Yes, they did do extensive surveying, in those years leading up to the final pattern, when the 6th Av. side was closed.
  10. Eric B

    Picking terminals

    Wherever there are any "jobs" available (different jobs start out of different terminals). Some terminals or lines may be favored by a lot of senior people (and will then be unofficially called a "seniority line"), but it's not any sort of rule; just what's left on a first come first serve basis.
  11. Eric B

    Subway history question - B Division

    Never heard of the going to Forest Hills before 1976. The QT went to Forest Hills from the opening of the 60th St. cut in 1955, until the service changes of 1961, then it was the (like now), until Chrystie St.
  12. I remember when it was wooden, then they replaced it with the concrete in the mid-70's. Don't know why they didn't just rebuild it. Went to the aquarium the first time since way back then, this summer, and wished it was still there.
  13. Eric B

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    There's doing the same G.O as the same week last year, with the 53rd St. tunnel closed for the week.
  14. Eric B

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    Probably a wash, or layup.
  15. Eric B

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    Wow; I didn't even realize those were mosaic; it looked painted when I was passing through every day.


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