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  1. I thought I had seen something about reverse peak trains being added as well, and that in the AM, they were later, like around 10 or something. I guess that wouldn't be to benefit riders, so probably for some operational benefit or something (I know that area feels like such a long winding rollercoaster, and always thought express would be nice; too bad they now can't find a suitable local replacement so that all (F)'s could go express). Anyone else heard about something like this? I forgot where I saw it, whether here or on some FB group or elsewhere).
  2. The're saying it's because of the escalator addition at Union Sq. but it must be other stuff, for it to not go as far as Lorimer or Myrtle.
  3. Also, whatever happened to the MTA's idea to revive the other Metro Apple Express routes?
  4. I remember that, and will often think of it and wonder what ever happened with it.
  5. When started, and the M was going to 9th Ave and Bap Pkwy, they did store some there during the day. This started around 30 years ago, and ended at some point between 2001 and 2010.
  6. https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2019/08/07/times-square-shuttle-to-get-upgrade-after-century-of-service Now, it's "MIGHT add the passageway". The passageway is already built (and the 6th Ave. end visible), just not opened. I see the stuff posted above is talking about the technical difficulties of the underpass to be used to get to it. Especially involving a sewer they have to go under. So they're considering dropping it now? I would say they should consider using the existing (and long closed) underpass that runs between the Bway express tracks, to the far side platform, and then extend the passageway to there. (which is where I thought the passageway was going to come out anyway).
  7. I'm just noticing they haven't mentioned the one on the other side of the shuttle (connecting to the other end of the platform, and shown on the right of the bottom photo), and hope it hasn't been dropped or something.
  8. Is that the one in the mid block arcade on the north side of 42nd? It doesn't mention the passageway that is apart of, but instead mentions this new entrance connected with 1 Times Square.
  9. That had to be some other problem; otherwise, they wouldn't say there was NO service east of Crescent.
  10. They used to have yellow also, for something inbetween; either part time, or a high wheel entrance, where there was no fare booth, and you could only enter if you already had a token. (and red was exit only).
  11. Every time I pas through there, I look for a spot they could place it, but it would be difficult, and require the removal of many columns, which then would require massive structural work (the ceiling) to replace the support.
  12. What I heard is that it is a specially funded project, and it's been winding down, and not renewed.
  13. I think it was because of the aluminum side strip, as opposed o the carbon one the rest of the fleet got, which rusted and allowed rust to get to the frame.
  14. OK, so cool! Finally a layout and a time. Three years? Hope so, because that sounds like a lot of work to reconfigure all of that. I had assumed the new passageway would tie in to the "employee facility rooms", which were built where there used to be an old exit to the old building there. So according to this, it doesn't even come anywhere near that far, but ties into the end of this new platform, and from the mid-block area, where an exit was always planned (green in the top illustration). That explains why they didn't just remove the rooms and connect it already. (The passageway does extend a bit past that area, and dead ends [black area], but I'm not sure what that is). 2022 will be 13 years after the completion of the Durst building (1 Bryant Park/Bank of America tower), when the passageway was promised to tenants. Hope it stays that soon.
  15. The question was specifically "when was the first air conditioned bus first placed into regular service". It didn't ask "when New Yorkers began to experience air conditioned buses" [i.e. in earnest], or when most of the fleet was air conditioned, or how well or how many of them worked. So even with that first experimental unit, it did go into "regular service", and so was the "first air conditioned bus placed into regular service".

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