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  1. Eric B

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    This part right here Eliot. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1_VEcJK0O4smmJKIK-guOV0hYkR2wpW1w&ll=40.72270545520368%2C-73.88799194080809&z=15 should make it clear how far out of the way the Ridgewood/Glendale buses go. They go right PAST the area (and with all the traffic on the highway and the streets), and then come back. They should just get out right by 61st St. and use that to access Fresh Pond, extend it further along Myrtle to at least the Woodhaven corridor to serve more riders, and then swing one of the other routes off of the expressway to cover Eliot.
  2. Eric B

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I wonder why they didn't put them on the then, which runs up there, but is based out of CIY like the other lines. Then the 160's and 68's would simply be shared among the CIY lines more. This would also be helpful for the baseball specials, which borrow from the (B), and then have to change the signs, and often have the destination changed on the go. They do borrow (so that you might see a 68A on the (D)), or at least used to.
  3. Eric B

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    A lot of that would be from The Bulletin, Electric Railroader's Association, New York Division (sources listed at bottom of page). The IRT stuff in particular might be from "IRT Brooklyn Schedule changes: Sept, Oct, 1991". Some of it might be from my own memory, but with specific dates like that, it's likely something I got from the Bulletin.
  4. They'll probably go to 96th.
  5. Eric B

    Public Meetings for Phase 2 of SAS Begin

    The mezzanine and other apparent design protocols are what further complicate the addition of the 116th St. station to the plan, where it otherwise might have been able to have been squeezed into the existing built tunnel segment (which I believe had provisions for a third spur track in that area).
  6. Eric B

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    They sure seem to be trying to cling onto them, and even get rid of the 99's first now.
  7. Far better (and easier than the plan they once had, to reconfigure the area between Prince and Canal, to swap the express and local for the bridge and tunnel. That was when they had for the most part shelved Phase 3 and 4, so this would be SAS' direct access to downtown; but they then had to promise to do the whole line to get the final funding to begin the first phases, and so that idea was dropped.
  8. They need to complete the flying junction there. The local trackways actually don't lead to 60th St.; they lead to the proposed uptown line like the express originally did before being realigned to 63rd St.; and 60th St. is a "wye" between express and local (which is why you can get to 60th St. from the express as well as local). So northbound, the local trackway is crossed by the 63rd. St. tie-in, so that you could just lay the tracks and build a merge. (a concrete room built on the trackway would have to be moved). It's southbound where it would be more difficult, as the local trackway is moving away from the 63rd St. lead, and there are structural columns in the way. But I think I did hear they were looking at this, and it's something they should do.
  9. Eric B

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There was an R46 on the (G). Forgot the exact numbers, whether it was 565x or 595x, but it left Church Av. at 3:51.
  10. Eric B

    New Site and App to be released.

    Looks very plain. Almost like one of those "domain for sale" pages.
  11. Eric B

    50 Years of Chrystie Street

    Wow; cool! Who did those maps, you? A couple of things to point out, is that the second map, the 1961 proposal doesn't show the changes; it's in fact the same file as the first map showing 1961 without the changes. In the 1966 plan, the JJ and QJ were separate, with the JJ as magenta, and the QJ as black/grey or dark brown.
  12. Eric B

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    I know, but when the 97's came out, I loved the new lighting scheme, and things continued to get better through the 99's (new LED signs, padded seats, etc). (And you had the Orion V counterpart of these, the 6000's, which I heard were in particularly bad condition). The 96's interiors are nearly identical to the original RTS's of the 80's (but without the Detroit two strokes). So I had looked to see the '97-99's spread out more (like to MTAB), but it seemed NYCT held on to them, passed down only the 96's, and then quickly began scrapping them. (I know there were a few instances of them sending a few to LGA, but they were always brought back). Nearly the same thing occurred with the '94's (with their unique lighting. Thought MTAB still had their nearly identical former PBL '94's). Wonder why they didn't look forward and reha the 97's to 99's instead (especially if they had problems like wheelchair lifts).
  13. Eric B

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    Just as it figures; they're getting rid of 99's faster than the [remaining handful of] 96's. Like were those completely GOH'ed (like the old 7000 RTS rebuilds) or something, where they're holding onto them so desperately as if they were new buses? (I know there was a plan to rebuild them, but I never heard of them doing it).
  14. Trackwork / Adjacent Track slow zones are a problem weekdays as well, as they squeeze the jobs into the midday, especially on outdoor lines where they don't work at night. I've even sees the delays spill over to the rush hour!
  15. Eric B

    Plans move forward for SAS Phase II

    Ideas of capturing one of the Bronx lines for Second Ave. usually involve giving the freed up Lex express capacity to the remaining lines. Like giving Pelham a “thru-express” service.


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