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  1. Trackwork / Adjacent Track slow zones are a problem weekdays as well, as they squeeze the jobs into the midday, especially on outdoor lines where they don't work at night. I've even sees the delays spill over to the rush hour!
  2. Eric B

    Plans move forward for SAS Phase II

    Ideas of capturing one of the Bronx lines for Second Ave. usually involve giving the freed up Lex express capacity to the remaining lines. Like giving Pelham a “thru-express” service.
  3. I don't know why they don't get rid of that already. It's only that one and one on the Dyre line, unless it's been replaced already. Will 179th be upgraded as part of the Queens signal project? They installed the manual release because of the wall collision down there years ago, but now with the 10 second delay in keying by, you wouldn't need the lever to make sure you stop all the way.
  4. That's why I said to extend it further out and perhaps take over a portion of one of the other lines in Rego Park, such as along Yellowstone. (I think it was the QM12 or something like that). So I mean a total reconfiguration of the buses , since that's what they're talking about now. For Ridgewood and Glendale to be served after Rego Park is treating these areas like they are in eastern Queens.
  5. And that seems like forever, when you've already been traveling for an hour (e.g. the 5:00 from 34th arrives at Eliot@85th at 5:59), including staying on the LIE to get to that point, with all the traffic (and assuming that's not even included in the running time), when you've gone right past the Fresh Pond area (around the Maurice Ave. exit). So it might be more like a half hour longer, than getting off there.
  6. My old plans, to improve access to this "cipherzone" right smack in the middle of the city: Straighten Q39, so that it does further along Rust. St. (and either Review, or Border/LIE service road), instead of 48th, and perhaps move the Q67 to pick up those inbetween areas. The 39 would be more a through route, and the 67 more local. Instead, they've just added more kinks to it, as street directions changed. It had already been an incredibly long winding trip. Eliot through route; perhaps Q58 SBS, if that's under consideration. (Thought I heard a rumor of it here or somewhere, but forget). Would just continue across LIE instead of Corona (If SBS, then the regular local route would simply continue that way). Also, make sure to bring terminus closer to the big Northern/Main intersection where all the other transfers are (might need whatever new terminal they ever build there). Extend Q55 to Jamaica-VanWyck Perhaps extend Q23 to Myrtle. Extend Q18 to at least Metropolitan. Or maybe swap below Calamus with Q47. Reconfigure the QM services to serve Fresh Pond and Myrtle directly, extend and replace something else further out (lime maybe Yellowstone), so it would have enough riders to justify it, and and something else would cover Eliot. Put Ridgewood Terminal space to better use, so that all routes could use the actual terminal (you still have a couple of them that don't enter the terminal and are across streets, while much of the space is still used for layovers. The dropoff spot was never used as designated).
  7. Eric B

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Never knew they were considering that. I always thought of it, when seeing the new SBS schemes, and saying if restoring the two tone blue for those buses, then it would be cool to go back to the green for the expresses. Also curious; with all the new RGB signs coming in, they had made them all the same amber color trying to emulate the monochrome amber of the older signs. But now, it seems they're tinkering with the color, and making it more yellow, some of them almost like a "lemon yellow". Does anyone know why they did that?
  8. Letters were originally strictly an IND thing, and didn't officially spread to the BMT and the numbers on IRT until Chrystie St. though they had started to appear on trains and maps before that.
  9. Did anyone ever suggest something like this (since it seems to be a real thing that's out. They actually had one in the city as a Hudson river tour ride, but it was an earlier one that looked more like a boat). Rather than just being a cross river ferry that takes you to a pier, it could extend land lines right across the river without having to use the high bridges and tunnels. On the Manhattan side, it would really only work from Houston and 23rd. Sts. since other obvious streets such as 14th, 10th or Grand are level with the FDR. Houston passes over the FDR, and you would have to extend the street over what is now a ballfield, to reach the river. (On Google, it looks like a new ballfield is being built right to the north of it). On 23rd, the ramp into the water would be right next to the cruise terminal, along the blank south wall, where the ship boarding is on the north side. On the Brooklyn side, the Houston crossing would connect with Grand and/or Metropolitan, and 23rd would connect with one of the Greenpoint Streets or Greenpoint Ave.; all of which run right up to the water.
  10. Eric B

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    They did it to save money. (How much money is beyond me).
  11. Eric B

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    They just completed their rush of the 97's into retirement, and now they'll probably get rid of most of the 99's before they ever get rid of those remaining 96's. (Did the 99's have bad wheelchair lifts too?)
  12. Eric B

    R179 Discussion Thread

    This then will be probably be what finally prompts the express service that had been proposed for awhile now anyway (and was supposed to begin when the Culver viaduct was finished).
  13. That must be a mistake, and the incident is at Prince St., at least, If it were at Canal on the local, that would block everything coming from the tunnel and Whitehall. The would be routed over the bridge, and then switch back to the local after Canal . The switches between City Hall and Canal lead to the dead end tracks in the center of Canal. If the incident was Canal on the bridge tracks, that would just affect the bridge traffic and send the and through the tunnel, and the would cross back tot he express after Canal.
  14. Eric B

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    I'm not hearing that. I did hear someone joke about two weeks, but that was it. The information is spreading to the news more, and the G.O's are in place for over the weekend for the final prep work where even the shuttle will be replaced by a bus again.
  15. Eric B

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    The private section is Austin to Harrow St. I wonder then if they could get away with replacing the Q23 through that section with a van service, that could go straight. The way it has to wind all around to get to Metropolitan is ridiculous.


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