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  1. FASTRACK Subway Repair Discussion

    With that mix of colors on one trunk, it's looking like the old Vignelli maps a bit!
  2. So THAT's what that funny looking thing on the fat pole (looks like a hair blowdryer for buses) they just erected is!
  3. East 177th Street is coming back

    It always seemed silly, because it leaves the numbered street grid, which is to the west, and cuts across a new grid (and you can see where it swallows 172nd and 173rd, which have entered the new grid. Don't know why they extended it like that to begin with, and didn't know they had officially changed it. Funny, as there's the little pocket of numbers between the Hutchinson and Bruckner by Pelham Pk. (194th-197th), and Edgewater Park (near Throgs Neck) has its own numbered avenues, including another 3rd Ave!)
  4. 6 train being a rookie line

    Probably something a lot of people don't like because it is three long loop trips, with no break or relief on the other end.
  5. Timers: Methods and Malfunctions

    In most cases, it is working as I described, but the issue is whether the posted speed matches what it's actually calibrated for. In many cases, it seems to be set to clear when it's under you at the right speed, but of course, that leaves no margin for error (And is thus called "challenging" the signal), so what they teach is to let it clear ahead of you, and have enough space to stop if it doesn't. Usually, about five mph under will be enough for it to clear safely ahead, for two-shot timers, and then you watch the stop arm, which starts to go down first, which buys you a couple more seconds. (One-shots, it's safer to just begin braking, like you're preparing to stop, and then whenever it clears, all well in good). A timer going back to danger is always a malfunction. Usually, when the signal maintainers come to look at it, they'll find the problem (usually a "track circuit", and then the T/O will be entirely cleared.
  6. The cost of deadheading

    Why should the B48 go back to JG? The Greenpoint end is much closer to GA than Empire Blvd is to JG. You have to go all the way around both Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery, and it's probably a lot more traffic as well. (47 definitely should be FB). Wouldn't Spring Creek be the solution for the need for a Canarsie area depot, once they completely merge the operations, and they could move more local routes to it?
  7. Went and looked at it tonight. Wow; I had worked the Thanksgiving, and it did not look that close to opening! I had thought the new connection would be directly from the new fare control area, but instead, it's a completely separate passageway from the extreme north end of the platform. I wonder then, why they didn't take down the wall separating it from the old WTC entrance and perhaps put up a glass wall, so that it wouldn't be so enclosed looking.
  8. Timers: Methods and Malfunctions

    It's based on the track circuitry (the shunting). Once you enter a block, a signal can be rigged to begin a countdown of when to clear, which will force you to go at a particular speed or less, for it to clear in time.
  9. Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    When exploring LA years ago, I would generally take the #1 or 2 (Hollywood or Wilshire, IIRC) out, and then transfer to a southbound route, choosing a different one every trip, and thus case the whole city that way. They are pretty long, going from one end to the other, and also ran very infrequently (I remember some being every two hours all day). Traffic wasn't a problem; it's only the freeways that were unbearable.
  10. The cost of deadheading

    I thought Grand Avenue (essentially replacing the old Crosstown) was built to address that. I've wondered why the B43, for instance, remained in JG. Anything that goes up into Greenpoint should be GA. (Forget what B48 is now, but that should be too). It does seem they try to run that whole side of Brooklyn out of JG.
  11. Planned Subway Service Changes

    They apparently haven't updated the bluetooth device that feeds the clocks. It would take time for whatever office is responsible for that to change them, and since it's only a week, they probably won't bother for the two remaining days.
  12. Planned Subway Service Changes

    Today, they began running as (J)'s, apparently from a memo put out. The countdownclocks still say (M), though.
  13. Planned Subway Service Changes

    Today, they began running as (J)'s, apparently from a memo put out. The countdownclocks still say (M), though.
  14. (M) line direction confusion.

    It would be more confusing to make Forest Hills the south terminal, because that's clearly north (especially from a Manhattan trunk perspective. Queens Blvd actually runs southeast, but all the other lines that run there, it's the north portion). The confusion began, because the line originally as Broadway Ferry to what's now near Cypress Hills, which is south, though technically more east, but they don;t use east/west on NYCT, and then it was extended across the bridge to Essex. It was chained n/s toward Cypress Hills. When it was extended to Chambers, where the north section turned southward, and (especially) eventually connected to the other side of the BMT system, which was clearly to the south, this made it awkward. They might be better off making Chambers and Broad north terminals. Personally, when it seemed like the (M)(V) combo was something they'd never do, I thought this would be an "operational" excuse they'd use against it.
  15. R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    There are 2 car AA units and one AB, which were what were used on the years ago, but as said, the purpose for putting them on the in the first place is to make them 600 feet.


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