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  1. Eric B

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Keep forgetting mentioning, I occasionally see an end sign with just the letter illuminated, and the circle dark. I've seen this on both 3053 and 3090. IIRC.
  2. Yeah; they send (R)'s over 6th Ave. for the first problem, crossing them to the express at 42nd, and then that switch goes, screwing up 6th Ave. Domino effect! Then, the delay at Marcy Av. It's like the whole system melted down today.
  3. Eric B

    1981-1986 GMC RTSes Facts

    Are they ever going to try to get solid windows for 1201, since that was what that fleet was delivered with? (The sliding windows, which were retrofitted later, mess up the whole original look!)
  4. Eric B

    1981-1986 GMC RTSes Facts

    Wow, just saw that going over the Williamsburg Bridge today. Is that now Museum Fleet?
  5. Why don't they just send some of the (F)'s express (Which they had already been doing at times, unofficially). This would free up slots for the
  6. Or, they could build UP. The main problem is getting past Nassau St., where the double-decked (J)(Z) line bisects the complex. If they built the passage as an overpass, it could go straight across, over Nassau, and connect to each section, and then run into the FTC Oculus. They've already torn down a couple buildings on both Nassau and Fulton, so they should have thought to purchase the property for this.
  7. Doesn't seem to be any provisions for a direct connection under the street to Javitz. (That's what I was hoping it would include).
  8. About time! Every year for the auto show I hope it's open, and this year, it still looked nowhere near opening. So I'm surprised they got it open suddenly, now.
  9. Eric B

    New York City Subway car listing

    Saw them today, crossing the bridge, in service.
  10. Eric B

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    So it's like the Concourse line stations, then.
  11. Eric B

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    This part right here Eliot. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1_VEcJK0O4smmJKIK-guOV0hYkR2wpW1w&ll=40.72270545520368%2C-73.88799194080809&z=15 should make it clear how far out of the way the Ridgewood/Glendale buses go. They go right PAST the area (and with all the traffic on the highway and the streets), and then come back. They should just get out right by 61st St. and use that to access Fresh Pond, extend it further along Myrtle to at least the Woodhaven corridor to serve more riders, and then swing one of the other routes off of the expressway to cover Eliot.
  12. Eric B

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I wonder why they didn't put them on the then, which runs up there, but is based out of CIY like the other lines. Then the 160's and 68's would simply be shared among the CIY lines more. This would also be helpful for the baseball specials, which borrow from the (B), and then have to change the signs, and often have the destination changed on the go. They do borrow (so that you might see a 68A on the (D)), or at least used to.
  13. Eric B

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    A lot of that would be from The Bulletin, Electric Railroader's Association, New York Division (sources listed at bottom of page). The IRT stuff in particular might be from "IRT Brooklyn Schedule changes: Sept, Oct, 1991". Some of it might be from my own memory, but with specific dates like that, it's likely something I got from the Bulletin.
  14. They'll probably go to 96th.


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