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  1. Cool; so now Flatbush has a route into Manhattan! I want to fan this one, but it would be hard to be up that late, and then have to get home from there! I used to imagine an "NYC100" that would run from 110th, down 5th Ave, Bowery, and then down Flatbish to the Junction.
  2. Wow; I missed it (heard about the route, but didn;t even know what it was or when it would start, and thingt it was just a proposal, until these last few posts). So (sorry if it was discussed earlier) what kind of buses does it use (express or local), and which depot is it based out of?
  3. This whole area looks like it will be last. There's no sign of it anywhere; like it's not even being thought of. Trying to remember if we were among the last to get Metrocard.
  4. I remember a crew room there (a very small one) when we doing a shuttle for a G.O. 8 years ago, Trying to remember if it was ours, or we were borrowing it from Stations.
  5. You wouldnt have had the (V), and thus wouldn't have the (M)(V) combo, so the would be going to Chambers, and an from 21st to 2nd Av. and the still via 53rd. (like before 2001)
  6. I forgot all about those electrics. I tried to catch one on 14th when they first came out, but it would never come.
  7. Where do they lay them all up at? Just key stations they get to at closing time, designated as that night's storage and cleaning area?
  8. So the B39 is still the only local service between Brooklyn and Manhattan? I think they should extend something over the Manhattan Bridge, and maybe the Battery Tunnel. I figured that was what they'd probably do.
  9. Wonder if they're then going to try the open gangway on the (L).
  10. The only thing I could see is adding some s. Then, you're talking about Cranberry tube capacity. But I always see a lot of space between and trains, so I don't see why it's a problem.
  11. The section of tunnel built down there was around Confucius Plaza or Chatham Square; below the Chrystie St. portion. Being close to the street, it won't even be used whenever the line gets down there (since they will only build the "deep" construction); it will only be an ancillary facility.
  12. The Brighton-to-bypass switch was AFTER DeKalb (going northbound), so that it would only skip Myrtle. This was the formerly open space where the curtain wall between the bypass and the tunnel tracks had ended (right where the tunnel tracks start to drop), but they've since extended the wall. What they could do to access the bypass is right where the tunnel tracks split from the Brighton tracks north of Atlantic, the tunnel tracks begin running next to the bypass tracks when the ROW infrastructure merges, but it's separated by curtain wall and columns. If they make an opening there, then tunnel bound trains could switch tot he bypass before DeKalb. Still, not sure how much worth it it would be for the construction required.
  13. I don't even know why they're still talking about LCD, unless it's for the FIND screen. LED's have gotten small enough to be like large TV pixels. Look closely at the large wall screen in the Apple store by BAM. That would be perfectly fine for the destination signs.
  14. OK; I know the R9's were probably the ones stored on the tracks leading to the museum. I heard about those being moved and scrapped. But I thought I had also heard something about a bunch of 32's. Maybe 3616 was what I had heard of?
  15. Weren't there a bunch of cars that were scrapped accidentally for some dumb reason? That might be what the 32's and/or 42's you're talking about were.
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