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  1. Eric B

    R179 Discussion Thread

    R44 and 46 in the early 80's were pre-GOH and still had their P-Wire, which was basically the "NTT" of its day. After GOH, it was said they were made to be "LIKE" SMEE, but were still different; especially the 44.
  2. Maybe when the take the moving walkway out of Court Sq. they could move it to this passageway, to prevent loitering in it?
  3. Eric B

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Obviously, when they're tying the new viaduct tracks into the line. Built up new structure to just short of the connection, and laying the tracks now; just have to connect it.
  4. They used to do it like that, and yes,swapping trunk lines is more confusing. So what did they do; swap and crews so that they still go to their regular terminals?
  5. Eric B

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    I was on one a few months ago on the B13, and figured it would be my last. It seems they were all rushed out, ahead of the 96's (of which a bunch were actually taken back out of storage awhile ago, and now someone say they're going to be around for at least TWO more years), because of a defective wheelchair lift. Wonder why they didn't just take some lifts out of the 96's then, since that fleet was apparently so much better.
  6. Those are slip switches, and the subway does have them (like at Myrtle-Bway; unused now because of the viaduct construction, but still left in place), but they're harder to maintain, and so the subway isn't going to want to install more.
  7. Eric B

    42nd Street Shuttle Update

    Is one of these the connection to the 6th avenue passageway? Which ones are these?
  8. Eric B

    Accessibility rule being rescinded?

    Well, for now, the federal govt. is still enforcing this: http://abc7ny.com/traffic/mta-and-nycta-sued-over-disabled-access-at-bronx-subway-station/3212310/ Since the MTA wanted to pull it off without the elevator, they probably would have not bothered fixing the station, or put it off indefinitely if they followed the rule.
  9. Eric B

    SI Express Bus Plan Out!

    I think the dual borough designation is better, and simpler. It tells you right away which borough it's heading to, and so is easier to remember. It's consistent with the rest of the borough numbering scheme. (Though don't know why they're adding the "I" to it. Just to be "cute", perhaps?). I had heard they were supposed to do this and eliminate all the X's after the merger anyway. (Don;t even know why it took this long).
  10. Moving Walkway at Court Square Will Be Removed, Stairs Widened, for L Train Shutdown https://licpost.com/moving-walkway-court-square-will-removed-stairs-widened-l-train-shutdown
  11. http://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2018/03/06/new-subway-delays-map-lights-the-way http://realmta.info/ Nice idea, but he's using an old map not showing the viaduct work. Right now, it's showing everything out except the 7th and 8th Ave. lines and the and . It's been this way for several hours. When I first looked at it, it was just the (&), and then that came back and the went out. That then came back, but all those other lines went out. It seems to be whole lines that go out. Would be nice if he could have parts of lines. Someone else once showed me an app in development that IIRC used something like RYG colored elements like they have for roads.
  12. http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ride-subway-article-1.3852057 (So because they've not made it accessible enough, it's like why bother?) I say then, they should take the opportunity to ease the requirements that every little work they do on anything must be accompanied by a full reconfiguration to accommodate wheelchairs. This is likely a big part of what held up the long awaited Bleecker-BwayLaf uptown, and Jay-Lawrence transfers, and probably also holding up the Times Sq.-6th Avenue passage promised to 1 Bryant Park business tenants. There's already elevators on both ends of it, but apparently some rule had said you can't do any work without adding [more] accessibility.
  13. For real? I thought the Orion VII's replaced all of them. Or are they still on employee shuttles or other services? (I think when the Orions came in, I would see those older ones in other uses occasionally. Of course, all of those are just parking lot circulators now, unless the Airtrain is out and they restore the full service).
  14. Eric B

    The (7); BMT or IRT?

    It's also B1 Division on RCC (since it's only connected to the BMT, and so in the same place in the room and the wall track layout as the BMT).
  15. That's probably what got misconstrued as "24/7".


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