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Dreams Part 2: the Second Ending

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well last time i posted a thread in hear was about dreams and i got some replys ;)

but now i would like to ask ever one since last time we had spoken, what have you done to get farther with you dream?


as you all know (or now know) my dream is to become Famous!

for the past fue weeks i have been working on my music and it hard making your own music and recording and every thing.

In the time its been since my last Dream Named Post Ive have Already Putted 3 Songs on Myspace (http://www.myspace.com/burnerblazemusic) and now im not gonna say there perfrct but its a start.

For a (1)<5> year old boy to be able to make his own music and be able to record by him self its is something


But what im saying is dreams are not something you let go of and that important.

Im going to be Honest With every one hear,(AND DONT GIVE ME NO AWW CRAP) but if it was not for the music i woulden't be alive

the point is thats dreams are important and i dont wanna see anybody give up on there dreams?


If you feel as if you are dont quit.


so tell me what have u been doing to meet your dreams?

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