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  1. Ive Notised that the R160s numbers ar in the 9000s so when teh new cars of the R188 (I think it is) comes will teh nummbers be in teh 1000s?
  2. So recentally i made a song called "We Are Delayed" if you lissten to teh song you'll the train announcer saying We Are Delayed over ad over and in two other parts the lady announcer saying This is 47-50-42-34-28-18-14 st and parts were im saying THE DX LOCAL and i though it be kinda cool cause it'll be our little secret so when im faous and im still on this site you can all say i knoe him lol but tell me what you think http://www.myspace.com/burnerblazemusic Please dont think im trying to promote my music hear i just wanted every one to know about teh DX local's Song
  3. I Do 1 3 and 5 but i olny do 1 for the elderly and pregnet
  4. Is It Possable For Any One To get The To Say This Is 167st! Please if so let me know cause i think it would be hot to use that in a song
  5. HOW! did they get the screne of the R160s on that train
  6. I Dont Under Stand How They Had The R160 Screnes In The Train
  7. um okay i feel kinda insluted by the emo thing i mean dude im eamo but any way the fact of teh madder is theres all kinds of diffrent music out there and u have to respcet every ones taste BUT i aggree down with lil wayne. But i mean like how u say you dont under stand why people lissten to all that emo stuff is the same way i say why do people listen to all that Rap stuff i mean i For HATE Rap music
  8. Wait Im changing it from jeffree star to me
  9. Please forgive me if this has been discussed but i was wondering why does teh BX2 now turn at 149
  10. wow thats funny cause i entered my dog to i didnt expct to see any oen from hear join wow over 200 votes...my dog olny got 28 :cry:
  11. Wow come to think it i never payed any attention that the BX35(which is is a very slow bus) i didnt quite realize that. Thank you ever one
  12. I notis that during rush hour on teh ( trains it seems that Most People Tend To Get Off And i was wondering why is that? i mean i live by teh area and i dont see nothing special there and i know its just not a coe. that every body gets off there(manely everybody) and i wanna know whats so special there that im missing!
  13. Im Not A Fan because it skips some major stops like 161 and 167

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