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R42 Trainset For BVE / OpenBVE Back In Development


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Hey there guys,


It's been a while since I've touched my R42 project. The last update was back in January. (v0.4.6 was an April's Fools Joke) Taking a look back at things, OpenBVE has come such a long way during the past 8 months. I see that more and more users are switching over to take advantage of new features such as animation, exterior objects, etc. In order to have the R42 moving again, I need to update it to use some of the latest features. In order to do this, I plan on doing the following:




-I will collaborate with other train developers in order to produce a higher quality project with the least amount of time used as possible.


-Update exterior car model to include a better detailed R42 than the R40M used.

-As part of the exterior update, animated doors will be added.




-As far as interior goes, there are no planned changes as of yet.




-The motor sounds are being changed to start reflecting real-life sounds. (Or at least take that curve.)


-Other sound changes such as the E-brake, HVAC, etc.




-The panel needs to be recreated but I am not that good at panel creating. If you want to help out, feel free to speak up.




-An 8 car set perhaps for the (C), (J), (L), (M), and (Z) runs?


So far, all of these changes are going to be implemented for the v0.5 release.(which isn't being marked as beta anymore) There is no set release date for this version as I am currently busy with schoolwork and such. However, the project will be worked as much as possible to keep the waiting time to a minimum.


It's not an easy task but I'm willing to do it. What I'm asking you guys are three things:


1) Download the latest version of the R42 here :



Try it out in both BVE 2, 4 and OpenBVE.


2) Submit your feedback here. Tell me what you like, don't like, hate, want to be added, taken out, etc.


3) If you can contribute (or want) to help out with the project, feel free to speak up. Developing up to v0.4.1 was a hard task by itself and now developing the next major version will be harder. I need videos, sounds, pictures (for the exterior model), references (for performance tuning), etc.


I would appreciate any feedback and/or contributions that you guys make to v0.5 of the R42 project. I hope that I can give back to the community and receive a positive response for everyone for the effort that goes into it. All of your feedback will be listed in this post. If it can be done, I will add it. If not, I'll put it on hold. When I'm just about ready to wrap up development, I will bring over any feedback for future versions.


That's all I think. If you contribute feedback and/or other things to the project, you will credited and like I said, it will be highly appreciated.


Thanks for your interest / support,


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