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2010 MLB Schedule Is Out

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The new 2010 Major League Baseball schedule is out and it contains an interesting Interleague surprise.


The Yankees open at The Stadium Tuesday April 13th vs. the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Monday April 5th at the Boston Red Sox.


The Mets open at Citifield Monday April 5th vs. the Florida Marlins and Tuesday April 13th at the Colorado Rockies.


The All-Star Game is Tuesday July 13th in Anaheim.


The Minnesota Twins will celebrate their fiftieth season in Minneapolis-St. Paul and debut new Target Field on Monday April 12th vs. the Red Sox.


Interleague play has been tinkered with. Some teams will play a variety of teams from all three divisions and some teams will play a "regional team" six times.


The Yankees will play only at the Arizona Diamondbacks and at the Los Angeles Dodgers while hosting the Philadephia Phillies and Houston Astros (plus the six games with the Mets).


The Mets will host the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins while playing at the Cleveland Indians. They will also play at the Baltimore Orioles (plus the six games with the Yankees).


The Red Sox and the Phillies have been paired as a "regional team". Three games in Philadelphia and three games in Boston. Like the Phillies? They play 27 games against the Red Sox, Yankees and Mets next season - 15 in Boston and New York. The Red Sox are one team with a traditional interleague schedule - they host the Diamondbacks and Dodgers while playing at the Rockies and Giants.


The Tigers will play a variety of N.L. teams from all three divisions - they will host the Nationals, Pirates and Diamondbacks while playing at the Mets, Braves and Dodgers. The Cardinals and Royals play only once - a three game series in Kansas City. The Cardinals will play at the Blue Jays and the Royals will play at the Nationals. The Twins and the Brewers have been paired as a "regional team" - three games at the new Target Field and three games at Miller Park.


The Yankees close Sunday October 3d at the Boston Red Sox and the Mets close the same day hosting the Washington Nationals.

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The 2010 schedule has been released since the middle of September. Here are some notes about the Phillies schedule:

1. Once again, the Phillies start their season against the Nats, but this time on the road. They started vs the Nats in 2005, 2008 and now 2010. First time the Phils start the season on the road since 2004.

2. They only play 6 home games in April (I did not count April 30 since that is only 1 game in a 3 game series).

3. After a 9 game road trip to Atlanta, Phoenix, and San Francisco, the Phils have a 10 game homestand with the Mets, Cards (4 game series) and the Braves.

4. "squeeze week" aka the 2 2 game series in April/May in a week, is in mid May before interleague. Luckilly the Phils are home for the Pirates and Cubs. The last time the Pirates did not come to the Bank on a weekend was 2004.

5. After the Phils host the Red Sox, they go on a 9 game road trip to New York (Mets), Florida and Miami. This is the first 3 city road trip against division rivals for the Phils since July 11 through July 21, 1996 against the Expos, Mets, and Marlins.

6. The Phillies play the Red Sox in May and June (WTF is with interleague in May?), at the Yankees and Blue Jays. The Phils host the Twins and Indians.

7. the Phils have 5 4 game series in July including 3 stright: one in Pittsburgh (T-S), one at home against the Reds (also T-S), yet ANOTHER one at Wrigley (T-S), followed by one in Saint Louis (M-T), then at home against the Rockies (F-M). 4 out of the last 5 years the Phillies had a 4 game set at Wrigley. IIRC, the Yankees were swamped with 4 game series a couple years ago.

8. The Phils don't play on a Thursday in September and after 3 games with the Brewers, they play 24 straight games against division rivals to finish the season.

9. Assuming the first Sunday of football season is September 12, the Phils and Mets play each other again on the first Sunday of football season for the third straight year.

10. This is the first time since 2003 that the Phillies did not end against the Nats/Expos or Marlins. The last time they did not end the season agains the Nats/Expos, Marlins or Braves was 2001 when they played the Reds, but they were originally supposed to end the season against the Marlins. This is the first time since 1996 (ended season with Mets) that they were originally not scheduled to end against the Nats/Expos or Marlins.

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Strangly, it is only a three game series in May and it appears to be the teams that have eighteen interlegue games that play it.


On the Fourth Of July, the Yankees host the Blue Jays and the Mets play at the Nationals.


Opening day at the Stadium will feature the Angels.

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