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My Lucky Subway-Bus Trip during 105th Anniv.

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Sorry to keep waiting, here is result of my lucky day trip with subway and buses during IRT's First Subway Service.


Here is trip report.

I got on front car of Times Sq-bound (7) #1821 departed Junction Blvd @ 10:02, arrived Queensboro Plaza at 10:11. (W) was also pulled into station @ same time.

Total time: 9 minutes.


I got on Whitehall St-bound (W) #8947 departed 10:12, arrive Lexington Av-59th St @ 10:16.

Total time: 4 minutes.


Next, I got to uptown IRT express platform and waited for (4)(5). It was not bad wait.

I got on front car of Woodlawn-bound (4) #7760 departed 10:24, arrive 86th St @ 10:29.

Total time: 5 minutes.


Soon as I exit, there was 100th St #1003 boarding at 86th St/Lex Av, which departed 10:34, arrive 86th St/5th Av @ 10:42.

Total time: 8 minutes.


After I had lunch at museum, I got on Michale J. Quill #1093 departed 79th St/5th Av @ 14:08, arrive 79th St/3rd Av @ 14:15.

Total time: 7 minutes.


After Yorkville Public Library, I J-cross to north side and caught MJQ #1093 departed 79th St/3nd Av @ 15:46, arrive 79th St/5th Av @ 15:54.

Total time: 8 minutes.


After museum, I went back to same stop and caught #1093 again and departed 17:04, arrive 81st St/Central Park West @ 17:06.

Total time: 2 minutes.


Next, I enter 81st St-American Museum of Natural Hstory and got on front car of Bedford Park Blvd-bound (:) #5131 departed 17:10, arrive 161st St-River Av (Yankees Stadium) at 17:26.

Total time: 16 minutes.


Next, soon as I got upstair to Manhattan-bound (4) platform, I made it to front car of Crown Heights-Utica Av-bound (4) #1220 departed 15:30, arrive Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall at 17:59.

Total time: 29 minutes.


When I got on (6), T/O asked me where I was going, and I said, "Going uptown." and T/O said, "OK" and departed 18:02 as train turn around at City Hall Loop. Soon as (6) became Parkchester-bound (6) local, he left soon, and arrive 51st St @ 18:20.

Total time: 18 minutes.


Next, I went to Lex Av-53rd St and got on lucky car, front car of Forest Hills-bound (V) #4663 departed 18:26, arrive Forest Hills-71st Av @ 18:54.

Total time: 28 minutes.


Next I got on front car of Jamaica Center-bound (E) #9152 departed 18:56, arrive Kew Garden-Union Turnpike @ 18:58.

Total time: 2 minutes.


I waved to friend at tower, holding "Happy birthday, Subway Sign"

Next, I got on front car of Jamaica-179th St-bound (F) #5834 departed 19:04, arrive 169th St @ 19:12.

Total time: 8 minutes.


Next, I got on Jamaica #9257 departed Hillsdie Av/169th St @ 19:15, arrive 165th St Bus Terminal @ 19:18.

Total time: 3 minutes.


I J cross bus terminal and Merrick Blvd to Central Library to use internet.

I saw there was someone cruising throught NYCTF.

After I ask nice lady to watch my bag, I quickly used restroom.


After I finish using computer, I went back to bus terminal.

I got on Queens Village #9621 on Q36 departed 20:48, arrive Hillside Av/169th St area @ 20:53.

Total time: 5 minutes.


I was on front car side.

As I was waiting for (F) train, when I open to check my balance on my T-mobile phone, network was available.

So, I call home to indicate I will be coming home late.


I got on front car of Coney Island-Stillwell Av-bound (F) #5534 departed 20:58, arrive Jackson Heights-Rooseelt Av @ 21:15.

Total time: 17 minutes.


And I finally I hiked up the broken escalator to 74th St-Broadway, and call home again, and got on front car of Flushing-Main St-bound (7) #2120 departed 21:18, arrive Junction Blvd @ 21:22.

Total time: 4 minutes.


Enjoy it!

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