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Does anyone know how or who I get in contact with to get a winter internship with (NYCT) subways, (MTA) Metro North, LIRR or (NJT)rail operations?...Im an economics major at UMiami, but home is NY (well NJ this year) and I would love to get some hands on experience in rail operations planning (since its what I want to do as a career)


Project Number: EVP 700


Department: EVP


Division: Operations Planning


Work Location/Room Number: 2 Broadway, A17.14


Title of Intern Position: Operations Analysis Intern

Number of Positions: 1

Major(s) Preferred: Transportation Management, Urban Planning, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science


Overview of Dept/Division:

The Division of Operations Planning is responsible for designing effective and efficient subway and bus service for New York City Transit. The Subway Operations Improvement unit monitors and measures subway operational performance and develops strategies for reducing delays and improving performance. The unit works closely with other OP units, as well as with the Department of Subways.


Project Responsibilities:

The Operations Analysis Intern will undertake one or more in-depth analyses of a specific aspect of subway operations, such as on-time performance or the regularity of train service, for a single line or a group of lines. Tasks can cover the full range of an operations analysis, from data collection through data entry to statistical analysis and development of recommendations. While some of the data collection will involve the use of available systems resources, much will require directly observing train operations. The specific project(s) to which the intern will be assigned will be determined based on the current needs of the Subway Operations Improvement unit and the skills and interests of the intern selected.

Special Qualifications or Background Needed:

Required skills: Basic computer skills, including spreadsheet and word processing software.

Desired skills: General understand of transportation planning; knowledge of the New York Subway; strong writing skills

I seen this here http://www.mta.info/nyct/hr/transport.htm on the MTA website and I've been trying to get it forever, but no one ever emails me back :confused::P:cry:
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