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MTA Bridges and Tunnels Maintainers Civil Service Exam


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Registration Open Till January 22nd for MTA Bridges and Tunnels Maintainers Civil Service Exam


MTA Bridges and Tunnels is looking to hire women and men age 21 and older with trade skills to work as Maintainers at the agency's facilities, which connect the five boroughs of New York City. Registration is open now through January 22, 2008 to sign up for the exam, which will be given on Saturday, April 26, 2008.


Full press release: MTA icon_offsite.png - January 4, 2008

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I recently send my application in for the upcoming exam #8008 which will be held on 4/26/08. I'm in the process of getting the A license since an A license is required for the job. I currently have a B license with all the endorsement ....I will bring the medical certificate to DMV tomorrow because as I understand, a medical is necessary for school bus operator and commercial drivers class A. What I need to know is beside the license requirement and driving experience what else would you guys say is mandatory for an applicant to have had before applying with the department of MTA Bridges and Tunnels.




Also I received my Hazmat endorsement in 2003 it doen't expire until 2010. With the new law in place, do I need to apply for the federal background check myself or will the MTA federal investigation cover that. The background check is now $138.00 ....will the MTA do the background check at the time the applicant is hired ....or is it something the applicant should take on himself.

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