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2 From St. James 2-1-10

Neil Feldman

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Train 660:



Train 658:



658 started to move at the 19 second mark of the 20 second exposure, so a little streak is showing there. Both shots taken on a 20 second exposure at 200 ISO, and f29 apperature setting.


Both taken with the new Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi (12.3 Megapixels), but still using my old Canon EF Lenses that came with my old Digital Rebel XT (8.1 Megapixel). This was shot with my 75-300mm zoom lens.


Please enjoy, and comment!

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f/29 is hardly the best choice of aperture, especially seeing how diffraction is quite evident in your shots. You're better off picking something in the f/11-16 range, will provide sharper results.


That said, technical issues aside; nice shots.

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Yes, but at night, with lights aside, you need very low apperature because if you have the f stop at 11-16, there is too much light glare (station platform lights)which I've tried it before! In daytime, that is more than perfect, so that's what I would do! Now rest aside if I was in the yard(s) to take shots, there are lights, but not as bright as the station lights are, so using f11-16 would definitely suffice in a night shot.

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