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  1. There are plans to replace Henwick signal box with a regional control centre Network Rail has apologised after a signalman got stuck in a toilet, causing delays to train services. Passengers were inconvenienced after contact was lost with the signal box at Henwick in Worcester. The driver of the 15:13GMT Hereford to London service got out of his train and walked to the signal box to investigate. It was then discovered the signalman was stuck in the Victorian building's outside toilet. A Network Rail spokesman apologised for the inconvenience caused to passengers by the unusual episode on 6 February. He said: "Much of the railway is still controlled from Victorian signal boxes, which often have outside loos. "Our plans to modernise the railway will see control moved to state-of-the-art regional control centres, where unfortunate incidents such as this simply wouldn't be an issue. "We apologise to anyone whose journey was delayed or disrupted as a result." Source Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-21410006
  2. NOTE: Pretty much all of your questions have answers by the Paragraph before the photos and the Paragraph have enough description to answer beyond that. Only 1 to 2 questions need answers, so here ya go: There was only 1 security guard walking around, and only 1 food place in the Food Court, and it only recieves breif checks by the Security at the Costco/Walmart Strips. This Mall is the Mall at the Source, it is located in Westbury, Nassau County, NY. You can access it with the n24 Hicksville (to Old Country Road near the Costco) and n35 Westbury (to Merchant Concourse/Privado Road or Drive near the Bed Bath & Beyond).
  3. Excellent photo Zach, I must head to SIRTOA again soon, great stuff down there!
  4. I'll just transfer my comment on WABC-7's Facebook Page onto here, I think I worded it perfectly. "No, the renaming of a subway station is not alright, the main reason that Barclay Center got the naming rights is because they paid money to rename a station to a MAJOR DESTINATION. Jay St. - Metrotech and 23rd St. - Court Sq. is technically merging of names so it can't apply, Willets Point is a community name so it can't apply as well. Mayor Koch can get the Queensboro Plaza station though because it is consistent with the Bridge, however I strongly disagree on the 77th St. Station, especially since there is nothing in the vicinity that is a MAJOR MEMORIAL of him. Thus, I fully agree with the (MTA)'s logical move. I do respect and look up to Mayor Koch but I just don't agree with over-naming stuff after him." -Kevin.
  5. The best bet is either park it on a Blinking Blue Pattern for M15, 34/34A and Bx12 +SBS+ ONLY or switch to a Blinking Violet Pattern for the buses, I wouldn't change it to some other color not shown on the +SBS+ Scheme.
  6. I made a visit to the mall (the Mall at the Source) I pretty much grew up with last month, specifically on Saturday, January-12th-2013 around 5:30PM. This particular mall has faced better days, such as when it has a hustling bustling Rainforest Cafe, packed halls during the shopping season, especially in the Flagship Fortunoff Anchor Store, as well as Circuit City and Off Saks 5th Ave. Stores. that all sits vacant today. A breif reason on what caused the downfall is pretty much started off with the 2008 Great Recession, in addition to the Rainforest Cafe which closed in year 2000, Fortunoff and Circuit City pretty much went out of business in 2009. This took away the majority of foot traffic to the mall, in addition to many stores scaling back and consolidating locations The mall could still have a chance until the plan to have a new shopping plaza (Gallery at Westbury Plaza) one block west on Old Country Road took shape, be built, completed and opened. Pretty much the majority of the remaining foot traffic has been removed from the mall. As you can see in my images below, the mall is pretty much one 10% occupied as of now, with dark shadows casting upon previously hustling bustling halls. It's one of the things that kinda depresses and saddens me because this is the mall I usually go to to de-stress, this is the mall that gives me a quiet aroma with towering and awesome hallways, this is the mall that I made a lot of friends with business owners that often I had refreshing conversations with, this is the mall that has my all time favorite food court, this is the mall I grew up with since 5 years old. The impending threat of demolition and the demise of this mall is very possible, and it'll be a loss in my life. Without furthur due, I'll let you look on the images. Copyright Disclaimer: These photos are properties of Kevin Wang & Interstate Concepts Photography, any commercial and non-commercial use of these photos is prohibited, thank you for your cooperation.
  7. Or it was deadheading and bus operator did sign play because I didn't notice if there is any passengers on board, but boy is that bus hot!
  8. Excellent to see more aid moving forward to get the transit systems in the region back up and running quickly and smoothly. It's well needed in the Garden State and here in New York City and Long Island.
  9. If they revert back to the original scheme, then what's the friggin point of +Select Bus Service+ anyways? I almost missed two buses in Manhattan because I am used to the classical blinking lights, I had to press start and pay very quickly over the weekend when I suddenly noticed that the upcoming bus is a +Select Bus Service+ M15 Bus instead of a regular one, the blinking lights are very vital for detection, regardless of day or night. The wraps would suffice but if there is no blinking lights nor wraps, I would honestly have missed both buses because I can't differ between a local and a +SBS+ until the display says it. For me and my family, we pretty much was a bit confused the first time we were on the same street as a SBS route, though I quickly identified the SBS Bus, and we got used to it afterwards. I really think the MTA, NYCDOT and City should post up signs along the routes telling drivers about the definition of Blue Blinking lights and change some of their own vehicle lights from Blue to another color. These signs could be hang from each lamppole.
  10. The technology these things have is compatible with GSM phones which is at&t and T-Mobile, though I heard CDMA phones can recieve signals eventually, don't know what's the delay for Verizon and Sprint customers. Mark1447, do you get signal on your CDMA device in these stations? Just want confirmation to see if CDMA is up yet...
  11. Yuki, can you do a better scan of those photos? It would really help, thanks for your hard work!
  12. Right on the mark, indeed they need bus operators with brains and know how to read and speak English fluently, the USA is not Mexico nor Spain. This is giving me a funny thought about this bus operator on a n22 with a crazy hairstyle that keeps yelling Transfer at the stops on E. Gate Blvd., some mentally not sane bus operators is even on niceBUS, yikes!!!
  13. A lot of NICE bus operators aren't so NICE lately, not sure if the bus operator is black and thin-average build, around 5' 9-11" with a crew cut, if he is, then he is perhaps the same operator who threated to kick me off the 2:00 n22 Bus out of Jamaica and arrest me if I photograph the bus again.
  14. Because I loved the design of the MTA's Designlines, though I only rode the MTA's once, despite the MTA's performance due to the Turbine Motor, I still have hope for Designlines in general. I surely saw 7202 very breifly on the Turnpike once on the 319, but I have to say, this is one good lookin' bus. I still haven't been in it so can't judge, though I do hope to catch it soon.
  15. Finally bumped into a video, but it is truely disturbing non-the-less. This guy must be either high or drunk, and running around naked in cold weather is going to a whole another level, let alone climbing on a SEPTA Bus and such, man is this something right there!
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