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Roster of Power & Passenger Equipment on my layout

Ken S.

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AMT 1320 (F59PHI)

AMTK 4 (P42DC)

AMTK 12 & 20 (RDC-1)

AMTK 157 (F7A)

AMTK 487 (FL9)

AMTK 514 (P32-BWH)

BN 5323 (U30C)

BNSF 681 (C44-9W)

BNSF 6915 (SD40-2)

CN 4117 (GP7)

CR 1991 (B23-7)

CR 3088 (GP40)

CR 3366 (GP40-2)

CR 6373 (SD40-2)

CSXT 4439 (GP40-2)

DH 17 & 19 (PA4)

DL&W 814 (E8A)

EL 760 (GP9M, ex-Amtrak)

EL 909 (RS-2)

EL 3352 (U34CH)

EL 3613 (SD45)

MARC 4900 (AEM7)

MBTA 6306 (RDC-3, assigned to MOW Department)

MNCR 4191 (F40PH)

NJTR 4805 (P42DC, in AMTK colors)

NYCT 6539, 6550, 6634, & 6688 (R17)


NYS&W M-1 (RDC-1)

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Passenger Cars:


Amfleet I Cars- (currently unnumbered), 43043, 44610, 44799

Amfleet II - 25000

Heritage Baggage- 1020, 1040, 1211, 1214

Heritage Coach- 4856, 4864, 5223, 5286, 6400

Heritage Diner- 8039, 8331, 8519

Heritage Lounge- 3637, 9355

Heritage Sleeper- 2080, 2325, 2432

Horizon Cars- 53002, 53505, 54511, 54548

Viewliner- 62049

Other Cars

BN 357 (Dome)

BN 749 (Coach)

BN 1296 (Diner)

DLW 255 (Coach)

DLW 325 (Sleeper)

DLW 613 (Coach)

DLW 788 (Observation)

DLW 789 (Tavern-Lounge)

EL 1523, 1722, 1739 (Comet I)

ERIE 2714 (Coach)

GN 1114 (Coach)

IC Fulton (Coach)

IC Gulfprt (Tavern-Lounge)

LIRR 2810 (Coach)

ME 1011 (Full Dome)

MNCR 6312 & 6388 (Shoreliner IV)

NH 6000 (Combine)

NJTR 5325 & 5367 (Comet IIM)

NJTR 5009, 5511, 5527 (Comet III)

NJTR 5018, 5031, 5240, 5554 (Comet IV)

NYC 10110 (Sleeper)

PC 4066 (Coach)

PC 4483 (Tavern-Observation)

PRR 180 (Observation)

PRR 1569, 1576, 1725, & 4910 (Coach)

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and what is the approximate total cost?


did you buy it on web on in a store?


I shop around for equipment. Some (Most) of it is from Trainworld, others from a train show or hobby shops near me.

Erie Lackawanna Comet I 1739 is so far the only car purchased online. I had a VISA gift card and the sale price at Walthers was too good to pass up.

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Are you going to present it in Transit Museum, or in some community center?

If you do it - visitors are guaranteed. However dont know anything about the revenue.


I guess you can compete with Holiday Train Show.


The only equipment worth presenting in a setting like that is the U34CH and Comet Is. Everything else is beat and battered due to (NJT)'s bad maintenance and Amtrak's funding issues.

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Slated to arrive Saturday from Walthers is a Seaboard Coast Line Baggage-Dorm for the Amtrak Rainbow consist.


This car arrived today, it is currently awaiting it's number selection as is an Amfleet I coach.

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Ok since the strobes still work and there's a guy running Chessie locos on Youtube in the same condition. I've decided to return NJTR 4113 (F40PH) to service despite it not having working headlights. This will allow me to use the CSX GP40-2 for freight service.

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Provided that CSX or NS don't lose it or misroute it, Amtrak F40PHR 231 should be arriving within the next week or so.


The 231 arrived yesterday, now I'm waiting for the cars to arrive from Trainworld ($10 shipping vs $40 to make the trip to NYC and I don't have to deal with (NJT)'s service cuts that force you to go to NYP when Hoboken will do, the (F) ride is long enough as it is coming from the (A)(C) at Jay Street).

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