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  1. Hello Sebbieprops and the (2) train.

  2. The Bx5, Bx11 and Bx27 lay up along West Farms Road just east of Southern Boulevard. Since it's a five-way intersection, the Bx5 begins its route by heading straight out of layover position to head southbound on Southern Boulevard. When it finishes its route, it makes a quick turn eastbound onto Westchester Avenue, and then a left onto Hoe Avenue, before pulling in to West Farms for layover. Both the Bx11 and Bx27 access layover position, and begin their route, by way of Hoe Avenue. The Bx25, Bx26, Bx28 and Bx30 all complete their route at the corner of Erskine Place and Earhart Lane. They layover on Erskine Place, in the same position as their last stop, before beginning a new route, the first stop of which is on Earhart Lane. The northbound Bx19 makes its final stop at Fordham Road and Southern Boulevard. It then lays up in front of the Botanical Gardens, on the northbound side of Kazimiroff Boulevard, which actually serves as its first southbound stop. When it is ready to begin a southbound run, it makes its first stop there (although there are usually very few passengers, if any, boarding there), then U-turns around the island, before making its second (and first major) southbound stop at Fordham Road.
  3. I don't see what's hostile about expressing my opinion regarding how people use blocking as a juvenile means of "getting even." But okay. I won't say any more on the topic.
  4. Post moderated. Please refrain from hostilities. - A
  5. I wonder where the old Bx52 ran.
  6. I'm not going to be able to make it. Sorry.
  7. It was this accident (and not 9/11) that made me squeamish about flying ever since. I think the extensive media coverage really got to me, considering I was only 8 years old at the time. What scared me the most at the time, being so young, was the fact that nobody survived - that all 230 people aboard the plane were killed.
  8. Very good shots! I really like the one of 190th Street.
  9. Great shots! I really like the one with the and the right next to each other.
  10. Nice shots, Harry! Not often that you get to see one of those on the .
  11. Nice shots, Daniel! I like the second one a lot.
  12. I still have yet to see a single R160 on the .

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