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Late-Night Ruling Could Halt Firing Of 475 Station Agents

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Late-Night Ruling Could Halt Firing Of 475 Subway Station Agents


By: Tom Namako Transit Reporter

Updated: 7:55 A.M. May 6,2010

Posted: 7:51 A.M. May 6,2010


A Manhattan judge issued an 11th-hour decision that could gum up the MTA's firing of 475 subway station agents late last night, The Post has learned.


Lawyers, and the TWU Local 100, and the MTA argued in Judge Alice Schlesinger's living room for about 75 minutes last night, and the judge signed an order to show cause for injunction and stay at 10:20 p.m., sources said.


Axing the [station] agents has not been done "pursuant to the proper procedure", Judge Schlesinger wrote in longhand on court documents.


The two sides will continue their argument in court this morning, It's unsure what long-term effect it will have on the MTA's plans to lay off the agents, if any at all.


The TWU argued in court documents that the MTA didn't give the booth closures public hearings, notify the local community boards, or make "adequate alternate arrangements for the safety and convience of the public."


Station Agents were supposed to turn in their uniforms today at the New York City Transit Learning Center in Brooklyn at 7:00a.m. today. One source said the confused workers now are currently being told to return to work.

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