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Transit Maps in the Palm of Your Hand (No Refolding Required)


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In some cities, pulling out a transit map is an open invite to solicitations from panhandlers, swindlers and car services. But you can avoid such nuisances if you own a smartphone.


Then you only have to avoid being ripped off by your cell carrier, or an incompetent software developer.


There are many hundreds of mobile apps that help you navigate transit systems around the world. They are almost too easy to create — because many municipalities distribute their transit information widely and freely — and they can be profitable, because users think nothing of spending a buck on one.


But these apps can also be a headache for developers to manage over the long term, because transit service can change frequently in any given city. And if you, as a consumer, download an app that has no legs, you pay dearly in wasted time or worse, a trip to the wrong part of town.


Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/03/technology/personaltech/03smart.html

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