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North County Transit District (NCTD)

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North County Transit District operates service in Northern San Diego County and into parts of the city of San Diego. NCTD runs the Breeze Bus service, Sprinter Light Rail line & Coaster commuter train. The breeze uses New Flyer D40LFs, C40LFs & Thomas SLF CNG mini buses. Sprinter runs on Diesel instead of conventional wire which makes for a fun ride.


First up is New Flyer D40LF #1147, stationed at Escondido Transit Center. 1147 is among the oldest buses in service:



Behind it is 2307, a C40LF operating on Route 305 to Vista Transit Center, one of the sprinter stops:



Riverside Transit Agency also serves Escondido with cutaways. Here is Cutaway 8520 arriving at the transit center:



New Flyer C40LF #2419 at Town Center North, one of NCTD’s main transit hubs:



New Flyer D40LF #1125 loading passengers at the Oceanside Transit Center:





2107, A Thomas CNG SLF 230 on Route 333:



New Flyer D40LF #1125 on Route 303:



Sprinter Light Rail Train #4003:


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