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Monterey-Salinas Transit

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My next stop was Monterey-Salinas Transit, a small bus system that provides bus service in Monterey County. Service is primarily in Monterey and Salinas areas, but extends as far south as King City and Big Sur and as far north as Watsonville and San Jose on Express lines Route 55 & 79. Most lines originate at either the Monterey Transit Plaza or the Salinas Transit Center with a fleet of 100 or so buses, mostly Gillig Phantoms & Advantages.


Route 28 & 29 operates from Watsonville Transit Center on the southern edge of Santa Cruz Metro’s territory to Salinas Transit Center via Castroville and Prunedale. Seen here at Watsonville is MST Gillig Phantom #1102, loading up for Route 28:



Salinas Transit Center, the end point of several lines is a routine station with berths at the edge of Downtown Salinas. In this photo are three 1100 series Gillig Phantoms, all with rear windows:



The MST Trolley operates a circular route from Downtown to several areas throughout Salinas. Chance replica trolley buses are used. Here is #1906 outside the Transit Center:



Gillig Advantage #2007, among the newer series in the MST fleet demonstrates a standard destination sign setup with the numbers carved out from blocks:



Here is the photo of the front end of the transit center, this time with a Phantom and two advantages in the slots:





A ride on Gillig Phantom #1102 on Route 28: Cummins ISM/Allison B400R:


Exterior view of Salinas and Castroville from #1118:


MST Gillig Advantage leaving Salinas Transit Center:

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