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The changing face of Melbourne's trams

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G'day All.


Like Metro, Yarra Trams was also put under new management. Keolis Downder EDI Rail took over running from TransdevTSL. Because the YT name is a government owned name the naming stayed the same.



The new Mark 4 livery brought on some changes. Some were big. Others, as demonstrated were very small. Here C.3001 on route 109 shows off its yellow doors and new logos. The only real thing to be removed was the Melbourne/Cafes/Melbourne/Shopping stickers above the window line.


The bigger changes occured on the older members of the fleet. Here A2.273 shows off the MK4 livery. Inside the tram there are new seating pads and stip maps for the routes that the tram's depot run.


Here B2.2009 on a route 86 shows the B class version.


C.3009 heads up the hill to Southern Cross Station on a 48.


The Z class vehicles are the same as the A. Here Z3.197 terminates at the University.


The D class trams recived the same treatment as the C class trams. D1.3509 begins a 72 to Camberwell at Melb University.


Z3.183 at the Arts Centre stop.


D1.3511 operates a 16 to Kew at the Arts Centre Stop.


Z1.75 at the Arts Centre Stop. Not much difference between the Z1/2 and Z3 liveries. Just the yellow stripe.

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