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Restaurant Grading System to begin next month

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They got this idea from California they been doing this for years. I've been out there and just about every restaurants no matter how big or small have a grade right in front of there windows. I feel they should of done this a long time ago, but I'm glad there doing it now. The restaurants here do need to get there act together since the system will go in effect or they will lose customers, and business.







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I'm partial to this. I look at this from several points of views:

Of course, as a customer I do expect quality and this system does show some sense of quality. It's a drag to see insects in kitchens and hair in our food.

Now of course, the restaurants... you think they are all too-happy? The city government has been putting a lot of pressure on the restaurant business already. I mean yes, for good reasons of course, but if you run a small restaurant or cafe, this could mean even more. One letter away could mean a lot of reputation taken off. How else to make up for it? Of course, the chain restaurants and the biggies could manage off quite well, it can do advertising and all that stuff. But small restaurants can't really do that.


Just saying...

You ought to look at an issue from two different sides

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