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Guess Who Back?: Spitzer to co-host CNN news/political talk show

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Elliot Spitzer, ex-NY Gov. who resigned after prostitute scandal, lands co-hosting job at CNN


By Richard Huff



Wednesday, June 23rd 2010




Eliot Spitzer is going from the dog house to CNN's house.


The former New York governor, who stepped down in March 2008 after it was revealed he was stepping out with a hooker, has landed a job at CNN co-hosting a nightly discussion program with conservative columnist Kathleen Parker.


The show will air weeknights at 8 p.m. starting this fall and fill a time slot that is being vacated by Campbell Brown.


"Other cable news channels force-feed viewers one narrow, predictable point of view; in contrast, CNN will be offering a lively roundup of all the best ideas — presented by two of the most intelligent and outspoken figures in the country," CNN President Jon Klein said in a statement announcing the show.


The show will have Spitzer, a tough-nosed prosecutor, and Parker, a Pulitzer-prize winner, exchanging opinions and analyses on the stories of the day. They'll also be joined by other guests and contributors."


Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2010/06/23/2010-06-23_elliot_spitzer_exny_gov_who_resigned_after_prostitute_scandal_lands_cohosting_jo.html#ixzz0rlT9Y1iU'>http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2010/06/23/2010-06-23_elliot_spitzer_exny_gov_who_resigned_after_prostitute_scandal_lands_cohosting_jo.html#ixzz0rlT9Y1iU





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Hannity and Colmes, CNN Style.


Or going back to CNN's earlier days,(also their better days in ratings when they were the only major 24/7 Cable TV Newschannel) "CrossFire' with Pat Bucannan and Bill Press as the primary hosts.

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Personally i do have a problem with Mr. Spitzer getting this gog but not because he used 'escorts" and his sex scandal. IMO, Anything else short of murder or rape in almost every situation people in America deserve a 2nd chance. Spitzer without the scandal could have been a serious candadite for President in 2016 and is a smart and well spoken and blunt speaker in which he may do very well in his new profession.


My biggest problem with CNN hiring Spitzer is his lack of experience anywhere in news media, as a TV/Radio News reporter or News Talk Show Host.(TV Personality)


Why does he gets a plumb job on prime time cable tv news when IMO he should have 'paid his dues' such as hosting a local NYC radio show on either WABC or WOR.

Just to show how the line between TV News and Entertainment has been erased as the only thing that matters is ratings/profits. And I guess Paris Hilton being a co-host on NBC's "Today" show is next. (I am serious):tdown::mad:

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I'd say, give the guy a chance for this thing. Since he's a freshman, why not give him some experience. I'm sure NONE of us here are born with some kind of expertise, say. Everything takes learning. If he fouls up, he ought to correct it himself. If he can't find the error, we find it for him. But he fixes it. Let the freshman learn.


I mean, I don't care much about the scandal. People make mistakes. And yeah, it's not like it's serious corruption or some heinous crime like killing and raping. (I mean, he did pay right?) Other folks make mistakes. In fact, this guy deserves my attention because this shows that he's resilient. Yeah, the scandal messed up his political career, but he isn't afraid to do something else along the lines of politics.

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