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Nova Sucess !


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Went to manhattan to a party and i went through the streets in manhattan and i caught these ! .




IMG_1793.jpg . IMG_1791.jpg . IMG_1790.jpg . IMG_1789.jpg . IMG_1788.jpg . IMG_1787.jpg . IMG_1786.jpg . IMG_1785.jpg . IMG_1784.jpg . IMG_1783.jpg . IMG_1781.jpg . IMG_1780.jpg . IMG_1779.jpg . IMG_1778.jpg . IMG_1777.jpg . IMG_1776.jpg .



Passing by michael j quill . IMG_1792.jpg .




Attention ! i will be at michael j quill depot tommorow afternoon im riding the bus back with my uncle & ill get some shots , and then i will be going into ulmer park so ulmer pk part 2 is coming tommorow , i re-scheduled it because i took vacation last week so stay tuned . (MTA)

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