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Yep, that GO is happening again. No (Q) in Manhattan or downtown Brooklyn. Not mentioned in the notice is the (S)-(2)(3)(4) alternate route.


(Q) No trains running between Prospect Pk and 57 St-7 Av

(N)(R) and free shuttle buses provide alternate service

Weekends, 11:30 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Mar 4 - 7 | Mar 11 - 14 | Mar 18 - 21


(N) trains replace the between Atlantic Av-Pacific St and 57 St-7 Av.


Free shuttle buses make stops at Prospect Pk, 7 Av and Atlantic Av-Pacific St.


Transfer between the shuttle bus and (Q) trains at Prospect Park.


For DeKalb Av, transfer to the (R) at Atlantic Av-Pacific St.


(No (R) service overnight, take the (N) instead.)


Additional alternate travel information will be available after Tuesday, Mar 1.

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Guest lance25
Not mentioned in the notice is the (S)-(2)(3)(4) alternate route.


That's because besides 7 Av & Prospect Park, the (N) will serve all (Q) line stops. Plus, anyone taking the (2), (3) and/or (4) trains would be going out of their way since they'd have to transfer from the (N) at Atlantic-Pacific to one of the numbered lines, then to the Franklin Avenue (S) to Prospect Park. The shuttle bus will be much faster and easier then the aforementioned approach since all the buses need to do is run down Flatbush Avenue.

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