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Question about NJ Transit trains


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I took an NJ Transit train today (Jersey Coast line) - something I do about once per year or so and was curious if someone could help me with a list of NJ Transit rail equipment. I was aware the bi-level coaches came in and was wondering what exactly they replaced as I saw all 3 train types I saw prior to the arrival of the bi-level coaches. There are the 1300-1500 non-locomotive cars which seem to date from WWII and then 6400 or so and 5400 or so cars with locomotives that seem newer (station indication and other info on display) but nothing that new. Is there a website that has car info or can someone tells me what runs and how long it has been running for. I know most all car types for MNR and LIRR as I ridden these lines somewhat frequently in the past and would like to know more about NJ Transit. Also I have seen from Long Island City where I live in excess of 10 bi-level cars traveling towards Penn Station with only 1 locomotive. The LIRR seems to run 2 locomotives (back and front) when more than 5 cars form a train which is generally just the case with summer Montauk trains. Thanks.

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They are not bi-level, they are multilevel. Bilevel cars have doors on the lower level and are much taller.




Bilevel ^^^^^


There are comet 2 rebuilds, which have no center doors, comet 3 which are out of service (for no good reason), comet 4 which have the same wide stripe as comet 2 but with center doors, and comet 5 which are stainless steel and center doors. Multilevels, of which there are another batch of to be delivered. Then there are the electric self propelled cars Arrow 3.


Locomotives include: (diesel then electric)






FH40PH-2cat (MNRR has 2 FH40-3C on property)








ALP-45dp soon to be in service.


There is no equipment dating to ww2, everything is mid 60's or newer, and even then that equipment has had a rebuilt/overhaul at least once. The oldest equipment are the GP40 diesel locomotives.





- A

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Thank you very much sir. Your answer was quite helpful as was the link to the Wikipedia page which I seemed unable to fine. I was only joking about WWII era with the self propelled cars. The interiors seem very old - older than than MNR New Haven M2's which are slightly older and the LIRR M1 which ran until 2005 or so when they were about 35 yrs old. Are certain trains for certain lines. I rode the Jersey Coast line on Sunday having ridden the Northeast Corridor line in the past and caught a Comet mix train but also saw a multilevel train running on that line. What did the existing multilevel cars replace and what will the incoming ones replace? Again thank you for your detailed info.

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They are from the same era as the older MTA stuff, also MNRR has a much larger emphasis on EMU and has a much smaller percent of push pull coaches/locomotives. In contrast he arrow 3's may represent the last EMU operating in NJ.


- A

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