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A Shocker on the Steve Wilkos Show! A Father in a sexual romance with daughther

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As most of you know, I am a currently 'sub' teacher so I am usually home in middle of a weekday. Was watching the Steve Wilkos show this past week and just when I thought every subject known to man has been discussed I saw this shocking and gross topic. A Man in his late 30's admitting to having a sexual romance (yes intercourse:eek: )with his 18-year old daughter. No, not a misprint his bigolical child.:mad:


Saw part I and the second part which I taped showed how the girl named Britney might be pregant with her Dad's baby. Talk about the mother of all inscent.



Here the brief clips from the Steve Wilkos show with this taboo situation.


part I


part 2


I wonder if this is a hoax? Reactions on if this topic even should be shown on American TV?

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