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Accommodations for parents with multiples on buses

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The MTA Bus rule of no open strollers is one that helps with convenience and safety for most of the population. But...for the parent of multiples travelling alone it basically becomes a denial of service.


How should MTA address this to guarantee safe service while at the same time not discriminating against a growing percentage of the population?


How about allowing double strollers or even a single stroller if the other infant is being worn in a carrier during off peak hours?


Or use of the Wheel Chair access spaces when no wheel chair rider is on board?


No accommodation basically equals discrimination, so rather than just not allow it let us find reasonable accommodation.


Or then should that denial of service on buses translate to qualification for Para transit/Access a ride type services?

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If you're going to use that analogy, then why don't we just allow everyone to come on to the bus with their shopping carts, etc. and block the entire aisle? I see plenty of people with babies on the bus and they do just fine having the baby in a carrier. Now in the case of two little ones it becomes more difficult, but it has nothing to do with discrimination, but rather space. The bus is only so big and so wide, so how exactly do you think the bus is supposed to accommodate a big stroller like that when the aisles are narrow as it is?? Making the bus bigger won't help either since that would cause problems on the road, so a solution would be to have two people travel together and have each one wear a carrier. Problem solved.


The other option is to have the stroller sit in one of the designated wheelchair seats and have those seats up as you said, but I'm not sure if those big strollers can fit into those areas, but if they do, then that would be a suggestion also.

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