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  1. Well long-term is one thing. I suppose I was thinking about the here and now and what's more reasonable to implement quickly. I guess I was skeptical of your proposal given how delayed the current pilot program is, but long-term, anything is possible.
  2. I completely get the need for improving transportation in transit deserts. Where I don't agree at is the following: -Lowering the fare to $2.75 is just absurd, and subsidizing such a fare.... It has to be paid for. $6.50 is more reasonable. You're giving people a much faster ride and telling them it should only cost $2.75. We have tiers in just about all other services. What you're proposing is giving passengers Saks quality of clothing at H & M prices, or for another comparison, Per Se quality at McDonald's prices. -At $6.50, the City wouldn't have to subsidize the fare as much and you'd need fewer infrastructure improvements. You've been arguing that there are empty seats that can be filled. That can be done cheaply at $6.50. At $2.75, it's a completely different ballgame.
  3. Via Garibaldi 8

    Plan To Restructure The NYC Bus System

    Again? They did that last time...
  4. Are you kidding? Europeans are the biggest rebels, especially the French. The French do their best NOT to pay the fare and rebel against the system. I'm not sure if it's because of the high taxes paid that subsidize the system or what. I think it's just a bunch of teens and young adults with too much time on their hands that want to go against the political establishment.
  5. Via Garibaldi 8

    Plan To Restructure The NYC Bus System

    I'm sure they would love to use this on a line like the X1. They do NOT like the idea of running express bus service that frequently, and this would allow them to cut down on buses and the amount of drivers needed. Now the one saving grace is that the unions dictate that a certain number of runs must exist, but other than that it's all fair game. If they're adding capacity off-peak, surely they'll be looking to slice into peak service, or maybe they're being REALLY ambitious and thinking we're going to get buses going MUCH faster, make trips shorter, and use those savings and reinvest them. I'll believe it when I see it. I mean the fastest you can go these days is 25 mph, and a lot of these B/Os are doing maybe 15 even when there's no congestion, so this is going to be interesting.
  6. Via Garibaldi 8

    Plan To Restructure The NYC Bus System

    Yeah what's up with these double decker buses again? I don't like the idea. They claim it's a move to Increase capacity. I think they want to cut service... Paying before you board is great though, but it needs to be marketed aggressively to get people to stop waiting for the last damn minute to pay. The same crap goes on with SBS. People wait until the bus comes then get a ticket. It was too tall and was hitting branches and such... I think people should be watching this plan very carefully. I'm particularly concerned about the technology being implemented to count how many people are on the bus. Before in the old days, B/Os could count how many people were on the bus. With this new technology, there won't be a need for bus counters and some lines are basically holding on by a thread. If they're truly going to study bus lines based on "demographic shifts" then some lines may be gone entirely.
  7. Via Garibaldi 8

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    That's the problem... You're not close enough to the ferry. lol There was a guy that used to help me when I shopped at Saks. One day I was coming home on the ferry and I see him (I saw him a few times thereafter going back to SI). I'm like aren't you the guy that sold me stuff at Saks? He's like yeah. I live here on Staten Island. He apparently had an apartment that was literally steps from the ferry so it was very easy for him to get into the city.
  8. Via Garibaldi 8

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    One of my relatives originally would take the express bus when she worked in Lower Manhattan. After 9/11 the office left Downtown (literally steps from WTC - yes she saw it all...) and moved to Downtown Brooklyn. That's when she started driving. She found it much better than dealing with all the nonsense you put up with. I think she may have done the bus ferry subway set up for a short while but not very long. Just too much aggravation and time wasted waiting around. It's cute when you first move to the island, but when you have a full time job (or more for some people), have to run a household and have other things to do, that commute adds up. The only way I would've stayed is if I bought a car, and I didn't want to drive to Manhattan and parking and taking the express bus was another adventure I didn't want to deal with since I didn't want to be tied to a particular route. At my old office, we had several people that lived on Staten Island... One lived on the North Shore (Grymes Hill area - he drove in), another in Great Kills (took the express bus in), another on the South Shore (drove in) and another in Princes Bay (drove to the SIR, then took the ferry to the subway) and I took the express bus as well. The only reason the lady in Princes Bay didn't take the express bus was because she said it was too expensive with her having a car and other expenses. Sometimes she managed to hitch a ride in from one of our colleagues who lived near her.
  9. Via Garibaldi 8

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    Doesn't matter... Both sides are problematic. I've had plenty of times when I've missed the ferry by seconds because of that train crawling to South Ferry. On a good day each way my commute was an hour and 30 minutes. Sure, I could give myself an extra 20 minutes each way, but that's an extra 40 minutes added, almost four hours traveling each day. As I said, if I were him, I would consider other options. Plenty of Staten Islanders do it, and that's why so many have left. The commute becomes tiring and I can think of others things I can be doing with my time aside from traveling that long every day. I left over six years ago and have no regrets.
  10. Via Garibaldi 8

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    Oh please. The buses are scheduled to meet the ferry, and often times they don't. I got sick of dealing with that nonsense and switched to the express bus. If I were him I'd just walk to the ferry if he's close enough. The whole dash to the ferry got old and quick. Sometimes it took me over two hours one way to get to where I was going because either I just missed the ferry or the ferry was delayed or some nonsense. Pretty pathetic that in 2018 it's the same nonsense on the island. The train has let me down numerous times as well. Worthless more times than not when trying to reach the ferry.
  11. Via Garibaldi 8

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    I'd say take the express bus, but you're too close to St. George for that, though I do wonder if it would be faster just backtracking for you...
  12. Speak for yourself. No, you don't get it... That's the problem.
  13. Sure, we can discuss a lot of pipe dreams. In my case though, I actually go to board meetings, speak with elected officials about improving transportation and so on, so I don't just spew out ideas for the hell of it. I speak about these things because some of them I actually want to see implemented, and have fought to do just that. Transportation is a lot more of a serious issue in my mind than a lot of people realize, so I'm sure we're looking at things from a different perspective... Either a foamer or an engineer, etc. I'm essentially an advocate for better transportation, but with realistic expectations.
  14. That's a nice "broad" proposal that's really unrealistic in the current general climate. We need ideas that can actually be implemented, with the City willing to fund such projects and the willing to listen, otherwise it's just hot air.
  15. Via Garibaldi 8

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Smh... So much for the police patrolling the subways...


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