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  1. Not the drivers' fault. You would think that they would adjust the schedules... Nope...
  2. They're on 5th Avenue almost every morning doing drop-offs. I don't know what it is but their presence seems to have increased over time. Didn't notice them so much before...
  3. Latest news: -Ongoing bus lane advocacy: We've been laser focused on getting the armored vehicles out of the bus lanes and stopping them from clogging them up. Previously these Brinks trucks would drive right down the bus lanes on 5th Avenue after their pick-ups. This morning, this Brinks truck immediately went out of the bus lane after completing a pick-up, which is the way it's supposed to be. -Bus lanes along 42nd Street: X68, SIM8, SIM8X, SIM22, SIM25, SIM26 and SIM30 riders: The 42nd Street bus lanes are being installed and will be fully operational in the future. Here's the 42nd St bus presentation: https://www1.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/42nd-st-cb5-jun242019.pdf Lanes will be in operation from 7 - 10AM and 4PM - 7PM, except Sunday. -Lexington Avenue bus lane: BxM1 customers: Bus lane implementation along Lexington Avenue continues and will be completed soon. Per the DOT, the newly painted red bus lane “offset” from the curb, will be in effect 24/7. Once completed, this #BetterBuses project will improve bus speeds between 96th - 60th Streets, while opening up curb access for loading.
  4. Crawling where on 6th? Unless there is overcrowding on the QM7 or QM8, no more service will be added until there is funding available from the operating budget, and as it stands now, there won't be until funds from congestion pricing becomes available. You can make your way to Fresh Meadows for the QM7. Last one is 9:20....
  5. Oh I know.... I’ve been trying to get someone in there from College Point Depot. The best I’ve been able to do is to get a retired dispatcher from the depot. Better than nothing though. We do have some other Bus personnel in there though, so I know they’re watching. I’ve had discussions about this before with someone on the side, Whenever they are short drivers or buses (it’s usually buses), they will start pulling those QM1 trips and turning them into QM5 trips or whatever they need. That said, we log that line regularly to ensure that they don’t forget that they need to work to make service and keep buses fixed so the service is met. Anytime they don’t we’ll be contacting elected officials. I don’t think they like getting those surprise letters from elected officials calling for an audit on the service. lol
  6. I will check our log when I return to the office on Tuesday and post in the group about it. Smh... Friday, service was not so hot... They’ve been trying to cover those QM1 trips, but on occasion they have one guy do the QM5 to Glen Oaks, buu have him run via Fresh Meadows, so either all trips are covered or 6 out of 7 trips, which isn’t too bad compared to before.
  7. That remains unclear. I know that the new MCI was tested, and I believe the other option would be more Prevosts.
  8. 2020 is the earliest that they should start coming in. If not, by 2021. However, there will be no new express buses until a vendor is actually chosen. The contract at this time remains pending. I do know from another member in my group that they were testing the wheelchair situation on the newest MCI's as she is disabled (wheelchair user) and actually was used in the testing of them. Those buses are configured much differently, and I've heard that the leg room isn't as generous. They're pretty ugly too... They have been refurbishing a number of express buses though. I've taken quite a few of them of late with new seat cushions, etc., I haven't been on any of late that have been terrible per se.
  9. Yeah I'm referring to such examples. That's interesting. I have been using the QM5 and QM6 on weekends. I will check next time I'm heading out to Fresh Meadows.
  10. That's essentially what he is saying... I'm guessing that he only left late yesterday because he knew he was being filmed. Previously he said the driver told him dispatch told him to leave early. lol
  11. Latest updates: -We continue to monitor day-to-day issues facing express bus riders. Please let us know the following: -Buses that are not on BusTime. We recently got Bus#2824 on BusTime. We have received numerous complaints about that bus not being trackable, as it is an older bus. It is now on BusTime. -Buses without Wi-Fi. Provide the Bus#, date and time. -We continue to circulate our "Fair Fares" petition to get our monthly pass re-instated, as well as the senior discount and the student discount. Our request remains open. I spoke with a rep. from Governor Cuomo's office this morning to try to get this expedited, or at least get an answer as to what can move this along. For those that have not signed, it's important that you do and that you share the petition as well. We have over 550 likes and almost 400 signatures! https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/fair-fares-for-express-bus-riders.html?fbclid=IwAR03pho_ZiqWU8DWqSUyvtW1qJL-g50sd5h-zAKLRGvYgzuqlTfnKSuZ0IQ -Missing buses. If your bus is missing and continues to be a problem, please file formal complaints, and provide us with the complaint # and the bus line and date and time that the bus went missing, along with which direction. https://new.mta.info/customer-feedback
  12. Yeah the Pulaski Day Parade was yesterday, so quite a few express buses were delayed. We had a notice in our group about it in fact. People were complaining about the SIM express buses being delayed. I eventually cam into the City, but stayed away from the parade area.
  13. lol... Would be funny if that's the case... Would be better if we didn't have to guess in the first place...

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