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  1. Via Garibaldi 8

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    They're going to use it limit how much service they provide. With the Metrocard swipes it just told them how many swipes the bus had, but not necessarily how many passengers they had each way. With the counters they should be able to pinpoint where ridership comes from a where and likely average it out.
  2. Via Garibaldi 8

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Agreed... I believe that the chick working on the Bronx express redesign should be in my meeting this week. I'll see if I can pick her brain as to how things are going. She already knows that I'm skeptical of the whole thing. I told her in the last meeting, I said, I think you have a damn good express bus network for the Bronx. Most routes are pretty direct. You DON'T have lots of stops and the street configurations are what they are. Your turnaround points aren't very complicated, so I'm curious to see what you're going to come up with. The room became dead quiet. LOL Then she goes, well the changes are 70-30%. 70% will stay the same and 30% will change. P.S. I see I'm in the one in Riverdale...
  3. Via Garibaldi 8

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Yeah the only place they published it was in BusTime: How's that for transparency? We told our QM20 riders about it in the group using other apps which had the times published, otherwise we wouldn't have known when they were running.
  4. Via Garibaldi 8

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    We posted this information in our group several days ago, and yes what is posted above is correct. Due to the complaining in my group and in the other group, they have been adding these special schedules. Long overdue because I’ve been slamming them over it. They don’t comment in either group, but they do review what is posted and try to act on it. I was speaking with someone the other day about the Wi-Fi and BusTime situation as well and the need for it to be fixed, particularly out of Ulmer Park Depot. Constant complaints about it. When I was in Bay Ridge checking out the conditions of bus stops along Shore Road, I noticed the same thing. Coming back at Shore Road and 72nd, the bus was not on BusTime. Wi-Fi and BusTime are both on the agenda for next week. I want to know how often are buses checked for both and what the procedure is overall in terms of who handles it. From what I understand, the vendor has to come to the depot to fix it, so it depends on the depot and how responsive they are to fix such issues. Some depots are more responsive than others like Yonkers Depot.
  5. Via Garibaldi 8

    Ideas to Alleviate Severe 7 Train Overcrowding

    Free to start planning for a new subway now but the point remains that we need short term solutions while fhe subway problems are fixed.
  6. Via Garibaldi 8

    Ideas to Alleviate Severe 7 Train Overcrowding

    Yeah, but there are people that are fine taking the bus over the subway. Bus service in general needs to be sped up.
  7. Via Garibaldi 8

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Some updates: -Tonight's service has been a DISASTER: Some screen shots: The 6pm was severely late, and the by 7pm, the 6pm, 6:15 and 6:30 were nowhere near done with the pick-up. 3375 is actually not the 6pm. It's the 6:15pm. A number of missing buses, and trips that took two hours or close to that on a number of lines. We now have Senator Biaggi joining Assemblyman Dinowitz and Weprin us in calling for an audit of express bus service. We have also began reaching out to reporters that have joined our group for potential interviews to speak further on how horrendous the service has been. Below are three BxM2 buses packed together... More to come...
  8. Via Garibaldi 8

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah in the summer it's nice to go on the Verrazzano, especially the upper level. I always liked taking the last X12 for that reason, as the sun is setting late in the summer. Then coming off of the SIE Victory and Slosson is quite nice and near to where I used to live. Slosson Avenue is very leafy. Upper middle class area near to Westerleigh which is also nice by Martling Avenue. Nice historical homes there. Going through Westerleigh is nice as well. I lived on the Westerleigh/West Brighton border. Unfortunately the X12 doesn't end in such a nice area of Staten Island. Parts of South Avenue are really run down.
  9. Via Garibaldi 8

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah I think the top five express bus lines for scenery are as follows: 1. BxM2 - 5th Avenue Museum mile/Upper East Side, and Central Park along with Central Park West, Lincoln Center, Times Square and Penn Station and the suburban look of Riverdale 2. QM2 - Beautiful homes in Beechhurst 3. QM16 - Neponsit - beautiful beach homes in the Rockaways 4. X27/X37 - Views and beautiful homes along Shore Road
  10. Via Garibaldi 8

    Bus speeds to increase 25 percent by 2020, Mayor de Blasio vows

    And I'm saying that if they had the bike lanes it would allow traffic to move faster while being safer. What isn't clear??
  11. Via Garibaldi 8

    Ideas to Alleviate Severe 7 Train Overcrowding

    Could be a good idea or slightly cheaper. Let's say $6.50 peak and $5.00 off-peak.
  12. Via Garibaldi 8

    Ideas to Alleviate Severe 7 Train Overcrowding

    lol.... $4.25... Fat chance... I think $6.50 would be more like it or thereabouts.
  13. Via Garibaldi 8

    Ideas to Alleviate Severe 7 Train Overcrowding

    Yeah well if it wasn't such a big deal it would've been done already, so I don't buy that it's so cheap. The fares should be lowered, but certainly not to the cost of the train, and the question is will people be willing to pay more to get off of the . Some will... How much? That remains to be seen. What I'm proposing above makes the most sense and could help alleviate some of the overcrowding. From what I've been hearing people are willing to pay more for a direct trip, which is why I'm not all that gung ho on the Atlantic Ticket. You're just moving the crowds from one place in the subway system to another. The have their own problems, as does the and . Just lower the fare and let people get into Manhattan directly.
  14. Via Garibaldi 8

    Ideas to Alleviate Severe 7 Train Overcrowding

    Some obnoxious person in here noted how the LIRR and the go to the same place - Midtown Manhattan. There are a lot of riders that get off at Times Square and at Grand Central so the idea that it doesn't matter where the LIRR goes is just ignorant, but of course this person likely doesn't use the with any frequency to even see who gets off where. Penn Station, Grand Central and Times Square are three different locations, and lumping together as if they are the same thing is stupid. My solutions are as follows: -Propose a lower LIRR fare for the existing stops near the line -Consider running more QM3 service with a second branch. What I would want to figure out is the routing and the current QM3 service, who would use it and how to market it. -Consider restoring some version of the QM22. -The Q32 would have to run faster. I think ridership has dwindled considerably because it has become slower, so clearly the fact that it is $2.75 doesn't matter. I ride the Q32 a lot in Manhattan and have noticed that the buses are a lot emptier than they used to be.
  15. Via Garibaldi 8

    Bus speeds to increase 25 percent by 2020, Mayor de Blasio vows

    Actually it is because it creates more congestion unnecessarily and helps to lower the speed limit. Buses trying to navigate around bikers that should be in the bike lane just slows the bus down.


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