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  1. Rockaway Beach Branch

    LOL@ Gentrification in the Rockaways. That's a good one... What exactly is supposed to be gentrifying down there? The areas to the west without subways are expensive or well established already. There is nothing to gentrify in Neponsit, which is basically expensive multi-million dollar houses with private beach property. Breezy Point is pretty much a cooperative at the western end of the island, so nothing there either, as those people drive or drive to the QM16 express bus, and Belle Harbor is mainly middle class. Where there is subway access is mainly pretty ugly because of the overhead subway and those housing projects aren't going anywhere. Even with the few developments like Averne by the Sea, you'd need several of those before you'd see any difference, not to mention how far out it is.
  2. That's all fine and good, but there are plenty of people driving all over the city that really aren't saving any time. They just sit in traffic, so I don't fully buy the excuse that so much time is saved.
  3. Has the MTA ever tried buses with more doors?

    How did those pan out? I think if you told people today that there would be more doors but fewer seats here in NYC, they'd go beserk. You would think the world was coming to an end. I love seeing people get on the SBS artic lines. They get on the bus and immediately run to a seat and will knock you down to so. I make it very clear that I am perfectly fine standing and usually try to board a door where there are fewer people.
  4. Not really. There is so much panhandling now everywhere that I see at least two to three panhandlers almost every day, sometimes more, sometimes the regulars, sometimes new people. The people begging don't give a damn. They will set up anywhere they can and beg. Some are more strategic than others, and some just don't care and just beg everyone that they see, and all that they see is a money sign. That's what is really sad. The minute you say no, it's on to the next sucker to beg them for money. Now there are people that legitimately have a need, but we have so many people out here now hustling for whatever reason that you can't distinguish who is begging for what and why. In short we have several issues that the City needs to start tackling: -Get people with mental issues and drug abusers off of the streets and into places where they can be treated. A lot of the beggars can be described as either one or the other, or a combination of both. -People coming here from other states because of New York City's liberal housing policies. This is what irks me the most. It sops up monetary resources for true New Yorkers that are suffering because all you have to do is show up here without shelter from California or wherever the hell these people are coming from, and the city is legally required to house you, even if you don't have a residence here, so that just encourages more people to come here, burdening our shelters and crowding our streets with more beggars. Let the other states deal with their own housing problems. This is another reason why I've become adamant about not giving anything because if you have a heart and give, well here's more people with their hand out, so it never ends. -The people that are homeless but too lazy to work and make a way for themselves, and expect society to take care of them. Speaking of the shuttle, there was a couple on the Times Square shuttle a while back. The guy just sat there and begged the whole time, and then got angry when no one gave, talking about well what would you do if your girlfriend was pregnant? I felt like telling him I'd get up off of my @ss and get a job, that's what I would do, and if had to work several jobs to support my pregnant girlfriend, then so be it. These are the types of people that are making it horrible for those are truly homeless and down on their luck. Really a shame too.
  5. No toll reductions... The idea is to deter driving, not encourage it. Our roads are saturated with too many cars and more and more people moving here want to drive (the key word being want). It is unsustainable. Not only is it causing an insane amount of congestion and pollution, but it is having a huge impact on our local economy. For those who absolutely must drive, they can pay accordingly. I'm also glad that they are slapping these trucks too. They clog up the streets double (and triple) parking all over the place and blocking up traffic. The other issue that is exacerbating congestion is the FedEx and UPS trucks. With so many people ordering online now, these guys are everywhere blocking traffic to make deliveries. That and those FreshDirect trucks... Agreed. The last time I remember congestion this bad was around 2007/2008 before the economy tanked. I support it, even though it's essentially half-@ssed, but there is no question that the congestion is worsening and we need to start somewhere. I was talking with another commuter about it this morning because we both used to take a later BxM2 down to work. Now we've both moved up our commutes by almost an hour.
  6. Has the MTA ever tried buses with more doors?

    Right, but if the layout inside of the buses were redesigned particularly the whole back of the bus, you would get more people back there. If you're over 6'0", most people won't want to go back there because of the steps. They essentially seperate the bus both literally and figuratively speaking. I don't recall there being steps in the back of the buses I rode in Europe, artics or shorter buses, but the would have to look to European manufacturers. I think it's a mistake to sink billions of dollars into basically two vendors more or less for buses for the local fleet...
  7. New NYC Transit president Andy Byford takes subway to work

    Because on here, there's a double standard that's why and it's political. You have members here who use "insulting" language and admit it, but get a pass. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. If my insults are so horrible, fine, call me out, but the standards shouldn't only apply to select members. Besides you and maybe BrooklynBus, the rest of the members that are so offended are just crying wolf, and have a personal agenda.
  8. New NYC Transit president Andy Byford takes subway to work

    Well to be frank with you, if he was really a user of the system, he would've said so. I mean let's think about mayors and other leaders of this city. They've all come out and said how much they use the system or don't. We had Bloomberg who flat out said that he used the subway, and we saw him on the subway, not just for photo ops either (obviously not for everything but he continued to use it as mayor). De Blasio admitted to using cars more than the subway as mayor, and Byford has made it clear that he doesn't own a car and never has. Now I've seen several elected officials and board members using the system (Metro-North), but not the subway. We know that Lhota uses the subway, and he's admitted to that. Prendergast... I haven't heard anything about him using the system regularly.
  9. New NYC Transit president Andy Byford takes subway to work

    My point is that Cuomo isn't necessarily the man overseeing the true day-to-day operations of the (MTA). Remember he other responsibilities besides the . The person he appoints does that, so in my mind, the person to truly make changes would be Prendergast, not Cuomo. You make it sound as if Prendergast's hands were tied. I don't think that's the case. Now fiscally he had limitations, but in terms of restructuring things within the agency, I would say Prednergast could've certainly done more. It seemed like his main focus was to ask for more money rather than make improvements with what he had. If you start off that way, I think you're already losing.
  10. The funny thing is, I've only started seeing them on the Crosstown shuttle in the last few years. Prior to that you had those obnoxious guys singing early in the morning. They would literally wait until the doors closed, then come into the car and block the door so people couldn't leave while they belt out noise at the top of their lungs. The ones that ride the shuttle now seem much more aggressive and obvious, so when I see them, I go to another car. lol I'm guessing that with the Rockaway shuttle being outside that maybe that's another deterring factor.
  11. New NYC Transit president Andy Byford takes subway to work

    Even if he did work 12 hours a day, that still has nothing to do with him going and using the system. Nothing.... And yes in my mind if he was actually using the system more it would've been better. It's one thing to say that we need more funding and take photo ops on the buses and subways, and another to actually depend on them daily as Byford will have to. Now Byford may be a total failure too, but he already has more respect from me just because of the fact that needs to use the system daily. Prendergast did not. I think you're confusing things here. In other words, you want me to give Prendergast the benefit of the doubt because he is knowledgeable. In the world that we live in, we judge people based on results, and that may sound cold, but that's what it is. Under his leadership, the buses and subways are abysmal, and there's no other way to put it "nicely".
  12. New NYC Transit president Andy Byford takes subway to work

    The two comparisons are not even close... We're not talking about a random person. This is with regards to the former head of the and his perceived laziness for not using the system more, versus the new guy hired to oversee the buses and subways and how he's using the system already, and not for photo ops.
  13. New NYC Transit president Andy Byford takes subway to work

    I said what I'm entitled to say now that he is gone and I'll repeat it. Under his watch, the subways and buses have gone to hell. Maybe if he got out and actually used the subways and buses, he would've done better. There is no way that you can sit here with a straight face and tell me that just because you're knowledgeable that you don't need to actually use the system to see what is going on daily. That's my issue with him. The whole fat reference was just me taking a jab at a him about him needing to get out and use the system more rather than sitting behind a desk, which I won't take back. Listen in my profession, I'm constantly looking to improve and I've been in my field for years. You never stop learning. It's evident that Byford at least understands that much. The man has never owned a car. The only time I saw Prendergast on a subway was for a photo op. The same is true with the buses. As the former leader of the , I find that pathetic. Interacting with the actual customers and getting constant feedback gives you information that you can't get sitting in an office.
  14. New NYC Transit president Andy Byford takes subway to work

    Well which is it? Given all what you've stated, you should reply with certainty about the man's knowledge and not say that he "seemed to have a deep understanding of the systems functions". I haven't said anything about him that hasn't been said about Cuomo, de Blasio and others regarding transit (both have been called idiots and much worse), so no, I'm not apologizing and I'm not back stepping. The issue here is the double standard being given. It's complete BS. Now suddenly everyone is so PC here... Right. Last I checked, there is no such thing as a "wrong opinion", nor giving factual information.
  15. They're both shuttles. I don't see how either would make sense to ride for panhandling. That was my point. Yes, the Times Square-Grand Central may receive more people, but none of them give anything. They're off in less than 5 minutes, and if you're smart enough, you can likely avoid whatever cars they are in.


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