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  1. Why would Westchester care about Bronx riders? They are in service to serve Westchester first and foremost, not NYC residents. The people subsidizing the service are primarily Westchester tax payers.
  2. What can they do about what? As long as the driver is driving safely, then there’s no problem. If he’s doing anything wrong then file a complaint and they can send someone out to see what’s going on, otherwise be happy you have a bus or switch and take another one if possible. Can’t fix everything and won’t, but some things have improved.
  3. Unfortunately, there are a lot of new drivers (I had one Saturday and seem to get one at least once a week now). When you are new and on probation, they are being closely watched for everything, so they are to follow what they are told, or they can be fired, and instead of having a slow bus, you'll have no bus at all. They are taught safety first. I have been complaining about quite a few trips and pressuring the to fill them, and they are still struggling with a driver shortage here and there, but better than months ago. We had a meeting with the a few weeks ago discussing certain lines. Believe me, they are well aware. They have promised increased supervision for certain trips that were ongoing problems. One other thing to note... A dispatcher posted in our group over the weekend that the BxMs Southbound are on detour until further notice. The detour is via Lex from 79th Street down to 23rd. This is being done to try to avoid the congestion on 5th and to try to keep buses on schedule. May not be constant, but don't be shocked if it happens.
  4. We have been receiving a lot of complaints about the BxM4 of late and have started logging some trips to see what the main issues are. Regarding the others, when you say that they are slow or extra slow, do they start roughly on-time? For us, as long as the trip leaves the terminal in about 10 minutes, we count them as being roughly on-time. Anything later than that and the bus is marked as late. If we see ongoing problems, we start to put pressure on the to remedy the issue. Saturday I took 1:30pm BxM2 to Manhattan and we had a wheelchair that slowed down the trip at the last stop. It took a good hour from 230th & Broadway to 98th & 5th. I have used the 7:20 BxM2 at times. Usually can take longer due to the Major Deegan.
  5. It’s actually not. We keep a log of certain lines during parts of the day, so if you want us to look into a trip, you’ll provide the time that the BxM1 leaves 261st or 34th. I believe that’s the line you referenced before. We have several Yonkers Depot drivers in the group. There are also dispatchers and superintendents. Dispatcher posted BxM info in the group yesterday. For example, the 4pm and 4:15 trips to Riverdale have been problems. The has been trying to work to get those trips to start on-time.
  6. We're aware that this is a problem with a handful of express bus drivers. What bus line and what time? We've had this on the BxM10 before. was made aware of the problem and our understanding is that it was addressed. The problem is technically they are following how they were trained. Safety is supposed to be put before the schedule and they are told to go at least below the speed limit, so 15 mph in as opposed to 25 mph on the local streets. Excessive I know.. There's a guy that racks up complaints. He usually drivers the BxM1, BxM2 or BxM18. I know he's been talked to because I've had him a few times since and he now checks his run sheet to see what time it is versus where he is at, but he still drives quite slow. We were on 3rd Avenue one Saturday and I had groceries with me. I thought I wouldn't make it with some of my frozen items because we had cars going by us on either side. Then when we reached the drop-off segment, I realized who the driver was from the announcements. There's an older black driver who I always thought was new, but I was told by a few other regulars that ride the BxM2 with me sometimes in the morning when he was driving a particular trip earlier this year that he is not new and has been around for some time, which makes it even worse. To show you how bad he is, one morning I got off at 72nd & Columbus because he was driving so slow and I wanted to get breakfast. I walked to Blue Bottle on 73rd and Amsterdam, sat and had coffee and a pastry, hopped on the express at 72nd, took it to 42nd, walked out of the station, and who is at the light at 7th & 41st but him. I couldn't help but laugh, because I had to have spent a good 20 - 30 minutes just relaxing there. Pretty pathetic. There's another guy that drives the 8am that some people in the advocacy group have been complaining about. One person that I take the bus with sometimes was messaging me saying she was getting into her office and I got on the express bus 45 minutes after her! lol
  7. Everyone is entitled now... It's ridiculous and it needs to be addressed. The few of us that pay now have to pay for all of the deadbeats that CAN pay but don't want to.
  8. If they pay the fare, then there's no trouble to be had.
  9. That's a big IF... Met with a few senior planners a few weeks ago and we reviewed all of the express bus lines including any revisions to the plans. When I asked about HOV lanes for the BxM2 and BxM18 on the West Side, I got a deer in the headlights look. Their plan clearly says that they have to work with the DOT to use the West Side Highway, but they clearly have not discussed ANYTHING with the DOT about more HOV lanes. Then I got a we'll get a conference call with DOT tomorrow. I told them if you're moving express buses off of congested corridors with no improvements to the new corridors, then they will still be sitting in traffic. I got the impression from one of the planners that they do actually analyze the routes and how long trips take, but either they are limited in how many changes they can make OR need the DOT for certain things. Apparently they can't even change some of the schedules. They acknowledged that some schedules had the same run times going back to the private company days. Didn't elaborate on the particulars as to why they couldn't change them, but it must be some sort of contractual agreement or something.
  10. Yeah... They were all talking to Councilman Gjonaj about bus stop removals and how they were opposed to them since they were busy stops. It really depends on how well the events were advertised. For example, for the emergency Town Hall Meeting in Riverdale, I have representatives from elected officials in my advocacy group. Once they told us, we took it upon ourselves to spread the word via social media and then we had people in our group spreading the word by mouth. Within about a week, we had over 400 people show up on what was a miserable wet and cold Monday night.
  11. In fact, I was asked for my opinion about the work shop by an MTA rep. (planner) who followed up with me the following day via e-mail and was at the Riverdale work shop, and I didn't hold back in my response. I told him that I thought it was lackluster and quite frankly, having seen the online questionnaire, it was practically identical to what we did at the work shop.
  12. Your comments are inaccurate, so you can't tell us to not respond "negatively" when you are talking out of your @ss. For starters, a lot of people attended the work shops. I went to the one in Riverdale, which had a full house. The open house in Pelham Bay that I went to was also well attended. Quite frankly, most of what was covered could've been done online. None of it was so creative or outside of the box.
  13. What about them? They are proposing to make it more difficult for thousands of Mount Sinai workers and patients to reach their appointments by removing the stop on the BxM2. Nothing good about that. We want the BxM2 to serve that stop and not have patients be forced to walk further after doctor’s appointments. The whole idea is outrageous.
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