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  1. An OMNY card won't be out until much later on down the road... Perhaps a few years away...
  2. I pretty much insisted on it and one of the head planners said he would look into it for us, so that's what they came up with. They haven't changed the schedules yet though to show it on the maps. Guess they didn't get around to it.
  3. Latest news: -We were interviewed by WNYC about the no-coins policy. When the interview airs, we will post here. -For our QM2, QM3 and QM20 riders. In our last meeting with the MTA, we pushed hard to bring relief to your commutes and mentioned the hell that you've been going through back to Queens for months since the change to having buses run via 59th Street. I am happy to announce that your complaints were heard. You will notice a slight change in your commutes. The official Queens routing will now take 57th street over to Madison and then make one stop at Madison and one stop at Lex and 59th. I've posted an example on BusTime below. We will continue to monitor this situation. Please DO provide any feedback with any issues with your commutes!! We hope this helps you.
  4. When that happens, you should file a formal complaint so there's a record of it, this way the can't say well oh nobody complained: https://new.mta.info/customer-feedback
  5. Incorrect. There are three locations on the island... Tompkinsville stop on the SIR is another option. Staten Island isn’t the only borough with the problem either. Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx have many areas where there are no subways.
  6. I am not sure what is in the works yet, but funding was allocated for more express bus service for Northeast Queens. They added quite a few new trips to alleviate crowding on the Union Turnpike corridor. Does the QM8 see overcrowding? If so then we can push for earlier service but people have to speak up ultimately. I do more bitching about the service than people in Queens do. lol Missing buses? Which ones? And yes there was a ghost bus on the QM1 last night but everything came. Still having some problems but better than before. If it continues I will speak with some folks about it again. It wasn’t clear what they did yesterday since supposedly the SIM3 ran as well... Regarding the X27/X37, all of this is talk. I haven’t been told of anything but I’ll definitely post if I do. What I can say with certainty is that we did discuss having some buses start further up on Shore Road to address the overcrowding. There seems to be ongoing issues with construction projects holding up the busesfrom starting promptly and so the come bunched and packed together. Given how frequent service is along Shore Road at times, bunching and overcrowding can occur very easy. Since they assured me that they have enough seats during the rush, having buses start further up seems like the only solution to address the overcrowding further up in the 80s and 70s. We didn’t discuss routing or any of that. I’ll leave that to them and if it works, great. If not, they’ll be hesring from me. They’ve had a lot heat from me via the Brooklyn Borough President in addition to Senator Gounardes so those lines now have dispatchers in Brooklyn and Manhattan to oversee service, as they should. I had a long conference call with Adam’s office and he asked for more photos of the problems, which I gladly sent over. I’m sure they want this to be put to rest so to speak, so they better fix it.
  7. Nobody said the SIM schedules were great, believe me. The SIM schedules are by far the worst... Just trying to show some positives here... --- Just in: Talks of splitting up the X27 and X37 along Shore Road and having some buses start up around 86th and Shore Road to alleviate overcrowding. We've been talking with the about the overcrowding situation for some time and have been pushing for them to address it. This could be great if done right.
  8. Ok folks, the new express bus schedules are out!! Some interesting things for sure... NEW BxM11 Super Express trips, NEW, EARLIER QM5 service, NEW, EARLIER QM7 service, NEW EARLIER SIM6 service back to Staten Island are some of the highlights. http://web.mta.info/busco/schedules/bxm11cur.pdf http://web.mta.info/busco/schedules/qm001cur.pdf http://web.mta.info/busco/schedules/qm007cur.pdf http://web.mta.info/…/s…/bus/spcl_APR17_2019/sim006APR17.pdf Reminder that the new SIM6 trips start on April 28th. BM, QM and BxM service starts this weekend. X27, X28, X37, X38, X63, X64 and X68 riders should check the schedules for any changes. The BxM11 Super Express trips are a VERY good idea. We like this a lot. Smart thinking. They used to exist in fact...
  9. Supposedly no SIM3 service today, BUT as I said in another post, supposedly the SIM3 AND SIM3C ran this morning, so who knows... Extra service is only supposed to be added to the "combination lines" (SIM3C, SIM4C, SIM33C).
  10. OMG... This morning's commute on Staten Island was a DISASTER!!! Not enough express buses.... They reduced the schedules so much that people were not only standing, but couldn't get on!! They now have to scramble to add service for the afternoon rush. I also was told that the SIM3 AND SIM3C were running despite the schedule saying that only the SIM3C was running today. Just a mess... For the afternoon rush, the agreed to add service on the "combination" lines ONLY. People should refer to the modified schedules for all other Staten Island express bus lines... Given what a mess this has been, I STRONGLY suggest using BusTime desktop mode to track your bus where possible. See below for the SIM lines and the X27, X28, X37, X38, X63, X64 and X68 lines. http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/bus/spcl_goodFriday.htm?fbclid=IwAR3MlRUqa58BaNv3pa2JUZzXDRzGCcFt5q_N7gpwzzrwNf2ctvdNRyiJjtE#StatenIsland For the BM, QM and BxM lines, regular service. My commute in was fine this morning on the BxM1 (thank God).
  11. Yes I did. I had a emergency conference call about it the other day expressing my frustration with the lack of communication, and relayed the fact that many express bus customers are upset about it, as this is only being implemented on express buses, not local buses. I was told that the board voted on it when they voted to increase the fare. It's a little too late now to stop it, but we do plan on speaking before the board next month. Unfortunately the day I had the conference call I was told that the board was meeting the next day (they scheduled the monthly board meetings earlier this month likely because of the holidays - Passover, Good Friday, etc.) and by then I already had other plans, as I have meetings for work that I need to prepare for. What I have done however is reached out to former Councilman James Vacca via e-mail. He was in the Transit Round Table Meeting with us in early April and has been a big advocate for express bus service and is a rider as well. He got back to me last night and is looking to see how he can assist us in perhaps having the reconsider this policy in the future. We will keep you posted. What we asked for in the conference call was for the to delay implementation until OMNY is fully available Citywide, as this will negatively impact seniors and people that live in transportation deserts that don't live near subways, or have to deal with broken vending machines and stores selling out of Metrocards, as well as people who use TransitChek or Wage Works which forces them to refill at a subway station or Metrocard vending machines only, as they are given transit cards for their Metrocards. They responded by saying that only 1% of express bus riders use coins and suggested that people sign up for EasyPay, which automatically deducts money from peoples' debit or credit cards, something many riders DON'T like, myself included. I don't use anything automated, so that's why I have never signed up for that and never will. I don't need to be double or triple billed or have my card info stolen. No thanks. The can't even run bus service, so people don't feel comfortable giving them their information to refill automatically. The latest is that the policy WILL take effect THIS SUNDAY, April 21st. We've posted it about everything in the group. We will post here in the Express Bus Advocacy Group thread with all updates.
  12. It’s really not a big deal. Believe me. For starters the SIM3C is only making a few more stops on the island. In Manhattan the time savings is negligible at best. Look at the run times to see what I’m talking about. When you don’t have traffic, you save on run time considerably. People will head out later too since tomorrow is a light day traffic wise. Ridership patterns are different. A lot of people drive to that line and will be off, so there’s that to consider as well.

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