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  1. It's pretty simple... Even if they wanted to start up they couldn't. They were served a cease and desist order, which pretty much means what it says. They apparently did not go through the proper channels to operate their service, and could've been sued had they tried to circumvent the order. They were shut down from operating the service before it even got off of the ground. The has said that they eventually will operate some sort of new express bus service from Staten Island to Hudson Yards. As to when is anyone's guess, but they want it to be its own service, not any sort of revision of any current lines. The only express bus that is planned as a new service right now to Hudson Yards is the revised BxM18 route. The price point of that private operator was also very high at $12.00 per trip, or $24.00 per day. It would've operated as a Super Express service via Hylan Blvd, making I think about three stops or so on Staten Island, and then going straight to Hudson Yards. I told the person who was dealing with them directly that it was cost prohibitive, which was communicated to them. They were trying to offer a few perks, but even if they were allowed to start up I didn't see it working. They also didn't know the market, or offer any marketing material for the route, so that was another obstacle. They briefly had a website, but even that disappeared. @Lawrence St See above...
  2. I think on the local they haven't done much, but they most certainly have on the express. That was something we discussed back in February when I had the planners all in the room, which is that I didn't understand the run times... For example, I told one of the planners who oversees the Bus lines.... I don't understand why the QM1, QM5 and QM6 all get 10 minutes to do the Midtown Loop ALL week, yet the QM15 gets almost double the time going down the same corridor. The problem is some lines just aren't touched. They copy and paste the run times and call it a day, and when they want to look to cut down on costs, then they will look at the run times more closely. This is essentially what these redesigns are about, which is cutting down on the run times to cut down on costs.
  3. What some people don't realize is they have actually been tweaking the schedules. @SoSpectacular makes it sound like all trips don't have enough time. Simply not true... Lots of trips have been pushed back considerably, 20 - 30 minutes in some cases. There isn't a budget that can just allow for buses to take more and more time to do one trip, citing traffic as the reason. One thing I've been happy to see is that express buses are leaving terminals at the times stated versus 10 - 20 minutes after. That is something that needs to be looked at Citywide, which should include the local buses too. Given that the has real-time data to analyze versus years ago when they had buses run empty to gauge run times, they can look at that data to not only examine the run times, but also choke points.
  4. Those paddles are supposed to have realistic time points, something they agreed to provide after they were audited in 2015. Besides, they have BusTrek which they can use to determine how their buses perform in terms of time.
  5. I told James Oddo in one of the express bus groups I'm in... Show us the data if service is so much better. Meanwhile he's in the group that I'm in and help out in and he insisted the other day that missing buses isn't a major problem. I told him that I had to respectfully disagree... Like how much Kool-Aid is this guy drinking.
  6. That someone was me. lol One of the planners working on the Bronx Redesign basically said they were moving that route, stating that it's what other transit agencies do. That was the most heated part of the first meeting because I told them we need the buses running on a schedule, not showing up whenever. She made it sound like my request was absurd. Their argument is they don't control traffic. I told them absolutely not! They have BusTrek, so they can see buses in real time, allowing them to aggressively dispatch compared to the past, so while they don't control traffic, what I was saying was, I wasn't accepting the idea that they were as helpless as they were trying to come off as being. lol They want to focus on how long you wait for a bus instead of the schedules, which would allow them to conveniently leave more trips unfilled. If you don't know when the bus is due, then you likely won't complain, if your bus comes in 20 minutes versus 10, so yes, that's what they're banking on.
  7. Yeah you reminded me... I wrote to one of my contacts on Friday and one of the DOT reps that was in my meeting about getting some more bus shelters where possible, and I need to inquire about that contract. We kept pushing and supposedly new buses are coming in 2020, but no vendor chosen as of yet, which may be a good thing if they are considering more Prevosts. Numerous passengers reported the buses leaking when it rains. Crazy.... There are some concerns though because more and more drivers are retiring and they are not replacing them. Little concerned about the Fall pick given what I'm hearing about cuts to maintenance and a lack of drivers. We have Eastchester and Yonkers reps in the group, and I know a few of them, as I've had them as drivers for years. Hell even they don't know when more drivers are coming, so I told them I heard Yonkers is getting some... As for when is anybody's guess... lol @QM1to6Ave College Point is quite short on express buses... They are backed up as they cut back on maintenance, so buses are being pulled from whatever they can get them, including LaGuardia. One thing I have not seen is any Orions on the express bus lines, so regardless of how short they are, they are pulling MCIs from other depots. That was one thing we were promised, which is that coach buses would be used, and so far that promise has been kept. I'm referring to the QM4 line where they were running Orions. Had a quick conference call and a transfer was made to Baisley. One of those 28xxs, but still better than an Orion. lol
  8. We wrote to the City and State Comptroller's Office a few days ago. Every so many months, we send a ton of photos and data showing them what a mess the service remains, even with the trying hard to run better service, and both offices responded saying that they hope their teams can take it up to perform a new audit. There are still a bunch of missing buses, not to mention buses skipping stops, leading to long waits. Every afternoon I have passengers from some lines messaging me about one line or another with a missing bus or a skipped stop. That said, service overall has definitely improved, which is why ridership on the express buses went up. There are definitely fewer missing buses, though still some lines have three or more missing on some days.
  9. They also leave out that the countdown clocks which are fixed by the DOT are CONSTANTLY broken, so if your countdown clock is broken at your stop and your phone is dead, good luck finding out when your bus is coming.
  10. TRANSIT As MTA removes printed bus schedules from stops, elected officials push back on behalf of the tech-challenged As the MTA removes printed bus schedules from stops, some politicians are pushing back, citing the need for those without tech. Photo Credit: ULI SEIT By Vincent Baronevin.barone@amny.com @vinbaroneAugust 16, 2019 11:33 AM PRINT SHARE The cash-strapped MTA is removing arrival schedules from all its bus stops in order to save some money, angering elected officials in bus-dominant Queens. The removals began last month in the borough, where the MTA has instead posted information recommending riders either open the authority’s MyMTA app, text the MTA’s arrival number, call 511 or check social media. Sixteen Queens politicians have penned a letter urging the MTA to reconsider its plans. “Replacing bus schedules…does not help those riders without access to a charged cell phone, especially senior citizens, low-income New Yorkers, and even tourists,” the politicians wrote in the letter, dated Aug. 5. “We believe it must be the ultimate responsibility of the MTA to provide accessible and accurate schedules to all paying riders, regardless of their individual access to technology,” the letter continued. The MTA, overseeing 326 routes and more than 16,000 stops, estimates it will save $550,000 a year by no longer having to reprint and repost bus schedules when they are altered. “As we modernize bus service, we’re finding ways to provide accurate arrival time information to customers in faster, more efficient ways,” said Sarah Meyer, the MTA’s chief customer officer, in a statement. “Moving to paperless schedules helps reduce our paper waste and makes the most of new technology that puts real-time information in customers’ hands whenever they need it.” The authority is grappling with large budget gaps and forecasts a billion-dollar deficit in 2022, at least partially due to bad management. To keep out of the red, the MTA is searching for ways to save while pursuing a reorganization plan that would eliminate 2,700 jobs. And removing the bus arrival times, Meyer said, helps keep the MTA from cutting service. “The $550,000 in recurring annual savings from this initiative allows NYC Transit to redirect our resources to maintaining bus service levels,” she noted. The letter to the MTA was signed by City Council members Peter Koo, Adrienne Adams, Karen Koslowitz, Barry Grodenchik, Costa Constantinides, Donovan Richards, Paul Vallone, Robert Holden, Daneek Miller, Antonio Reynoso, Jimmy Van Bramer and Daniel Dromm; State Assembly members Edward Braunstein and Nily Rozic; State Sen. John Liu; and Congressional Rep. Grace Meng. By Vincent Baronevin.barone@amny.com @vinbarone Vin has been covering transportation at amNewYork since 2016. He first landed on the beat at his hometown newspaper, the Staten Island Advance, in 2014. Source: https://www.amny.com/transit/mta-bus-schedule-1.35151835?fbclid=IwAR3Kr0o1SUq-zdpdp7S3t-2-9xU9xpAn_KKu4rJY8ojO7ounwOAMaEvs5zU
  11. All I know is no one is using a local bus every hour. Express buses yes... Different situation. You would need a bus every 30 minutes.
  12. What's troubling is that they are publicly admitting that they are facing a budget crunch yet again, and they just raised the fare a few months ago. This has to stop. I will likely speak at an upcoming board meeting because I find this completely unacceptable. They are set to get more money from congestion pricing and some of that funding must go to more service.
  13. Bronx pols demanding more MTA money for bus service By CLAYTON GUSE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | AUG 13, 2019 | 5:00 AM The BX10 bus. (Richard harbus/Richard Harbus for News) Bronx politicians are up in arms over an MTA plan to rearrange the borough’s bus routes. A group of 17 Bronx elected officials on Tuesday plan to send a letter to MTA Chairman Pat Foye and Gov. Cuomo calling for them to put more money into their constituents’ bus service. Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials are working reconfigure bus routes in all five boroughs to make service more efficient — but transit officials do not expect the changes to cost more money. “We are concerned the ‘cost neutral’ redesign will not make a substantial difference in the lives of bus riders and maintain the status quo,” the letter states. “We ask that you do not continue operating under a cost-neutral plan and invest additional funds in the Bronx bus network redesign.” A draft of the MTA’s Bronx bus redesign plan released in May proposed expanding some routes and shortening others. Assemblyman Marcos Crespo (D-Bronx), who signed the letter, said some of the cuts were a bad idea given that the borough’s population growth. Bronx bus service has "been inadequate for too long,” said Crespo. MTA officials said they are trying their best to improve bus service in the Bronx with a shoestring budget. “Our planners are tasked with putting resources where they’re needed," said MTA spokesman Tim Minton. A collection of transit advocacy groups including Riders Alliance, Straphangers Campaign, TransitCenter and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign plan to hold a rally in the South Bronx on Tuesday to protest the proposed bus service changes. Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-bronx-letter-mta-bus-redesign-20190813-h7hbuspbvzd2tjmrs7k3tjnxga-story.html?fbclid=IwAR3MgVxVQDgJFNT3sVNUeHKv9Fy1YpRbB_xTfOzgArpDzUlu5dvgfg6osws I will say that this is a start. I spoke with someone last week about the planned rally.

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