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  1. Yeah well with you, Alex, Filippa and myself all in agreement in that e-mail, I’d say the response was quick. Bus stop signage was up with lightning speed.
  2. I don't know what the particulars would be, but I brought it up in our November meeting and the said they would discuss it with the DOT. I suppose a study would be needed. We've also asked for an HOV lane on the Major Deegan. I met with my Assemblyman in December 2018 and we discussed the feasibility of that. The DOT supposedly agreed to study that as well. We shall see...
  3. On the express buses, they just sit at the front of the bus and note how many people board at each stop and how many get off.
  4. Well they figured they could cut their costs and people wouldn't complain... The crap they pulled with the Bronx was insane... The routes weren't that bad, but then they throw in the service spans... I lost it when that saw that. Took me about an hour for my blood pressure to come down. lol
  5. There's a part of me that wonders if the purposely botched these plans to cause so much outrage that they could then rescind the service cuts and get more money. lol
  6. Exactly, but meanwhile they want to axe ALL of the QM3 trips. There's only three of them each way, and they do just fine.
  7. The fallout continues: The is supposedly already planning an announcement TODAY down at 2 Broadway regarding the Queens redesign.
  8. Oh believe me, it is not over. I have a bunch of QM3 riders joining my group that are FURIOUS! I said I was going to raise hell when they started screwing with my service, and they didn’t take me seriously. Well I bet they do now...
  9. Well they are free to monitor it because their own 2018 stats show that ridership increased on a significant amount of the express bus lines, and that isn’t a coincidence. Since I started my advocacy group, I have been watching service like a hawk. We have had two meetings where Road Operations was involved, a small one and then a HUGE one with the DOT and senior planners in February, and the latest one with senior planners and customer service reps in November. We have seen a number of improvements in service reliability on a number of lines. That said, they still need to do a better job on Staten Island, and especially out of Ulmer Park with maintenance. Buses breaking down all over the place negatively impacting service.
  10. Well I have been trying to figure out how they could receive monies that could be allocated specifically to their operating budget? Sure monies were definitely needed for that capital plan, but what exactly would that $50 million go for from the Outer borough Transit fund if not towards more service? That’s what it is supposed to be for... I just found out that they found $2 million dollars for the Bronx local bus plan, so where did they find that money from? Previously, they claimed the plan would be cost neutral....
  11. I just wanted to say that the response from Queens residents has been incredible. My advocacy group has received over 100 requests in the last few days alone from Queens express buses riders. The word is definitely getting around and I am hopeful that residents will demand that the rescinds these proposed service cuts.
  12. What you’re referring to is the being required by State law to have a balanced budget annually. This article refers to it: https://cbcny.org/taxonomy/term/27?page=4 The redesigns are “cost neutral” so far (save Staten Island) because the currently has not been given any more funding for them. HOWEVER, part of that is because lawmakers worked to create the lockbox, which will “lock funding” that can only be used for transportation for the (MTA). Between that and the monies that they will receive from congestion pricing, estimated to be in the BILLIONS every year, the thinking is that they will have ongoing, substantial funding sources that will allow them to run more service over time.
  13. The plan would be to not replace them as they retire for starters. This has been discussed and it would be one of the cost cutting measures. The fewer bus drivers you have to pay out for benefits, etc., the more money saved. That is one of the ways that they are trying to cut costs by eliminating lines and cutting frequencies and spans.
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