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  1. Via Garibaldi 8

    How Long Can Uber Keep Stealing Riders From the Subway?

    Well even with a very generous $5.00 tip that I just gave on my card, it still beat the subway by a mile. That trip took maybe 15 minutes tops and I couldn’t do that on the subway. No way no how... Just the walk to the subway is a good 15-20 minutes alone to and from.
  2. Via Garibaldi 8

    How Long Can Uber Keep Stealing Riders From the Subway?

    It’s crazy. I almost thought about going upstairs and getting an Uber the rest of the way. Second time now coming Downtown for a short 15 minute subway ride that has turned into a fiasco. They really need more capacity. Too many people during the rush hour and the system is maxed out.
  3. Via Garibaldi 8

    How Long Can Uber Keep Stealing Riders From the Subway?

    They’re cutting service but then trying to FORCE people to use it. It took me an HOUR from Midtown to Downtown on the . I checked the MTA website BEFORE leaving the office, and it was “Good Service”. Got an espresso, go down to the station, and just like that, service was a mess. Had to let about FOUR trains pass before I could get on one.
  4. Via Garibaldi 8

    How Long Can Uber Keep Stealing Riders From the Subway?

    I just finished the meeting. I didn’t do a Pool because I didn’t feel like walking with my stuff. Had some things dropped off. It was $17.25 to have him pick me up and a four minute wait. Can’t beat that. I’ll get reimbursed next week, but man, the trips have been even cheaper than expected. I had a meeting in Brooklyn. I think it was around $20-25 for a Pool and I rode alone. With the tip it’ll still be under $25.00.
  5. Via Garibaldi 8

    How Long Can Uber Keep Stealing Riders From the Subway?

    Opted for the subway for my meeting and regretted it. Taking Uber back to the office afterwards. Took almost an hour to reach my meeting and my client was FREAKING out since I have to manage several people for this meeting with the City. LOL
  6. Via Garibaldi 8

    How Long Can Uber Keep Stealing Riders From the Subway?

    I LOVE Pool. Quite frankly I've used it a few times for meetings since I had the time to spare and have yet to ride with anyone. By comparison the same ride in a regular Uber would be around $28.00.
  7. Via Garibaldi 8

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    In comparison 57th street looks like a joke. Are they really going to keep those stained/water damaged tiles? They took down the blue plywood or whatever they had up before, and I was passing by on an train today. The rest of the station looks decent, but those walls... At least clean them and replace the water damaged ones...
  8. Polly Trottenberg announced an initiative that essentially makes it much more expensive to take cabs. Come January it will be $5.80 before you even step into a cab or an Uber. Then the minimum wage is going up for Uber drivers. I have a meeting tonight for work and originally planned on taking the subway since I don't have anything to carry , but I decided to check anyway out of curiosity, and an Uber Pool is under $7.00!! VERY enticing that's for sure. Now I may not bother taking the subway... I don't know how long they can eat the costs, but we'll see. Time will tell.
  9. That’s your opinion. What FACTUAL information do you have? They have VIDEO of it. I believe it’s that high because I travel a lot and see how many people are begging for rides or just wait for someone to open the emergency gate so they can come in. Happened earlier today. Two people went right through the gate. At busier stations it can be at least a half dozen at once. There are 468 stations around the City, with farebeating happening in upper class areas to poor ones, so it is happening all over and quite frequently. People used to ask for a swipe. That isn’t so common now because people just jump over, slide through or slide under. I even saw it at Fulton Street. Older homeless guy just slowly slid right through the turnstile.
  10. They have the footage to prove it. What are you basing your comments on?
  11. Via Garibaldi 8

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Some of these guys don’t think or rather they think OH, that’ll be more money for the to use for the local buses. The will turn around and cut that too and leave NOTHING. People need to wake up. It has nothing to do with it being some big conspiracy. It’s just about dollars and cents to the , and they legally have to balance their budget. When they talk about “cost savings “, more times than not it is through cutting service.
  12. Via Garibaldi 8

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    I wouldn’t be surprised either. Everyone that I’ve met so far within the is far from stupid, but I have even heard bus drivers talk about how they don’t need to run these buses. Had an X27 driver say this while he’s driving. He goes oh not that many people use these buses when a passenger asked me if we would keep the service that currently exists when we push for weekend service (this was prior to the latest news from the facing a budget crisis). This is your bread and butter and you don’t support the service. When they lose their jobs, some of them complain. Well this is what it is... I mean even if you have seniority, there’s only so many runs to pick from so you can’t be that stupid not to realize that when service is cut, you may very well be negatively impacted and the union can’t do anything about it. The types of service cuts they’re talking about aren’t just a few trips here and there either.
  13. Via Garibaldi 8

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Weekend service is WORSE than rush hour service. It’s incredible. I even take early trips when there’s no traffic and the drivers still can’t make the schedules anymore. These schedulers need to get a clue. Not enough run time with this stupid Vision Zero now and then you have some drivers that want to sit around the damn terminal and leave 20 minutes late. For what? You’re NEVER getting back on-time leaving that late. There needs to be something implemented that if the driver is at the terminal on-time then that bus should be leaving within 5-10 minutes. Anything after that is excessive and it leads to people giving up on the service or the bus finishing even later.
  14. Via Garibaldi 8

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    I am FURIOUS about service today. I was out riding since this morning and I couldn’t believe what I saw. The QM15 trip that we tried to take at 02:40 never came. The 03:40 incredibly late. Anyone waiting endured a trip of almost THREE HOURS one way. There were several trips that we waited for in person or tracked that started off 20 minutes or more LATE, which doesn’t even include the Staten Island trips. Horrendous planning all around with people standing around like this in 30 degree weather. Some dispatcher at 36th and 6th or whoever the hell he was I’m guessing from CP just looked at me and waived for me to go over to a bus on standby because he likely knew who I was and I was pissed. I was waiting for them to throw passengers off of the bus at 36th and 6th with no warning and into the cold as they did during the holidays last year and I INSISTED that such a practice stop. So far it has. Putting those folks on a waiting bus to keep other buses on-time is the answer and that’s proper customer service, not throwing people off of the bus with no warning when the bus is signed up to terminate at 57th and 3rd. The other big issue is ghost buses. This morning I was yelling on my page about a missing BxM3 Southbound trip that was another ghost bus. Tonight was an absolute disaster and to have buses sitting on 6th after I was told in a conference call that they had a “contingency plan” is a joke. I have plenty of photos and video to share in my next meeting because this set up can’t continue like this. All I keep hearing is well the NYPD gives us the detour information. Meanwhile you have service to run and people still work during the holidays and have places to be, so somehow it’s ok to have people enduring a trip of two plus hours one way?? You can’t make this stuff up. Just about every trip I took or tracked today was severely late, even the early ones before any traffic started.
  15. Via Garibaldi 8

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Weekends service has been HORRIBLE. We’ve seen express buses bunching on hourly headways. A QM15 is now just making its way up to 57th street and it started almost 10 minutes late. For anyone that works on weekends and needs the express bus you better give yourself extra time.


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