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Lets See What you'll Change in Transit

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Okay, Lets See how you, the people would change Transit or commuting in general. Here's The Task:


1) Pick 2-5 Transit Agencies


2) Make a small list of Routes/Services you would change, combine or remove


3) Add your own ideas


4) Pick the exact types of buses/Trains you would add to the fleet


5) You can also pick which agencies you would combine and why


and yes i will give my thoughts and my ideas well. Do note these are only ideas and suggestions. if you submit your ideas to a transit agency or an MPO then i give you respect for it. Let the idea building begin..

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For the Fort Worth T


I would allow the buses to run on major Holidays on a Sunday schedule (they do not right now)

i would keep and keep getting all New Flyers C40LFR

Introduce more flexable headways right now all buses depending on route start at either 15, 30 or 60 min headways untill 7PM than all go to 60 min and 60 min on weekends

the buses would "stay up " later ,we have NO service at all after 11PM untill 5:45 AM except on Sunday then 7AM

Other than that it is a nice system mostly nice Operators not that many breakdowns newer equipment The A/C is good (they will take a bus oos for no A/C) by doing a street exchange(over 100F down here for over 2 weeks now):mad::cool:

And extend our service area to Arlington quite a large city not to have Transit and so i can see more of my Rangers 11 in a row!!!

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I would change the MGT. :tup: and treat all Employees other then a number on a piece of Metal plus I would automatically rush order RTS LF and Xcelsiors to all Depots:)


I agre about mgt our Drivers are treated poorly and have a weak union several years ago they tried to go on strike but the impact on service was slight many drivers broke picket and supervisors and other staff were used to fill runs the T fired some drivers and hired many new ones I think the drivers work for McDonald Transit

As for the RTS LF if they are like Memphis had around 2002 ish then heck yes!!!

I think they were Novas

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