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  1. Yes I am familiar with that situation I lived in ft worth for15 years Arlington has 2 major sports venues and tons of shopping and only the transit you mentioned. It makes no sense that a city that size has no real public transportation
  2. Well I am having issues uploading pictures but our main buses are General coach E Z trans 30 ft low floor with an international 3200 diesel engine 102 in width we have avout 6 of these not sure how old maybe less thsn 5 years old the 2 Gilligs are older but offer a way better ride I just remembered I did catch a ride on the 1 rts they have left and it was LOUD The B/o s are very nice and the will get on their radios and hold a transfer bus if running late lots of real nice folks in this town I still miss up north
  3. Sorry having a hard time uploading photos
  4. Here is our 1 rts not sure if it is even in service anymore also I am not sure what the structure on the roof the bus runs on deisel the other is an example of the international that the city mainly uses I could not catch the gilligs today they were out sorry about the angles but that was as close as I could get
  5. I will try monday on my break they literally back up to my buildings fence line
  6. Hi everybody! I moved to Tyler, Texas to take a new job at a pape r converting plant. nice town small (pop 100,000+/-) believe it or not it actually has a very small transit system. 5 lines 1:20-1:45 headways they mainly run these strange international cab forward handi van looking buses but have 2 gillig 35 footers that make random cameo appearances and one old 30 foot rts I will try to post some pics later the bus yard is conveniently located behind my job
  7. Just to add to the topic i have observed the following on all of our buses... NF C30/35/40/R...TO kNEEL :shift to N set parking brake always loud rush of air as airbags deflate and on all buses an annoying beep beep...alarm to lift the kneel the same alarm
  8. I am not a Train or subway Operator but, I feel the folks to watch out for are the ones we do not see taking undercover pictures.The ones out in the open are most likely harmless buffs.Just my thoughts Maybe around transit yards and stations a permit may be a good idea requiring a background check etc but, some folks will cry about "Big brother blah blah"
  9. Not really I do know the MTA used to send some of its retired buses to Ocean City a resort town for summer service but do not know if they still do But otherwise I am not familiar with any other transit systems in MD
  10. I recently made a trip up to Baltimore where REAL buses live on real timetables people can actualy use Diesel RULES I miss the NABI 416 lots of them still running in Baltimore I did catch a few New Flyer hybrids Electric/Diesel very fast acceleration not enough seats for up there
  11. I am now back in Texas ..On the way to Baltimore i rode on 3 102DL3 coaches the second and longest ride was on #6595 very smooth ride the driver said Series 60 with a ZF 75-80+ MPH all day long by my phone GPS On the way back from Baltimore to Richmond I caught the H3 or XC3 I know i may not make many friends but i did not care much for the Prevost. Just my opinion The seats were un comfortable and the ride was a little harsh the other 2 were DL3 and nice and smooth On another note i never noticed that these buses hade Jakes Not all operators switched them on even on the highway
  12. Around here some of the mom and pop stores never stopped selling it they said they still had it in stock Now, for selling it i do not know if that is a grey area
  13. Thank You ENY These buses are used for our disabled passengers on an on demand basis who cannot use fixed route service they are seated to accept all wheelchairs if needed numbered in the 900 range (some 200s)some have pneumatic rear doors as in facing the back of the bus like a school bus emergency door:cool:
  14. I agree on both points hell, i would likely spill food on myself
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