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  1. Thanks i figured it was a" NYC thing" that explains it
  2. Forgive me if this has been answered before..... Can anybody define a headsign i saw on one of the pics on this site VIA 1-2-3-4-5? Does it weave through the numbered streets or avenues? Thanks
  3. Hard keyboards are the way to go i need an Android with a large screen and hard keyboard i made a mistake my Optimus S not Galaxy is better than the MOTO Citrus i updated the PRL and it is like a new phone so, back to Verizon with their fruit
  4. i agree 100% When naming children remember what you went through as a child and what other kids put up with as far as Hollyweird goes the stars will do what they want but the fans of the stars will saddle their kids with crazy names to be like the stars
  5. Also a lot of the above are some names i hear of the Mexican American kids in my hood i am not lying
  6. Down here in Texas we have a large Latino population and i am seeing small Hispanic children with names like... Martha Matilda Lucille Virginia Ruth ETC but what do i know My Girfreind's name is Juanita and she is from Tennessee and is 100% white American and as country as i am Yankee
  7. i have the Motorola Citrus a crappy Android but fast on Verizon and free it is way better than my Sprint Galaxy S so sprint had to go...no signal very poor 3g data and dropped calls but, now that i have Verizon problems solved a little more $$ than Sprint but you get what you pay for
  8. McDonalds!!!! and any place around Fort Worth that makes real NY style pizza (impossable to find out here!)

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