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(T) Line Released (OpenBVE)

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The New York City (T) Line (the former Y Version 1.0, W Version 2.0,Version 3.0, and (Y) Crosstown Version 4.0) has been released to the public. This version has some significant changes with the line:


-Station Structures: The stations from 125th Street to 72nd Street have been updated to a 2 track configuration. 79th Street has been constructed and opened.


-Curves and Tracks: The curves and tracks have been updated to look more realistic. There are still some curves/tracks that need to be updated and placed into the route.


-Signalling: The signals have been placed into various portions of the route. The signals are not completely placed into the route yet.


-Trains: The trains have been updated including the R40 Slant, R46 (R55), R160 and R184 trainsets. The final version will have more varieties of the sets.


-Route Letter: The (W)/have been replaced with the (T) Line. The (W) via the (Y) and (Y) lines have been replaced with the (V) Line (in which will be released in January with the 4th Year Anniversary Party).


You need the NYCT Object Pack and NYCT Signals Pack from BVEStation in order to run the routes.


The final version is scheduled for January 2012 as part of the Anniversary Day Party in which more information will be provided.


The link is: New York City (T) Line – Trevor Day Gaming Network


Enjoy your (T) Line and comment for ratings, reviews and suggestions.

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Awesome news!! But one question....isn't the (T) station at 72 St a three track configuration and then four tracks south of the station where the (Q) diverges to 63?


I don't have open BVE, but am looking forward to getting it soon!

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