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Brighton Line Station Rehab Project

Brighton Local

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June 2006, i attended a hearing in a school near the Kings Highway B/Q Station. The MTA Hearing was about a subject that many people were happy, and extremely " cross " about.


The Brighton Line Station Rehab Project.


They said it was supposed to start In January of 2007. The 7 Stations that would undergo major rehab and/or Reconstruction were listed as follows:


Neck Rd, Avenue U, Kings Hwy, Avenue M,J,H, & Newkirk Av.

The Manhattan Bound side would undergo constructuon first, meaning the Manhattan Bound Local Track (A2) would be OOS , between, North of Brighton Beach, and North of Newkirk, where a temporary switch will be installed for Manhattan Bound Q trains to have access to Cortelyou/Beverly Rds, Church Av, And Parkside Av.


The project was scheduled between Jan 2007 and 2012.


Anybody here any rumors if there gonna still go ahead with it?


This is a question I cant even answer , cause i havent heard a thing in over a year....

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no construction what-so-ever. Ocean pkwy is currently is in its 3rd and final phase ( i believe) with its Concrete Viaduct / Track Reconstruction project. It started back in July 2006 , and will last until prob Dec 2007. Then maybe well see some Brighton Line work. Ya, 5 years, the project was guna take; they said.

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