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  1. This would be a dream job for me as it probably is for him. Good job sir!
  2. So far its been a great Friday!

  3. Unemployment in this country is way over 8.3 percent. Watch that you don't step on the bullshit.
  4. Very nice mix of equipment. Thanx for letting us in.
  5. Aren't they not the real winners? Supposedly and invester in their firm who wishes to remain annonymous.
  6. Can we get a poll on "Should we have left the bad banks fail?". I would like to see what the people of this forums think. After reading some reports I'm thinking maybe the government should have let the bad banks fail. I read that the collapse of bad banks would have done more good than being bailed out.
  7. Sounds exactly like what it said. A police bus hurricane shelter. Maybe a shelter from the elements for cops patrolling Manhattan. Or it could be rescue buses for citizens in need. Perhaps someone can confirm.
  8. You got it wrong dude. You need to start blaming the US government for having the highest corporate taxes in the world. I believe only one other country in the world has higher corporate taxes. The US is taxing the hell out of these corporations. It's not fair to them either With all the crazy spending the US does it puts the burden on these corporations. Then the corporations say screw you I'm moving production out of this country where the taxes won't eat us up. I truly believe if corporate taxes weren't so high alot of these corporations would still be producing here in the states where the jobs are needed.
  9. Yea very hard starts sounding and feeling like an explosioin.
  10. I've been recently noticing very violent bucking on the route R46 cars. One was so violent that riders had nervous looks on their faces. In the more than 20 years of riding the subway I've never seen cars buck like this before. Riders were almos being thrown around cars and school girls screaming at the loud booming sound and vibrations of the bucking. It felt like a unusually long delay in the release in the braks. I started getting a little nervous myself. :eek:
  11. Jay Walder basically said to New York, "I'm outta this shithole of a city". "Take your transit system and shove it up your ass, you ungrateful bastards". Jay Walkin'.
  12. Its seems to be out of the way a little too much for some. Sounds interesting tho.
  13. He's 13 years old and does not have a clue to what he is talking about. Just leave it like that.
  14. Just saw the other thread on it. Sorry.
  15. Just got off a Church Avenue bound 4 car R68 train. How long have they been running on the ? Is this permanent?
  16. That sucks. Iran has some of the most beautiful women in the world.
  17. He's not bashing America this time. Just the republicans. Joe is an angry republican.
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