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35th Annivesary of the passing of the King of Rock & Roll Elvis!

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35 years ago this weekend (August 16, 1977)arguably the most important and popular entertainer of the 20th Century passed away. The so called "King of Rock & Roll" Elvis Presley died from a drug overdose. His death received huge worldwide media attention on scale of Micheal Jackson sudden death in 2009. While almost all of you on the boards have heard of the "King" as a White Man from Tupelo, Mississippi he was one of the main forces that forever brought R&B/Soul music and genre by mainly Black Artists into mainstream American and international cultures in the 1950's/early '60's. Later Elvis was the 1st major star of the rock era to have a succesful film carrer. And towards the end of his life in 1973, the first music star to have a "live" global tv concert via salelite, "Aloha from Hawaii."


It would take all day to discuss his impact on rock/pop R&B and even country music so link is below.

Anyone hear a Elvis fan? My sister and late Dad was big fans of his. Without Elvis, there no Beatles, Aretha, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and later the Bee Gees and Micheal Jackson naming global pop stars that Elvis played a huge role to create. Reactions?


Elvis Bio http://en.wikipedia....i/Elvis_Presley


A select handful of his smash classic hits.


1)"Jailhouse Rock"



2)"Heartbreak Hotel"


3)"All Shook Up"


4)"Hound Dog" (Ed Sullivan Show)



5)"Burning Love" (one of his last oringal hits)

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I was a big Elvis fan, I remember exactly where i was when i heard the news, just like i remember where i was when jfk, mlk, rfk were assasinated along with other major events during my lifetime. I never got to see the King live in concert, but i have visited Graceland, his home in Memphis. Here are my 3 favorite Elvis songs









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